The international apartheid system

by Bavafa

With as much talk of war that is coming out of Israel and overt threat of military attack on Iran, one wonders how the situation and the international reaction would have been different if these two’s roles were reversed. Here are some of the facts and compare and contrast between the two evil regimes when it comes to the international affairs:

* There are countless UN resolution against both Israel and Iran, yet Iran has been targeted by sanction based on those UN resolution, Israel gets $3B annually of free money

* Iran is suspected of wanting nuclear weapon, Israel is suspected of already having nuclear weapon

* Iran has not invaded any nation, Israel has the record in modern history for the longest occupying force

* Iran sucks at international terrorism (alleged role in India, Bangkok, SA ambassador in US, etc.), Israel has been very effective and successful in international terrorism (Alleged role in Iranian scientist, Hamas political leader in Dubai, etc.)

* Iran is a dictatorship without any legitimacy with its people, Israel is an apartheid yet democratic system.

'Hambastegi is the main key to victory'Mehrdad


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Fesenjoon2 I respect your answer, My View

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You can be proud and happy to be an American Citizen, I know for 100% sure the American people are not for what the US government is doing or the most powerful interests that influence the USA today are after.  Americans are not beneficiaries of this nightmare policy, they are suffering and will be hurt badly because of this ignorance. I give the majority of Americans a good score as humans.  I am not condoning harming the chldren of America or future generations of children in America for what is being done to Iran.  War is not my answer, my answer is law and I see that the USA doesn't even respect its own constitution or play lawfully.  That is a headache for not just Americans but for all the people of the world the USA dominates.  

Realize this, Iran nor Iranians ever did any favor at all for me either.  My family are all Iranian and I was born and lived there, so this is partly for me about the society that gave birth to me, not the one I belong to today, i'm in the uk.  Infact all I have ever done with respect to Iran has been one way service with zero benefits because Iranians are stil my people as well either way and not by choice.  This is also about the unborn children of Iran and the children alive today who suffer at the hands of the US Government, its allies and IRI in ways that are dishonest and inequitable.  The IRI must face justice and be dealt with by Iranians, the sooner the better, and secular democracy must not be denied Iranians by the west. I appreciate the freedom I have and so I use it to defend freedom everywhere and create something that I can value on the basis of how good, beautiful and true it is.  Serving children, freedom and my people is the most beautiful thing that could happen to me.  It doesn't matter one bit whether you get or accept what I am saying, the truth is the truth regardless of who accepts it.  However it is really only people who can understand and realize the truth that are free as opposeed to enslaved in their lives, the more you use your conscience to defend the truth the more coveted information opens up to you.  If you have time read these 2 very important books to realize what I am enlightening others towards 1) Limit to growth by the club of rome 2) clash of civilizations by Sam Huntingdon, that is all you need to open your mind as to what Iranians are facing.

Exonerating the mullahs by blaming US/Israel, not quite, 1) Mullahs are not exoneratable they are verifiable traitors to iran 2) USA /ISRAEL never receive a word of blame from me, what i am alluding to is the truth and in that there is no blame, it is despicable that humanity ever divised a system of governemet  that could become so powerful that it would lose its own bearing and become so corrupt, unlawful, unjust, which is causing more harm to humanity than benefit at this point in time.  The problem and challenge with mullahs is that they are so ignorant and dense that they don't even know why the west wanted them and still wants them.



by Fesenjoon2 on

Look, I am proud and honored to be an American citizen.

And I simply dont buy your theories. For me it's pretty simple:

Iran gave me shallagh and prison. OK? America gave me freedom to live a life. And for that, I will be ETERNALLY grateful. So dont tell me Israel/US was/is supporting the shit in Iran, because I can still remember the face of the guy who was beating me in prison. And he didnt look like an American or Israeili. He wasnt a remote controlled robot receiving signals from NORAD or Mossad. Simple as that.

In the mean time, you can continue exonerating the mullahs by blaming Israel or the US for secretly supporting the mullahs. Whatever suits you.

At least you have the freedom to accuse America of wrongdoing.


You don't see it do you Fesenjoon2

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Israel is the USA's proxy in the middle east.  If the USA is doing and has done all it can to help extremists come to power, you can be absolutely certain that Israel is actively helping the USA support religous extremists on Iranians.  Since Africanization of Iran is what is the goal and what is happening the Israeli government in practice is doing the USA's biding and preventing Iranians from having real help to remove the IRI and bring about secular democracy.  What does Israel care that Iranians are being Africanized and even screaming at israel and doing some terrorist activities, it is a free and advanced country meeting all her needs from the USA.  Israel has more fire power today than the UK, Israel is happy to help the USA in its deeds so long as the USA takes care of them economically and pays for their military.  Israel benefits from having IRI rant and rave about it with out the capability to do anything real against it.  Iranians complaint against the USA/UK/France & yes Israel is that they are not supporting secular democracy or freedom for Iran, but supporting extremism in practice.  Their words and actions don't match.  Comprendo?



by Fesenjoon2 on

* Iran is the one that has been screaming DEATH TO ISRAEL over the past 33 years. Have we seen any marg bar Irans from Israel?

* Iran is the one that has called Israel a "cancerous tumor" that "must be wiped out". What have we seen or heard from Israel? Who hates whom?  

* Iran names its streets after suicide bombers. Israel names its streets in honor of Iran and her history

* Israel treasures Iran's past. Iran hates its own past

* Israel considers Iran a "natural ally". Iran insists in having its head up the ass of Islam to make an identity for itself. 

* Israel destroyed Iraq's nuclear weapons facility (Operation Opera), guaranteeing Iran would be safe from an Iraqi nuke. If it wasnt for Israel, Iran wouldnt even have any weapons to fight Iraq in the 80s. Iran militarily supported Hizbollah (!) instead.  

* Iran accuses "zionists" of plotting to dominate the world. And yet, Iran is the one who 24/7 does dua for "parcham-e Islam" to conquer the world. Hence the "preparations for the global government of Mahdi"

* Iran goes around making the most obnoxious and racist films depicting jews as bloodthirsty monsters wanting to take out the blue eyes of the Palestinians (never mind Iranians who sell their own kidneys from destitution). And then they complain when Hollywood makes a movie like 300 as an insult to Iran's history (even though Iran practically has erased Xerxes' name from its own history books). And when Hollywood offers an olive branch by making "Prince of Persia", that doesnt count, "because Jake Gyllenhall is a jew"!

Like I said: Once a fool, always a fool.


Well Done & it is this International Apartheid system

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Lead by the USA/France/UK that wants Extremism in govt for Iran.  Iranians need to awaken from our slumber and realize what we have and what we do not have and exactly where we need to exercise our energies to have a fruitful outcome, hoping for freedom and democracy with US/UK/French help is the most pathetic manipulation for Iranians to pin their hopes up on, they are doing all they can to support extremism.  The mullahs are so stupid they are not even aware of the reason the USA brought them to power and has kept them there.  The Wests agenda goes deeper and further than many here are aware and it is totally inhumane. 

The urgent call that needs to go out is this, the alarm bell needs to be sounded out loud and clear so Iranians can engage in saving themselves through fruitful actions, not the fruitless ones they have been playing with which are supported by the west and will not set iran free.


Damet garm

by Abarmard on

Good wrap. Happy weekend. We enjoy while Iranians suffer because of sanctions.