من آریائی هستم


من آریائی هستم
by ahosseini

من آریائی هستم
من با مشایی هستم
اسلام من ایرانی‌
فکر خدایی هستم

من آریائی هستم
من از نژاد برتر
من در جهان به فکر
فرمانروایی هستم

من آریائی هستم
من ضدّ ملیت ها
ضدّ دیگر مذاهب
من ارتجاعی هستم

من آریائی هستم
من ضدّ تازی هستم
من ضدّ سامی هستم
ضدّ بهائی هستم

من آریائی هستم
ضدّ اروپا هستم
من کاملا علیه
هر امریکائئ هستم

من آریائی هستم
ضدّ شرق آسیا
ضدّ غرب آسیا
یا آفریقائی هستم

من آریائی هستم
ضدّ زنان ایران
بر ضدّ نو باوگان
ضدّ رهایی هستم

من آریائی هستیم
ضدّ بیان آزاد
ضدّ اندیشهٔ نو
ضدّ پویایی هستم

من آریائی هستم
من ضدّ اجتماعات
بر ضدّ هر سندیکا
یا هر صدایی هستم

من آریائی هستم
کش می‌طلبم
من حرف آخر زنم
حرف نهایی هستم


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Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Did you even read my comments here? What it has to do with Shia or Sunni? ...... Although, I am agree with you that these things as we see in 

Iran today and i should add in the world has nothing to do with Islam ....  I have mentioned this before please watch PBS documentary  " Islam the Empire of Faith " .   Before the Safavieh attacks towards that Empire there was no such a thing as Shia and Sunni ...... The last Caliphate after the invasion stated,

" Today I have found out that I am a Sunni " 

Shai and Sunni are the illegitimate kids of British Empire and its European counterparts union in the continuation of the policy of dived and rule among Muslims ...

The British used Safavieh in Iran as well as the Saudi 's Wahhabis (Lawrence of Arabia) to attack Othmany Empire from  East and then they themselves attacked the Empire from West. This was not really that long time ago that the Ottoman Empire came to an end , 1922......

Did you now that even up to several decades ago we did not have anything name " Resaleh " ?  It came after the collapse of Islamic Empire !  And " Resaleh is nothing but the stupid book of " Talmud " that Jewish people read and follow ...... 

Furthermore we have that book of HE said and SHE said called

" Ravayats "  that most of it is Bull shits.  Unfortunately , both Shia and Sunni  read it instead of Quran !!!

  The Shia that Safavieh so supported and turned Iran to is nothing  but bunch of made in England Mullahs with passion play acts all over Iran ( Rozeh Khooni )  that has absolutely nothing to do with with Ali or Hussein true struggles  .....   Islam had no such thing as Roozeh khonnee before Safavieh ..... Actually passion play was adopted by Iranians from Christianity. So we Got " Resaleh " from Jews and we got " Rozeh Khanee " from christians. Islam got divided to two major groups and now we have the book of fiction " Ravayats " to read ... that is just SO Awesome !!!!

And Roozbeh not everyone who talks about Islam is an IRI supporter yet alone being paid by them ...... I am tired of this 

Mash Ghasem

حسینی جان،

Mash Ghasem

حسینی جان، امروز مثل اینکه دست به شعرت خوبه. یکی دوتا شعر هم برای این 
'سلمانیان' و 'سوسنییان' بنویس به اینها حالی کن ، این اشغال کثافتی که به
نام " شیعه" در ایران هس هیچ ربطی به اسلام نداره.  به قول شازده: " "‌ شیعه ایرانی‌ که خرافات و نژاد پرستی‌ ساسانی را تو کون اسلام ناب
محمدی اماله کرده است،
... عاشقان خاندان جلیل سلطنت علوی،  اند که آن
گوشه... ' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  استاد  اسماعیل خویی اخیرا  واژه " شهنشیخی"  را ابداع نموده است ، که تا حدود زیادی توصیف این 'سلمانیان' و غیره میباشد. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
برای آگاهی از آخرین بررسی های عملی در مورد " آل شیعیان " رجوع کنید  به :



Soosan khanoom's mistake

by Siavash300 on

"I am actually quite pleased to see someone is defending Islam on this site ..... something that i have found to be quite rare almost none " soosan khanoom

The reason is we live in 21 century and people who come on this site lives in 21 century. Sharia barbaric laws such as stoning to death, lashing people like animal in public and wrap up women in black shrouds belong to 1400 years ago. Those belong to nomad tribes of Arabs in Arabian Peninsula 1400 years ago. The supporters of those kind of thinking are behind 1400 years. Mostly they are uneducated and they believe by following these none sense they will go to heaven after they die.  They  need to be educated and move on or catch up with our modern world. That is the reason you don't see that many retarded people on this site.

so soosan khanoom, I am not part of any gang and I am NOT fat. In fact I am skinny and I love to see my country as beautiful as it was during shah's days. I also want to see my people as happy as they were during shah's days.  God bless shah's soul.

