SATIRE: Hamid Dabashi & George Galloway "Get me Out of Here, I'm a Celebrity"


SATIRE: Hamid Dabashi & George Galloway "Get me Out of Here, I'm a Celebrity"
by Darius Kadivar

Does Hamid Dabashi ever miss an opportunity to talk about his most favorite subject: Himself ? I think he would qualify with fellow buddy George Galloway in British Sit Com "BIG BROTHER' Aka Get ME Out of Here I'm a Celebrity.

Galloway in the Infamous Cat Scene:

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Galloway on Big Brother:

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A short visit on his official website and facebook page blew me away with all the photos where he showcases himself with every celebrity he interviews or demonstration he appears in. It confirmed my opinion of DOCTOR Dabashi after reading Fariba Amini's depiction in her article a few years ago Meeting Comrad Dabashi. To see this self proclaimed Spokesperson of the Green Movement and Host of a Week in Green TV program take every opportunity to Slam others particularly the Monarchists he so enthusiastically participated in overthrowing 30 years ago from power with his left wing likeminds or slandering such prominent writers and intellectuals like Azar Nafisi or fellow colleague and equally eminent scholar / Historian Abbas Milani as Neo Con WarMongerers is truly PATHETIC !

And Lately He allowed himself to morally tackle and patronize Ahmad Batebi a Hero by all accounts for demanding Sanctions on the IRI regime as if he had commited a Sin ! (See Batebi versus Dabashi by jigsawnovich)

I think DOCTOR Dabashi should simply learn that Modesty can also be a virtue particularly when one's own behaviour and Patronizing attitude has been contradicted by Iranians back home best expressed in their slogans: "Nah Gazeh, Nah Lobnan, Janam Fedayeh IRan" aka "Neither Gaza, Nor Lebanon, We will sacrifice Our Life Only for Iran"

Keep Up Illuminating us with your Encycolpedia Knowledge DOCTOR Dabashi, You are a TRUE THINKER ! LOL

Monty Python Communist Quiz Sketch

Monty Python: Party Hints and Communist Revolutions

monty python life of brian peoples front

Galloway On the Iranian Elections being Fair and Democratic on Press TV ( IRI Propaganda Channel):

Hamid Dabashi and George Galloway on Israeli Crimes in Gaza at Columbia 3-23-09:

George Galloway Defends Hugo Chavez Censoring Free Press on Press TV:

George Galloway speaks at Columbia 3-23-09

Hamid Dabashi, Seminar on Iran's 2009 Election

Hamid Dabashi on green movement in Iran

The Week in Green With Hamid Dabashi - Interview with Bitta Mostofi and Sadra Shahab

Ahmad Batebi on 60  Minutes about his Torture in Iran:

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DK jan, Damet Garm :o)

by Monda on

I just saw the MP sketch...Hilarious! :o))) you cracked me up sobh e aval e sobhi.  Now i'm going to read all your satire pieces.  Good job!

Darius Kadivar

jigsawnovich Jaan thank you for your feedback

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank you for your feedback and your interesting report on Batebi versus Dabashi by jigsawnovich.

My problem with Dabashi is his Patronizing attitude towards anyone who disagrees with him.

I don't share his historical and political perspectives on IRan or its past.

Having had first hand experience of the Islamic Revolution which he was a die hard supporter, I cannot share his views or conclusions particularly in regard to an era which I find has been totally mis represented by the likes of Dr. Dabashi.

He is obviously entitled to his views but I am not his student and to see him patronize young and fairly influencable minds ( in this case Bitta Mostofi and Sadra Shahab who without doubt are doing a good and useful job in support of their fellow compatriots back home in support of the Green Movement ) is to say the least quite quite hypocritical.

Dabashi is really FULL Of himself and his unfair attacks on such respectable scholars like Azar Nafisi or Abbas Milani on grounds of Jealousy by accusing them of being neo con warmongerers rather than engage in a serious intellectual discourse are truly striking.

As for doing alot to "educate" Americans on what is going on in Iran ... Well what else could he do now that all his own theories on the IRI being democratic regime have crumbled like a pile of cards ? ... LOL


Other from that I hope he at least has a sense of humor !

I doubt that though ;0)

Warm Regards,






by jigsawnovich on

I'm a fan of satire in general, and part of what I like about is that deeply-felt, strongly expressed viewpoints are allowed. What you are saying about Dabashi being self-promoting might be true, and I don't agree with all his positions, but I respect the effort Dabashi is making to keep Iranian civil rights issues in the minds of the American public.

I appreciate that you posted a link to the 60 minutes interview with Batebi. My notes from the recent panel discussion do not reflect the extent to which Batebi was tortured nor the length of his imprisonment. But I missed the first seven minutes of Dabashi's intro for the panel.

You posted Dabashi's interview with Bitta Mostofi and Sadra Shahab. I have tremendous respect for the work they and other members of Where Is My Vote NY have done in organizing and getting permits (which is not easy in NYC) for rallies in support of Iranian democracy, freedom and human rights.

In closing, I would like to add that the morning after the rally in protest against Ahamdinejad's most recent visit to the UN, a Mousavi supporter contacted me and asked me how the rally was. I told him there were Green Movement supporters, Persian Monarchists and Communists there. He asked me if there was any violence. I laughed and said no. It was very peaceful and it was nice to see that at least these three groups had some things in common--a love of free speech, a love for Iran and dislike for Ahmadinejad.