by Darius Kadivar

Soraya  Sepahpour-Ulrich and Hillary  Mann-Leverett ( Pro Regime) confront Azadeh Moaveni ( Pro Green) on Al Jazeera with host Riz Khan - How will Iran deal with protesters? 5 Jan 2009. Fortunately Azadeh Moaveni was there to balance the hostile views expressed by not only Leverette and Ulrich but also the listeners in their Q&A's ...

This has been the Most One Sided Talk show I have ever seen to date in distorting the reality on what is going on today in Iran:

Part I:

Part II:

Recommended Watching:

Flynt Leverett & Hamid Dabashi: Iranians do not want to overthrow the Islamic Republic:

Recommended Reading:

The State of the Opposition is Strong: A response to the most infuriating op-ed of the new year by Abbas Milani




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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

by Humility on

Your point is well taken :)

I personally fall into that category also!



P.S. I give this regime no more than six (6) more months - About six (6) months ago, I predicted that it would fall within one year - I still stand by that!



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Azadeh Moaveni

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

The tyranny of the Mullahs is no longer acceptable - Our Brother
and Sisters in Iran deserve better than this - Pure and Simple!

It is not just our brothers and sisters! Many of us have a personal interest. I can speak for myself of the desire to move back once the Islamic regime is gone. 


Azadeh Moaveni

by Humility on

A very impressive presentation by her. I totally and completely agree with her statement that the initial 'Green Movement' has transcended into a demand for a change of Regime.

If one looks at the videos coming out of Iran, it's quite clear that people are demanding a Secular Democracy for our beloved Iran. A regime where Politics and Religion are completely and totally separate from oneanother!

The tyranny of the Mullahs is no longer acceptable - Our Brother and Sisters in Iran deserve better than this - Pure and Simple!



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Vigorous debate is normal all over the world.  As for name calling you just did it yourself! You did so by calling someone maybe me childish. 

Its very childish, result is no serious debate.

But I don't mind. Have a go at it. Say whatever you want!


In the 3rd video, who is the man w/ crossed arms?

by MM on

In the 3rd video, who is the man w/ crossed arms in a defensive posture?  He probably disagreed w/ Dabashi and Leverett.


thin skinned or not

by maiser on

its not right with character assassination and attacking other users for their views. It seams like its normal here. Its very childish, result is no serious debate.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

It indicates why she would be putting out AN's point of view.

Have you ever watched a political show? The partisans always take the side of their party. They are biased. So is Ulrich. She is biased towards AN.

As for "character assassination" I have a right to my opinion. I think she is despicable. I stand by it. Be nice if you folks were not so thin skinned. If you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen.


Soraya voted for AN, if she

by maiser on

Soraya voted for AN, if she did, so what? Does that give you the right to character assassinate her? That doesnt de-legitimize her speech at all. Some of you are afraid of her and people like her because she tells the other side of the story.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Soraya Ulrich voted for AN

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Is a full AN supporter. She voted for AN.  Proudly admits it:


Therefore no reason to be surprised that she now runs interference for him. I don't know how she lives with herself but I guess she has to. People like her are despicable.


DK jaan I posted a blog in response to these interviews

by Anonymouse on


Soraya is a " khahare kerayee"

by statira on

In recent pro-government show, goverment used the family of basijis and a group of bad women who are called 'Khaharne kerayee"  to fill the streets.

Khaharane kerayee are  a group of bad or runaway women roaming around the streets of Tehran and end up selling themselves. The Islumic regime uses the ones who have higher IQs as their Khaharane kerayee to spy on people in occasions like weddings.

The regime also uses the Iranian- american version of Khaharane Kerayee like Soraya Sepahpour here in America.


Sepahpour vs Moaveni

by statira on

We can't really blame Hillary Mann for her anti-Iranian. anti opposition comments, but it's shocking to see an iranian like Soraya Sepahpour talks about her people's ordeal like that.She is nothing more than an opportunistic traitor. khoda lanatesh koneh!  Sepahpour is an old  pin head!

But Azadeh jan is a young intelligent patriot.


Maziar - last 6 months outed what people say at home

by MM on

The events of the past 6 months, and especially the brutality by which the government has tried to quell the voices of injustice has brought out what many Iranians have been saying in the privacy of their homes for a long time.  It is like an iceberg whose hidden 90% has been surfaced.  That is how the Green movement evolved from "where is my vote" to "death to the dictator".

These folks do not know how to run a government.  Some of their more famous critics are the ones who helped form this regime.  They are intolerant, and are totally dependent on oil revenues to fund their pet projects or their own pockets.

Nepotism, corruption and terror run deep in the divine cesspool. 



by sam jade on


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

So basically, it [the movement] started as something legitimate and they had many followers...