Payandeh our Aryan Land Iran


با تشکر از روزبه و شمیرانی به خاطر سوژه جدید


من احمدی نژادم
پر رو و بیسوادم
یک مردک حقه باز
از معرفت آزادم

من احمدی نژادم
در رمل در اصطرلاب
در شیادی و حیله
من واقعا استادم

من احمدی نژادم
یک مالیخولیایی
از غم ملت خود
من بینهایت شادم


Salman Farsi Please see

by ahosseini on

 About Obama's speech on Egypt

So says Mr Obama
On the Egypt drama


Most revolutions have failed
Because they have been derailed
Never mind Ayatollahs
And the groups of mullahs
Failed by likes of Stalin
Trotsky and Lenin
Failed because all these leaders
Agitators and thinkers
All in the name of workers
Were self appointed leaders
Of course it would never work
In such a bad framework
The solution is one word
And don't think this is absurd
I am sure you would agree
Democracy is the key
The key had always been lost
And we had to pay the cost
behind every failure
has been this exact culture
People never controlled
That is how we all stalled


من آبروی اسلام و مسلمین رو بردم


من احمدی‌نژاد هستم

من فریبکار و دروغگو هستم

من آریای و کورش پرست شدم،

زیرا آبروی اسلام و ولایت فقیه را را بردم

من پول نفت  خرج می‌کنم

برادران و "خواهران" اطلاعاتی‌ استخدام می‌کنم،

که از من دفاع کنند

با مزخرفات و چرندیاتشان

در ایرانیان داتکام

این شورت، من و رهبرم، دسپرت شدیم!


با عرض معذرت زیاد از آقای اهسینی، از دست این اسلامیون و سربازان گمنام اینترنتی‌ شون، و چرت و پرت‌های روزانه شون، من هم شاعر شدم!



Man khode maryakhoolayi hastam...

by Shemirani on

is a better title for this poem :D

Salman F ....your"For an Islamic democracy "  Biggest antinomy ever  !!

(khaste shodim az shomaha ke theory missazid eslam marxist o eslam democratic eslam in eslam oon....Bissavaditoon maro koshte ) din darid good for you keep it for yourself and lets us breath !

salman farsi

How many shades of socialism do we have?

by salman farsi on

Soosan Khanoom

From the ultra hard liners sitting in Pyongyang and their former partners in Moscow to their cousins in Beijing down to the Swedish Socialist Workers Party members they all call themselves socialists and are adherents to what they call socialism. Now, do they all agree with each other? I don't think so. They don't even agree over certain fundamental principles let alone in the details. In our own Iran, members of Fedayeen guerillas when decided to follow different shades of their own ideology, drew guns at each other and killed one another! So there is no absoute definition of such concepts as socialism and demcoracy. Islam has a solid foundation for the consultative/democratic  process as is evident in this celebrated verse (Quran 3:159)

"So by mercy from Allah , [O Muhammad], you were lenient with them. And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the matter. And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah . Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him]."

Islamic democracy whether we like it or not is no longer a possibility - it is a probability.

 For an Islamic democracy


Ahmadinejad and Hitler

by statira on

none were aryan. They were both like a beemazeh Sholeghalamkar with large egoes.


من ارتجاعی هستم


The supporters of Ahmadi Nejad openly defend being "Ertejaei" as they say we do go back to 1400 years ago of teaching of Islam and methods of ....

Soosan Khanoom

Salman Farsi

by Soosan Khanoom on

I am actually quite pleased to see someone is defending Islam on this site ..... something that i have found to be quite rare almost none .....  just by doing that one is always wrong no matter what.. (for example poor Nasrudin )....

I myself had risked it and now whatever I say is wrong just because I openly admire this religion . I have found my very own views on other topics were being repeated by some other commentators on this site and not only not being attacked but actually being endorsed ..... It seems that there is a gang thingy going on here with a few head gang people who are just nothing but a big fat bullies .... and if you are not with them then no matter what you say you are against them and  always wrong....... 

Hafez said accept the truth even if it is said by your enemies cause we do not fight with truth .......

but again who cares what Hafez says ..... 

Now my take on your idea of " Islamic Democracy " .....

I am 100 percent sure that this won't work ....... as ahosseni stated as soon as you put that name on front of democracy it makes others uncomfortable and they have their own reasons and rights to feel so ..

I disagree with an islamic one as much as I disagree with  christian or Jews democracy cause none will work. On the theory and paper they all look good but practically they are nothing but disasters .......... 

