CARTOON: Mossad did it!


CARTOON: Mossad did it!
by Fesenjoon2

Don't you love it that whenever something happens, the Islamic Republic of Iran quickly puts the blame on Mossad, the Zionists, the Imperialist powers, and their MEK/fetneh/monafegh/mortad/etc. lackeys?

I'm not surprised by that of course. This is of course the Islamic Republic of Iran. One of the, if not the most stupid country on Earth. Propaganda is their livelihood.

What baffles me though are the educated so called "moderates" that fall for their propaganda and conspiracy horseshit.

The guy blows himself up in Thailand.

-- He didnt know what he was carrying. So it was Mossad!

The dude runs toward the pilots cabin shouting Allah o Akbar!

-- Nah, can't be Iranian. Must've been Mossad.

Neda Aghasoltani was shot in front of all those witnesses!

-- What was a cell phone camera doing there? It sounds fishy. Definitely Mossad! 

A suicide bomber kills 50 people in a market in Jerusalem! 

-- It's the zionist media you dummy! It was a Mossad operation!

I have del-dard and es-hal!

-- Dude, it's mossad! Theyve been poisoning the Subway foot-long sandwich supply! 

Awwww shit! I just found out that my friend was sodomized by prison guards in Kahrizak!

-- Mossad are much more efficient at that! Be thankful! Look at Guantanamo. Look at Abu Ghuraib! Are you anti-Iranian?


Seriously, these are the same fucks that believed an illiterate's promise to make electricty and utilities free. Now he has a shrine whose dome glitters from 30 miles away! Remember how they used to look at his face on the Moon?! They believed EVERY shit he said.

"Economy is for donkeys!"

- Takbeer!

"The Shah was corrupt! We're the Party of God!"

- Takbeer!

"Death to America!"

- Takbeer!

"I slept with your mother! When your mom was coming, she cried Agha! Agha!

- Takbeer!


So really, why wouldnt these idiots fall again and again for his propaganda that "Israel is our enemy"

Yes, Mossad fucked your GRE score, and Nissan charged you $650 for your 90,000 mile tuneup. Because of Mossad. Mwahahahahaaa!

Once a fool. Always a fool. 


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Greens are worthless clowns

by Fesenjoon2 on

If the green wearing protesters are nothing but "reformists", then yes, they rightly so deserve as much mockery as they can get. Thank heavens I'm not alone in this matter of opinion:


To use IRI's own lexicon, a cancerous tumor is not eslaah-pazeer. 

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Iranvatan

by Artificial Intelligence on

Did you see my comment from you blog earlier? I had specific quotes from the individual who made racist comments such as jews destroying the black people, destroying white people, controling the media and holywood.  He made thoes comments in a blog having nothing to do with jews, hollywood, control of media or the destruction of the black race in america.

That was a prime example. There is no specific examples yet in this blog but this blog is dealing with the subject in a way in case you do not realize it. There are individuals who habitually have a history of blaming Israel, AIPAC & Zionists. See below as an example. These individuals use the same arguments as the IRI. The IRI is a anti semitic entity hiding under the guise of anti Zionisim.

When Ahmadinejad comes and says the world economy is controled by Zionists, who is he exactly talking about? Israelis, Zionists or Jews? Do you understand what I mean? The individuals who use the same arguments as the IRI are the Jooooo haters I am talking about.

 Do you understand? 




Dear Artificial Intelligence a response would be appreciated

by iranvatan on

Dear Friend and Hamvatan

Please let us know who here is a Jooo hater and what defines someone be Joo hater and what it means?

Also please provide an example specific in this discussion that identifies someone as such.


Thank you 

One Iran for all Iranians

Anahid Hojjati

Timely blog Fesenjoon2

by Anahid Hojjati on

and very well written.

Artificial Intelligence

Love this Fesenjoon!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Perfect example is the comments below. IRI apologists and Jooooo haters are in full damage control mode making up excuses and irrational arguments. 


No IR did that

by Abarmard on

But International terrorism is done by Israel. It's simple.

Rebecca, those Iranians who don't want Iranians support Palestinians are similar to the US population who don't want the US supporting Israel, neither have a say in their government policies.
I even go further and say that the majority of Saudi Arabians also don't want their country supporting and funding terrorist training activities by Israel, and they have no say in that matter. Don't wash the crimes of others because we have our own criminals.

Smart people can comprehend more than one statement at a time, meaning that you have internal enemies and external ones too. Covering your eyes to one against the other is foolish.

We are actually fighting two wars in two fronts to liberate Iran. Don't think any other way is possible. We must stand strong against all the enemies of Iran by relying on Iranians and believing in independence and freedom.

Independence and freedom go hand in hand otherwise we all can day dream.

Would you believe a salesman who comes by your door and offer you a free product without anything in return?



Good cartoon Fesenjoon.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The fascist Islamist regime, like any other fascist entity, blames it's own crimes on fabricated "foreign enemies".

I also agree that vast majority of "Green opposition" of 2009 (where are they now?....) did not share "blame it all on Israel" philosophy of the fascist regime. So you might want to fix that on your otherwise excellent cartoon.


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


ad hominems - a claim rejected on the basis of irrelevant facts

by iranvatan on

 You mentioned that sevarl times which I think you have just learned that falacy in your Philosophy 101 class.

However; you are commiting that fallacy yourself as well red herring since you are not able to answer directly to the argument.

What has Green Movement and Million others who support the cause of FREE IRAN and thousands who died for freedom and were tortured, they have to do with acceptance of Israel?