Khamenei failed (or refused) to see what is so clear to you, and so did not act to protect the nation from civil strife. In fact he acted to exacerbate the situation, causing a severe weakening of IRI authority. As a supporter of the IRI, do you think the Assembley of Experts should replace Khamenei with someone with more savvy? If so, what are your speculations as to who? 

Louie Louie

Ain't that grand, I can go back to Iran

by Louie Louie on

get my plastic surgery to look 20 years younger and let all baado bood go down get a new picture for my avatar, and start writing articles here and there and do the interviews.

Do you like my diamond jewlery? It was a bargain 70% less than what I pay here. I do my skiing on Colorado mountain top get in the good shape for my next trip to Iran. I want them go in awe when they see me. Hospitals in Tehran say zeki to Mayo clinic. Down with USA, down with USA ......

Bodoam beram in avatareh ghadimi ro yeh joor gomo goor konam keh gandesh dar miyad.


I had 0 respect 4 leverettes but lost respect 4 Sorayah & Dabash

by Anonymouse on

Ahmadi's strategty and these morons' strategy is to compare Iran to US when it comes to things like 2000 Bush-Gore election or comparing protests to World Bank or comparing Iranian "justice" system to American's where they are independent, or democracy or TV debates, etc., just like an osterich.

The evidence is torture and imprisonment of people, killing them, admitting to killing and torturing them in Kahrizak and more as we see on photos and videos.  These are the evidence. How about comparing the treatment of prisoners? How about show confessions?  Do we see those in America too?  Do we?

If Ahmadi had not cheated, why not set the record straight? Why not recount something legitimately.  They recounted 10% and said they saw fraud but not enough to do anything.  What if you count 100% instead of 10%.  Some precints may had more fraud % than others. What math are you using?

So wait like Shah and suffer a fate like him.  History is being repeated and there were blind people back then too.  Green movement will be victorious, one way or another.  The train has left the station and will not go back. 

People always hated this regime but were afraid to do anything about it.  Now they are not afraid anymore.  Is that so hard to see? What do they have to do to show these morons that they are not afraid anymore? How come we didn't see these protests (whatever you want to call them, small or large) before? We are talking about it on TV and writing articles and op-eds left and right, aren't we? So it is not nothing.  It is something substantial.

Everything is sacred.


MM you may have a point. But

by maiser on

MM you may have a point. But one thing you forget to mention is that when the Iranians demonstrated against the vote the allegedely lost, it can be argued that they wanted some more changes between the establishment that they where not happy about, and it was based on false reports and the people got to find out and understand that after a while. While the ones remaining and are resilient for demonstrations now are those who call for total collapse of the system, but they have no big support in Iran and its clear only a handful are left that want such extreme moves to their country. So basically, it started as something legitimate and they had many followers, but now what is left of this movement is of extreme nature that frighten the normal Iranian. So basically, it was hijacked one way or another. Besides, the oppositon was always the minority, right from the start.


evolution from "where is my vote" to "death to khamenei"

by MM on

Azadeh is correct.  People like the Leveretts are 6 months behind.  Yes, in June, the call of the protestors was "where is my vote?".  However, the call has evolved into "death to the dictator or "jomhoori-e Irani".

I should add that while folks like Mousavi and Karrubi want to work within the system, others on the street are calling for sweeping changes in the structure of the government, a total recall.

So, while the Green movement may have started with Mousavi, and while the demonstrators still appreciate their moral support, in my opinion, the movement is without clear leader / direction.  Being without a clear leader has so far worked for the Green movement, because IRI does not know who to go after. 

However, this is a dangerous time for the Green movement, because the direction/vision can be high-jacked by those with hidden agendas.  Those of us who lived through the 1977-1981 Iranian revolution understand how different factions came together with a common goal, but the movement was high-jacked by the Islamists, at the end of the day.


Barekala Soraya!

by mamadali on

A clear thinker!   Love her!


A History Of Political

by vildemose on

A History Of Political Assassinations In Iran

Radio Free Europe / Luke Allnutt

13-Jan-2010 (4 comments)


IR apologists

by masoudA on

may they burn in hell.    How can they live outside Iran and push for preservation of the backwardness?   


Azadé Moaaveni was simply

by benross on

Azadé Moaaveni was simply great. It really doesn't matter how much garbage is thrown at you if you are so honest and brilliant.

Sargord Pirouz

good interviews

by Sargord Pirouz on

Soraya  Sepahpour-Ulrich and Hillary  Mann-Leverett provided objective perspectives on what's taking place in Iran. Just because they are not openly subversive does not qualify their views "hostile".