Look what christians are doing to the laws of this land. As a scientists we are not allow to do many things cause they have found it to be wrong which is not  .... who are they to tell me what is wrong or right ? I am a scientists and I do not need a priest to limit me in my research while I know I have been given a brain to use and come with many scientific discoveries to cure many diseases ( e.g stem cell research ) ..... or just see what they are doing while sticking their noises into women affairs and their gynecologist when it comes to the right of abortion or even contraceptive methods ...

Now Islam is no different. Islam like any other religion has clergies who think God is dead and they are in charge. We absolutely do not need that. 

Religion is a beautiful spiritual matter and should be kept within rather than be run by the state. Once it gets into the politics regardless of the religion it is going to be a pain in the butt .......



متن اصلی شعر من آریائی هستم


من آریائی هستم
از مشرق زمین
خدای من ایران است
پیامبر من : کوروش بزرگ
امامان من
داریوش و خشایارشاه و بابک و مازیار
اصول دین و فروع دین من
لوح حقوق بشر کوروش است
کتاب مقدسم : شاهنامه
روحانیون من : فردوسی مولانا سعدی
نوشین پارسی

salman farsi

Thanks for the advice and reassurance but ...

by salman farsi on

you don't need to worry about not having the last word. You don't need to repeat me to have the last word. It is clear that you have a very limited notion of secularism. It is not what you call your party that matters it is what they believe in and what they deliver that does.


 For an Islamic democracy


I am not in a position to deny your right

by ahosseini on

No one is in a position to deny your right to form a political party and obviously you can call it what you like. But once you call it a Jewish, Islamic, loyalist protestant, ...Islamic whatever then you must not expect it to appeal to other sections of the society. You can call your party an Islamic democratic but you can not create a system called Islamic republic. Conservatives in England or Christian Democrats in Europe do not deny the rights of others parties to exist.

salman farsi

This is called democracy my friend

by salman farsi on

ALL people have a right to express their likes and dislikes but contrary to what you initially said, and later shifted your position, these parties like Republicans in the States are regularly voted in by voters from other non-Christian religious and ethnic minorities. So it is not that these parties protect the interests of their own people only. You are perfectly entitled to like or dislike any party or opinion that matters to you but so are others. Now lets leave the question of which one is a poor and which one is a stroger political party to the voters and the ballot box.

 For an Islamic democracy


Dear Salman Farsi

by ahosseini on

I equally disagree with Christian democratic parties too. Conservatives and Christian Democratic parties in Europe and Republican party in US are examples of these. They are often very short sighted political parties sticking to old fashion ideas and values, defending their own people. The cocervative Jews in Israel, the Loyalists in Northern Irland are other poor examples of these political parties. 

salman farsi

There is Christian democracy, why not an Islamic one?

by salman farsi on

 And Jews, Muslims as well as Christians among others vote for it in many countries:


 For an Islamic democracy


Dear Salman Farsi

by ahosseini on

Is there such a thing as Islamic democracy. "Islamic democracy!" , as its name suggests, at its best will only serve the Islamic people. We have seen "Islamic republic" for the last thirty years. What about Kalimis, Armanies, Bahaeis, non religous people, etc? Democracy means the rule of people. As soon as you stick a label to it, it will deny others. If people vote for another Islamic republic, there is nothing we can do. But, I don't think so. Not the people I know.


Dear Maryam

by ahosseini on

Thanks for your comments and your support

The likes of Ahmadi and Mashaei have come up with this stupid "eslam Irani" idea to take advantage of nationalist feeling of Iranian people We should turn their fascist ideas on its head.

salman farsi

The Hashemites were of Aryan descent

by salman farsi on

 The Bani-Hashem Tribe from whom the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) emerged were believed to be of Aryan origin. This was one of many reasons why Persians embraced Islam and particularly its Shiite sect as the Shiism was seen as a creed with strong Aryan features.




 For an Islamic democracy

Maryam Hojjat

Excellent, Very TRUE about AN

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thank you.


Thank you RG aziz

by ahosseini on

Ahmadi and Mashaie were planining to celebrate norooz in Takht Jamshid. This poem is actually a reaction to their ideas and plans.


دو قطعه دیگر


من آریائی هستم

ضدّ موسیقی هستم

من  ضدّ علم و هنر

ضدّ زیبایی هستم


من آریائی هستم

من قاتل سهرابم

من قاتل نداها

یا هر ندایی هستم

When I edit the original, it alters the nicely formatted text by administrators. 


