DOCUMENTARY: Training of the Future IRI Political Elite ( ARTE TV)


DOCUMENTARY: Training of the Future IRI Political Elite ( ARTE TV)
by Darius Kadivar

If you have wondered why you come across some people on our website who despite being educated and often aware of what is going on in the world, yet staunchly defend the Islamic Republic, well here is an explanation ... 

The following documentary was made shortly before last june's election by a French-German Crew. They were able to interview and film Iran's school of International Studies ( created during the Shah's era) and the social and cultural background ( Some are Bassijee or from families of martyres of the Revolution or Iran Iraq War) of some of their students and teachers. Since the Post Election clampdown major drifts have appeared amongst this intelligenstia divided between reformists and hardliners to such a degree that some reformists have even chosen exile

Iran : la fabrique des élites islamiques, French German documentary by ARTE TV:

NOTE: If you go to 15 : 24 sec you will see that a student if given a French Political magazine with an interview of Crown Prince Reza ... The Student although perplex calls the Crown Prince : Reza SHAH and Not Reza Pahlavi  ... ;0)

BBC Persian Exclusive Footage of Attack on Tehran University Dormitory:

Mohammad Marandi interviewed by Fareed Zakaria:

And on Al Jazeera:

Press TV accuses Israel of Attacking it's correspondent in Gaza( 2009):

Iranian British Scholar Ali Ansary Blasts IRI apologists Kaveh Afrasiabi (political scientist & author) and Mohammad Marandi (Professor of the University of Tehran) for distorting his views and supporting the current clampdown ( june 2009):


Description in French:

Hossein, Kianush, Mahmud ou Ali Ils ont entre 20 et trente ans et sont étudiants à la prestigieuse université Imam Sadegh du nord de Téhéran. Une université créée par le Shah, en 1970, sur le modèle de la faculté de Harvard.

Mais en 1982, trois ans après la révolution islamique, les nouveaux dirigeants arrivés au pouvoir décident de remodeler à leur façon, lesprit de cette faculté.

Désormais, plus de cours de finance, ni de management à loccidentale, mais des cours de droit, de communication, de sciences économiques baignés de théologie.

Les quelques 800 étudiants sont sélectionnés sur la base de critère moraux très stricts.
Ici, on ne lésine pas avec léducation de ces futurs cadres, hauts fonctionnaires de la République islamique : les plus méritants seront ministres, banquiers, ou diplomates.

Hossein et Kianush, deux étudiants désignés par le service de communication de luniversité, nous font découvrir cette université moderne et dans laquelle les cours sont dispensés en plusieurs langues.

Et en dehors des cours, la grande majorité des étudiants a une autre mission : du bénévolat dans lorganisation paramilitaire des Bassidjs, un mouvement créé par lAyatollah Khomeini dès 1979 pour défendre le pays. «Bassidj» signifie en persan, les «Mobilisé ». Des «pionniers» à la mode islamique.

Six vice-ministres du gouvernement Ahmadinejad sont des anciens de lUniversité Imam Sadegh,
le gouverneur de la Banque Centrale lest aussi.

Les « Gardiens du temple » font bien leur travail : les nouvelles générations détudiants se succèdent mais leur discours reste le même. La relève est assurée.

de Agnieszka Ziarek et Frédéric Vassort ARTE GEIE / Mano a Mano France 2009

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ARTE: un reportage plutôt intéressant

by Rea on

Brainwashing at its best.

First, they brainwash you. Then, it's your turn to brainwash others.  That's how the system, particularly of totalitarian kind, perpetuates itself.


Dear Darius

by darius on

IRI is not the only country that educated people cozy up with the

ruling government to advance their agenda.It is happening every where.They are  as stubborn as you and I  trying to force their will and

their interests to others.That means you and I and many like us has

lots of growing up to do.Respecting people right to choose and live

according to their taste without  government interference and creating laws that are made based on general consensus has to do with fairness and understanding the right to equal opportunity.

I mean no  disrespect to you but I see no difference between us and the IRI elites.When we support and take side

with those who do the same thing and we fail to address the issue

and sweep it under the carpet (because we consider them friends or temporarily accept their wrong doing to advance our cause) is

the same as what Stalin did.It is the same as what Hitler did when,the whole Europe stood silent and  let them do whatever they wish. 

It is the same that modern world stood silent let millions of African

die of racial hatred and conflict.(people have no food but they can afford guns).

Look around you, you are still alive but many of those who supported Khomeini and his evil idea were first to be eliminated.

Look how those who brought IRI to power have endured war,

invasion of their personal and  private life and humiliation because

they had no fairness toward the Shah. '

See what they did to their own kids and their own nation as soon as they got chance to use the power, they did what they turned against the Shah for it.

 Let us no to do the same thing , let us be better because the only

thing at this  point of time can save Iran and Iranian is to realise

only with a truthful action can build a future that we all can live

you as a monarchist and others as their wish.




Noroozet Pirooz DK The PR

by alimostofi on

Noroozet Pirooz DK

The PR machine of IR is now no longer able to win.  If you go to sites like Huffington Post, where a lot of US lefties loiter, you will see that the replies have pretty much destroyed their thunder.  Afrasiabi does not appear in writ anywhere anymore.  I cannot see his stuff on Asianews, and the worst and most subtle one of them all AADareini of AP now dares not say stuff as I would be there at Newsvine in no time.

As you know the web has come to our salvation.  The people will only go to places they can participate.  The ones that do not allow comment like TIME do not get the hits.

The PR world is dead now.  Citizen Journalism and the forums are winning. 


Ali Mostofi