Golha Project Website Launched Today


Golha Project Website Launched Today
by alborz

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IHF America, the US counterpart of the Iran Heritage Foundation (IHF), is proud to inform the US audience of the launch of the Golha Project Website, a 7-year digitization effort sponsored by the IHF.

The programs known generally as Golha, ‘Flowers [of Persian Poetry and Song],' were a series of weekly radio programs aired on Iranian radio between 1956 and 1979. The musical and literary repertoire of the Golha programs covered the entire history of classical as well as contemporary Persian poetry, giving expression to the whole gamut of traditional Persian music and poetry. The foremost and best musicians, vocalists, literary critics, poets and announcers performed on the programs, thus providing a unique – and still the best and most poetically diverse – recorded collection of the classical corpus of Persian music and poetry made in the 20th century.

The Golha Project Website is a searchable encyclopaedia of Persian poetry and music with audio recordings of all of the Golha radio programs, available for free to the general public. It comprises a database of more than 1000 hours of audio material, searchable by 18 different search criteria such as musical modes, instruments, poetic verse, poetic genre, singer, and songwriter names, etc. The website allows the visitors to go directly to specific sections within the audio programs and start playing a song, a melody or a poem based on their search result.

These programmes covered the entire history of classical as well as contemporary Persian poetry, giving marvellous expression to the whole gamut of traditional Persian music and poetry.

The Golhā Project has been supported by the British Library Endangered Archives Program, the Music Department of the School of Oriental and African Studies University of London (SOAS), The British Institute of Persian Studies (BIPS), the Iran Heritage Foundation (IHF) and the Parsa Foundation.

This site is produced by Jane Lewisohn of the Music Department at SOAS, University of London with the support of the Iran Heritage Foundation, London.


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Don't let depressed people near this ... 


How it was done!

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The best music to put you to sleep after a big lunch on a hot Tehran summer day!

Thank you.

First Amendment

"what a great job"

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I love the smell of napalm in Chaharmezraab too.........


what a great job

by mahmoudghaffari on

I plan to contact them. For, my father had by some accounts the third largest collection of Iranian music, after the Iranian Radio television and his friend Mr. Mehran (I believe).  I have tried to get most of it out of Iran (and storage) and digitize them before the tapes deteriorate.  I will perhaps contact this site to see if we can move them on to thiers.  Some of the music is old and rare.


this is just SOOO cool ! Thanks to you, and the Brits

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Al Gore must sure be proud of himself for making this possible.



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The trailer link is not working. Please embed this video in its place.


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