 I am just confused - as I said your argument is confusing and you are committing sveral falacy:


1. Ad hominem - Referring to me "Teenager"

2. Red Herring - Not addressing the argument and using Israel criticim as escape goat

3. Guilt By Association - since they are in Iran they must agree with the regime policy eventhough millions have died

4. Hasty Conclusion - you concluded that Green is the same as IRI unless they accept israel


 Need more to learn in the Philosphy 101 class -- way to go my child


One Iran for all Iranians


not only am I funny, but...

by Fesenjoon2 on

but I also dont debate teenagers, especially ones that dont know the rules of discourse (such as refraining from ad hominems).



Fesenjoon2 - you are funny

by iranvatan on

Consider the question: "Do you think Israel is Iran's enemy?" If the greens respond to this question with an unequivocal "NO!" (without any ands, ors, buts attached), then I'll take my word back. "

hmmmmmmmmmmm - yes not only Rape us and torture us now give the regime the Green light to immediately kill us for treason.

So you are saying that every member of Green Movement in order to satisfy your argument must support the state of Israel. And by that basicly sign their DEATH Sentence

As I said it is very easy for few who sit in very comfort area of their home to talk none sense.

We should think of Iran and the freedom of all Iranians and not to worry about other countries.

The Israeli regime at times is no different than any other brutal regime. Just their eagerness to attack the Iranian people that is questionable, since any attack n the Mullahs will only kill Million Iranians. And the regime will stay in power forever. 

"Fesenjoon2" but good try and a very funny one 

One Iran for all Iranians



by Fesenjoon2 on

You bring up valid points.

Consider the question: "Do you think Israel is Iran's enemy?" If the greens respond to this question with an unequivocal "NO!" (without any ands, ors, buts attached), then I'll take my word back.

The na ghazzeh, na lobnan shoar doesnt really say anything about what they think of Israel. It only means "think of our own people".

If anything, the evidence on the ground points to the opposing direction: Karroubi and Mousavi consider Israel as an enemy state.

Then there is this: Why is it that almost every green supporter on IC loves to put the blame of current events on Mossad and Israel? If you look on this website, youll find more than plenty of examples.

All that said, here's my point stated differently:

The very fact that greens even participated in a system that bans free elections is itself a strong point of contention in my book. What the hell does "ra'i man koo?" mean when an electorial filter such as The Council of Guardians exist to ensure that all candidates will kiss the ass of the Supreme Leader? Did not the greens see this? Or did they not care? Had Mousavi/Karroubi been elected, would the greens have been happy, continuing with their lives in the Islamic Republic? Was Mousavi not the serving PM when the thousands were executed in 1367? Where were these greenies then? What does it take for these people to realize that a system based on Velayat Faghih is at fault to the core? Had the akhonds kootaah miyoomadan and shared some of the power with the greens or called for a recount, would the Greens have been satisfied? Do you think a victorious Mousavi would have made any major changes to the country like normalizing relations with the US, or abandoning support for Hizbollah, or halting the nuclear program to calm tensions with IAEA? And why did the Greens come to the streets in the first place? To protest an election result, or to rise up against the system?

The green leaders even stated clearly that overthrowing the Islamic Republic regime is and never was their goal. They believe a system of VF is reformable.

And that,.....makes the green supporter a perennial fool. He/she will take for granted any shit that comes from the top, including the old Khomeinist mantra that Israel and the US are our enemies.

The green supporter is simply gullible.

The green supporter is the offspring of the fool who saw the Imam in the Moon, hopped on a plane and came with the Imam to Iran on 12 Bahman, only to end up in prison and executed a few years later. 

So yes, I do mock the greens, because they fought for the wrong reasons. They didnt fight to overthrow a 7th century clerical oligarchy. They fought because they wanted a share of the pie in the nezaam: They wanted Khomeini's pet (Moussavi) to assume presidency. Voting for that election, by itself was an act of support for the system. 


I agree with iranvatan

by Rebecca on

I agree with the previous post. I am confused as well and would like a clarification on this.

Actually the people who participated in 2009 demonstrations like the girl in the picture were very much against IR's support of Palestinians: Na Lobnan, Na Gaze, Janam Fadaye Iran!

Long Live Iran and Long Live Liberty!



by Fesenjoon2 on


Do you want me to respond?

because if you do, you have to stop using ad hominems. Stop attacking me ("go educate yourself", "you sit in your comfort area", ...) and focus your attacks on my argument instead.

If you can do that, then we can talk. 



by iranvatan on

I understand your point about the IRI Islamic Fascist regime and its crime and atrocities against the Iranian people.

But why do you have that young women who apparently had participated in 2009 riots against the thugs of the regime mixed with your cartoon. I mean she might have been the victim of rape or torture by the same elements.

See this is the point -- Iranians are confused as you are..we mix everything and we see things in black and white...

> 10 Thousand Iranians have died since 1999 until 2012 as a result of crimes by IRI. These people like the women you have depicted in the picture belong to Student movements and speak out against IRI - while you sit in your comfort area and put things together with MS Paint; this Women "Shir ZAN" and thousands like her had the courage to fight the extremist.

My recommendation to you is to eductae yourself and understand the complexity of our society - honestly it is not just Black and White.

That women with a Green scarf around her face is the Symbol of Courage, heroism and Iranian's hope and yearning for democracy.

The real people and those who are putting their life in danger are people like that Women in your picture wh you are mocking.

God Bless Her and Million other Iranians 

One Iran for all Iranians