Attacks on the Bahai's

by alborz

"We Baha'is are neither afraid to, nor ashamed of, mentioning the names of these prominent backsliders. On the contrary, they represent to us what a soldier's ribbons do to him: they are the campaigns we have successfully fought and every one of them is dear to our hearts. The storms they have loosed upon us have not only driven the roots of our Faith in Baha'u'llah's system deeper, but have demonstrated to us that, for the first time in history, a religion has been given to men which cannot be split up into sects, for the two Wills -- those of Baha’u’llah and the Master (Abdu'l Baha) -- are so strongly constructed and so authentic beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is impossible to divorce the body of the teachings from their provisions. The principle of successorship, endowed with the right of Divine interpretation, is the very hub of the Cause into which its Doctrines and Laws fit like the spokes of a wheel – tear out the hub and you have to throw away the whole thing. This is why our enemies have, for a hundred years, failed to establish anything outside the Faith which could thrive or prosper."

"For what beauty does not produce envy, and what purity does not produce slander, and what goodness does not challenge the evil hidden in an envious heart?"





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Envey to what?

by مآمور on

Islam is the fastest growing religion in this world. you would be surprised to know how many people have not heard name of bahai!!

the cult has never gained any significant ground in Iran, so they decided to go international!! poor Africans, blacks from islands in Caribbean  have been new bahais for past 50 years ago!!

Again, the problem is a political one not of religion and gods to worship!!

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Dear Alborz!

by Ruhi on

thanks for sharing this Blog!


The first untruth

by MaryamJoon on

There is no such thing as "THE Bahais" ... there are many different groups of Bahais.  And some of those groups permit questions like this: 

Dialogue with Haifan-Baha'i Leaders -- People Have Questions. 

But one of those groups (based in Israel) uses lofty slogans like, 'we encourage independent investigation of the truth,' yet hides its top leaders (all of whom are grown men in Italian suits living in Israel), and doesn't answer questions about national security, while complaining that certain countries are suspicious of their activities.  

And as Iranians we are supposed to suspend our own independent judgment and questions, and to blindly defer to the judgment of a group of foreign men living in Israel and dressed in Versace, why?!!   


to FA.

by amigo19 on

"For what beauty does not produce envy, and what purity does not produce slander, and what goodness does not challenge the evil hidden in an envious heart?"


You pretend ignoring the facts: That the founder of the Baha'i Faith was
banished about 150 years ago from Iran intrigued by mullahs and the government
of Iran. Back then there was not such a thing called Israel. Baha’is do not
have any political ties withthe  government of Israel. You are fooling yourself and
you know that, you are full of hatred, as soon as the name Baha'i appears on a
posting, and as I am sure as you are an IRI agent, you are the first one to
post a truly nasty sarcastic reply that is based on your blinded vision or even
mastered by your IRI bosses on Baha’i' Faith. Why then in Iran that the
government and most fanatical people who are mostly so called "merciful
and loving Muslims", during the last 170 years, the clergy and the ruling
class especially the last 34 years have tried to systematically uproot the
Baha'i community, regardless of age, class, gender? Can you recall the poor 95
year old Baha’i' man in one of the small villages of Birjand or others in other
places? Can you remember the 9 Baha’i women who were executed in the early the 80s?
It would have been enough for them to simply say they were not Baha’is and are Muslims
and regain their freedom and even get many benefits from the government. Bahia’s
do not have their Human rights in Iran, our cemeteries are desecrated and
demolished, our properties confiscated, our youth banned from higher education,
lie and slander is rampantly published in public media, and Baha'is don't have
a chance to defend themselves. Our tender aged children are harassed and
humiliated at school by bully teachers. our underground university has been not
harshly but savagely brought down and their teachers arrested, our YARAN, who
previously had been recognized by the former governments to this one, to carry
out their function for the administrative issues of 350,000 Baháis in Iran,
have been condemned to 20 years of imprisonment.200 hundred houses of Bahia’s
were looted first and burnt down to ashes in 1979 by fanatical Muslims stirred
by mullahs and other agents. Aren’t you one  of the offsprings of that generation? And yet
you call yourself a Reformer, you truly pretend who and what you are, every now
and then you change you ID and comment the same worthless comments like a
scratched record ,like a parrot who have been taught to you to repeat over and
over the same nonsense and yet you consider yourself ROSHAN FEKR. The fact is
the Islam and its percepts are not anymore for the world today. Imagine someone
wants to change his faith and become a Christian, or believe in any other
Faith, you say he deserves to be killed under the law of apostasy or many more
concepts that won’t function anymore. I do not hesitate not even for a second
that what is happening in Iran is a Divine Plan to once and for all people see
and learn about the true nature of Islam. Islam was a remedy for its time but
it has expired, Not only it cannot solve the world’s problems anymore, but
it is adding to its difficulties, you can close your eyes and pretend ignoring
the facts. See how in Iran Islamic Republic has tried to force everybody to
think and act as they do? Well you might say and has repeated that over and
over that you are a reformist, but I don’t see any change in your attitude.
Time is fast drawing to great changes in Iran; there will soon come the time
that Baha'is and other religious and other minorities will have been freed from
the grasps of this regime
. Iran will be worshipped by the rulers and
people of the world in the future, but alas you and people like you have closed
their eyes to the Reality Alas!


All the comments and blogs attacking our Baha'i compatriots....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Originate from a single cess pool known as Islamist regime's Ministry of Etelaat, aka SAVAMA, which is responsible for torture, rape, Murder of hundreds of thousands of Iranians and many terrorist attacks on US citizens reulting in hundreds of death and injury..... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

First Amendment

Can I cordially invite........

by First Amendment on

........Almighty God to explain a simple fact to our honorable Bahai hamvatans: ..............we have no issues with your religion...............Worship whatever, whoever, however, whenever....who cares?'s your political association with which we do have a problem; big can bury your blessed head in the sand and pretend that you are not participating in political matters in accordance with the divine teachings of your religion.....................but the fact remains intact and obvious........your leadership in Haifa is supported to its core by the filthy savage Zionists...............The Universal House of Justice needs a substantial overhaul in order to become a truly independent body. Admit it........