Dear R2-D2

by ahosseini on

 من مخالف تفسیر فاشیستی فرهنگ و نژاد ایرانی‌ هستم. امیدوارم شما نیز در تعبیر و تفسیری که از فرهنگ غنی ایرانی‌ که مبنای آن بردباری  و حقوق انسانهاست موافق باشی‌. لطفا به دو سند  که در ویکیپدیا آمده مراجعه بفرمایید. دنیای علم، و دانش از ما ‌‌چنین یاد می‌کند. بگذار تا ما نیز به چنین فرهنگی‌ افتخار کنیم.

منشور حقوق بشر کوروش یا استوانه کوروش دوم (بزرگ) لوحی از گل پخته است که در سال ۵۳۸ پیش از میلاد به فرمان کوروش دوم هخامنشی پادشاه و بنیانگذار شاهنشاهی هخامنشی نگاشته شده است. نیمه نخست این لوح از زبان رویدادنگاران بابلی و نیمه پایانی آن سخنان و دستورهای کورش به زبان و خط میخی اکدی (بابلی نو) نوشته شده‌است. این استوانه در سال ۱۲۵۸ خورشیدی/ ۱۸۷۹ میلادی در نیایشگاه اِسَگیله (معبد مردوک، خدای بزرگ بابلی) در شهر بابل باستانی پیدا شده‌ و در موزه بریتانیا در شهر لندن نگهداری می‌شود.[۱] این منشور یکی از بزرگترین نشانه‌های روحیهٔ بردباری در فرهنگ ایرانی است

شعر «بنی‌آدم» سعدی بسیار مشهور است و در پیام فارسی که در مجموعه پیام‌های فضاپیمای ویجر برای فضاهای دوردست فرستاده شده‌است این شعر به عنوان پیام برگزیده شده‌است.[۵] (شنیدن پیام فارسی برای ساکنان فضا از وب‌گاه ویجر، ناسا.) باراک اوباما رئیس جمهوری ایالات متحده نیز در پیام نوروزی سال ۲۰۰۹ این بیت از سعدی را قرائت کرد.[۶]

بنی آدم اعضای یکدیگرند[۷][۸][۹] که در آفرینش ز یک گوهرند چو عضوی بدرد آورد روزگار دگر عضوها را نماند قرار

و دبیرکل سازمان یونسکو در سخنرانی خود این شعر را برای حضار خواند.[۱۰]

اشعار سعدی همچنین در فرشی که از سوی دولت ایران در سال ۲۰۰۵ به فراخور سال رسمی سازمان ملل برای گفت‌وگو میان تمدن‌ها به سازمان ملل اهدا شد بافته شده‌است.[۱۱] این فرش برخلاف عادت سازمان ملل که هدایا را به نمایش نمی‌گذارددر محل مناسبی در سازمان ملل آویزان شد که کارشناسان می‌گویند این اقدام «به علت غیرممکن بودن مقاومت در برابر شعر سعدی» بوده‌است.[۱۲]

این شعر همچنین بر سردر تالار ملل مقر سازمان ملل متحد در نیویورک و نیز یونسکو نقش بسته‌است.[۱۳][۱۴][۱۵][۱۶][۱۷][۱۸] ولی در مورد درست بودن این مطلب تردیدهایی نیز وجود دارد.[۱۹][۲۰] از جمله، موسس مرکز سعدی‌شناسی وجود هر گونه لوح و یا سردری را با این اشعار از سعدی در مقر سازمان ملل متحد در نیویورک، رد می‌کند و معتقد است: «متاسفانه الان طوری شده که اگر این حرف را بزنیم، هیچ‌کس باور نمی‌کند و مردم واقعاً فکر می‌کنند شعر سعدی در سردر سازمان ملل متحد نوشته شده‌است حال آنکه نه سردری و نه تابلویی با اشعار سعدی در سازمان ملل وجود ندارد.»[۲۱]

چاپ مصرع اول این شعر بر روی اسکناس‌های یکصد هزار ریالی در سال ۱۳۸۹، موجب واکنش‌های رسانه‌ای گردید و روایت صحیح این بیت، از فرهنگستان زبان و ادب فارسی استعلام شد.[۲۲][۲۳]

آنها که سخت و محکم بر طبل جنگ کوبند
باید دهند پاسخ، باید به ما بگویند

کایا ره رهآیی، راه نجات مردم
ازشیوهای نازیسم، از راه زور جویند

این راه احمدی هاست، این شیوه  فاشیست هاست
جای صلیب هیتلر، خال سپاه کوبند


ما از تبار سعدی، آن شاعر بزرگیم
‌آنان که دست هاشان ،  زاین  چرک ها بشوی


من از نژاد برتر


Yep, indeed, ahmadinezhad is  the prime example of the "Aryan super man". In fact each time I see a picture of him, Wagner's Valkure starts ringing in my ears! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


A Very Silly Poem :) !

by R2-D2 on

Cyrus The Great (Kourosh-e Kabir) was an Aryan, and that was good enough for me :) !