About Obama's speech on Egypt, Failed Revolutions and Democracy


About Obama's speech on Egypt, Failed Revolutions and Democracy
by ahosseini

About Obama's speech on Egypt

So says Mr Obama
On the Egypt drama
He emphasised and he told
We see history unfold
It is time to transform
And time to give some reform
They have turned out in numbers
The society members
All ages and walks of life
The kids, the husband and wife
All are involved in the fights
For better life and their rights
Fight the military rule
With a method that is cool
An army that thirty years
With many thousand soldiers
Has crushed every movement
And suppressed dissident
But must not in these moments
Kill and jail the opponents
To avoid a further row
Must lift emergency law
That we must do our best
Not to fight the protest
He compared the uprising
With that of M Luther king
A rise that in substance
Is like Gandhi's resistance
So says Obama Barak
About Mr Mubarak
That the regime in Cairo
Must dismantle and must go
I have few words to say
Please my lord if I may
What about the USA
Israelies and UK
Europe and other states

Saudies and Emirates

All your friends and spies
And the rest of your allies
Who sponsored the army
With arms and with the money
Your words and democracy
Is kind of hypocrisy
You only care for the rich
The rest you just want to ditch
Please shut up don't speak
Had enough of your rhetoric

Failed revolutions

Most revolutions have failed
Because they have been derailed
Never mind Ayatollahs
And the groups of mullahs
Failed by likes of Stalin
Trotsky and Lenin
Failed because all these leaders
Agitators and thinkers
All in the name of workers
Were self appointed leaders
Of course it would never work
In such a bad framework
The solution is one word
And don't think this is absurd
I am sure you would agree
Democracy is the key
The key had always been lost
And we had to pay the cost
behind every failure
has been this exact culture
People never controlled
That is how we all stalled
Now must rethink and review
And think about what we do
In work place and school
We have to learn how to rule
How to rule collectively
And work for it actively
Focus only on one thing
How to fight a little king
Fight with little dictators
With dictators and "mentors"
Learn to control leaders
And watch the organisers
We should use technology
To advance this "ology"
Every point and every note
We can put to member's vote
These streams of good work
Will become a good network
Form your groups don't dither
Later we join together
The bourgeois democracy
Is pure hypocrisy
Likes of Murdoch rule the world
In all weathers hot and cold
One day he favours Blair
Next day kicks him off the chair
Imagine we have a chance
To go further and advance
And chose between Mousavi
Negahdar and Rajavi
Please imagine and see
What disaster would that be
We must learn to control
Or once again we will fall
Do they ever consult us
When they drive the big bus
With those we will keep the chain
And will fall over again
It is written on the card
The road is long and is hard
My good friend and teammate
Don't take my word let's debate
Hopefully we find a way
Tomorrow if not today
Let's walk in that direction
And take serious action
In the light of sun and moon
Will win later if not soon

Democracy in the West

The political parties
In western democracies
In Europe and in UK
In far east and USA
Follow almost the same themes
The same as most football teams
Have owners and sponsors
Regardless of their colours
Just like ManU and City
Or the teams in Italy
Reds and blues are the same
Just like others in the game
We are just spectators
We follow the dictators
The CBIs and bankers
Are sponsors and owners
It is the same everywhere
Holding tight to their big chair
Also in every region
They hide behind religion
The rich and the powerful
Are all bloody awful
The rich Muslims and the Jews
Christians  and Indus
United in their ethos
Have managed to defeat us
All of them are united
In green, blue and red
They also use unions
And abuse the unions
Most unions are rubbish
And are in their nets like fish
Most of them are so corrupt
So horrible and abrupt
They only do operate
Because they cooperate
And most radical left bands
Moulded like wax in their hands
You can easily spot
Their little king and despot
They follow their little kings
In their circles and their rings
The media is their tool
Which for them is so useful
That is how they rule the world
And how things are controlled
So far they have been like beasts
And have used their iron feasts
Suppressing every movements
And supporting their agents
They did everything to back
Agents like Mubarak
Now they want to sponsor
More than just one dictator
In countries like Iran
Egypt, Lybia and Sudan
And others in Asia
Middle east and Africa
They will give us one option
In their list of selection
Dear friend and my folk
This has turned to a big joke
There is only one answer
To this big social cancer
The answer is social rule
In work place and school
Everywhere in your city
and in your community
The alternative is you
And everything that you do
With Facebook, text and tweet
We will win and we will beat
Rule of their "god" and their witch
The rule of powerful rich
I have no doubt we will win
If clever and if keen
We will indeed broadcast
With podcast and with webcast
But we must be vigilant
And very intelligent
Those who get sponsorship
Are all for the censorship
They don't like to consult us
So they make all kinds of fuss
To compensate for the pay
They pursue their rule and way
For the money and rewards
They always dictate their words
Let us fight them and have fun
The dictatorship of Sun
Let us fight every spy
And their god in the Sky

Feedback from Professor Noam Chomsky on the first two parts that I sent.

I enjoyed it and appreciated it 



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Soosan Khanoom

well said dear

by Soosan Khanoom on

The solution is one word
And don't think this is absurd
I am sure you would agree
Democracy is the key
The key had always been lost
And we had to pay the cost "


با تشکراز شیرین


با تشکراز شیرین

مریم وسوسن و یاسمین

گرامیباد روز زن  ‌ 

جاودان باد این آیین


Thank you Soosan Khanoom

by ahosseini on

The powermasters don't like my views. So my words do not go far.


Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

I make sure to read this all through the end later ...... but  

you are quite an impressing poet