Ahmad Khatami: Attacks "Iranianism"

Friday prayer leader condemns those who predict coming of Emam Zaman


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salman farsi

Why feared of becoming like Al Andalus?

by salman farsi on

He ends his sermon by warning his audience against what he calls Andalusization? If I am not mistaken he means become like the state of Al Andalus (now Andalusia) which was ruled by the muslim rulers between 8th to 15th centuries AD. The Emirate of Cordoba, Caliphate of Granada and the city of Toledo (which floshed as a centre of learning and arts) were the most democratically (by the standards of the era) ruled and run Islamic states wherein Muslims, Christians and Jew enjoyed very nearly equal rights and took part in running  the region.

I can see why the (anti) Islamic republic of Iran is so feared of becoming like Al Andalus.


 For an Islamic democracy

Immortal Guard

First they have to prepare the ground for Imaam Mahdi!

by Immortal Guard on

First they have to prepare the ground for Imaam Mahdi by first converting all the Arabs to Shi'ism!

Darius Kadivar

Nope RG Jaan Our True Enemy is Precisely Ignorance

by Darius Kadivar on

If by delving on the past you mean being Nostalgic ? Where do you See Nostalgia expressed in my assessment ? What does that have to do with taking interest in History ? Trying to learn from it and offering a constructive alternative for the future of one's country ? Right or Wrong a solution that can only be put to the test of public opinion.

You as a Communist are nostalgic for an ideology which proved a failure when put to practice in nearly All of Eastern European countries and has been the source of some of the worst totalitarian regimes in the world with as much blood on it's hands as Nazism in it's own right. Yet you continue to claim thatGenuine Communism is something else ... Well Why Not ? But then Why do you deny a similar assessment to Constitutionalists then when they claim that a Genuine Constitutional Monarchy has nothing to do with an Absolute Monarchy ? 

The Previous links I posted in this thread are tantamount to that kind of ignorant delving which you rightly are wary of because they aim not at seeking the Truth but at discouraging Critical Thinking.  

They are precisely the one's who delve into the past without ever re assessing their opinion in the light of what we know or have learned from it: 

THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?


I on the other hand welcome critical thinking and anyone who wishes to challenge my arguments with theirs. As long as they are coherent with what they believe in and defend it with solid arguments. It doesn't mean that I have to agree with them but can at least try and understand their point of view. I have no problem with that because The Past is of No Danger since History Never Repeats Itself ... Itcan only rhyme ...

However I do have problem with People who in the name of a so called Academic knowledge repeat the same nonsense over and over again ...

Because ultimately such individuals are not seeking the TRUTH but simply trying to comfort their own Insecurity in the face of what they may discover which may prove fatal to the opinions and certitudes to which they have been accustomed to and upon which they have developed their entire intellectual evolution in the past 3 decades if not more. They have build a Cathedral or should I say Mosque Out of those deemed certitudes.


Having such an Approach towards history is not Objective but rather Dogmatic. 


Marx rightly said Religion is the Opium of the People.


Jomhurykhahy or what we think that term means has become that convenient dogmatic substitute for that opium for a certain category of Iranians ( often former revolutionaries themselves all of a sudden turned Secular overnight) too lazy to honestly engage in such an intellectual introspection regarding their own responsibility in the advent of this Religious Republic they called for wholeheartedly withoutever measuring the consequences of what they advocated but continue to demand accountability from others.

I have less problems with Republicanism as an ideology or political system in itself but rather with those fellow compatriots who advocate it. For Ultimately Constitutionalism is nothing more than about Implementing Republican Ideals within a Royal Framework:

ROYAL FORUM: Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican

As a matter of fact if you folks had bothered to even listen to RP2 over the years you would realize that he hasn't been saying anything else for the past 32 years :


Amah Goosheh Shenavandeh Kooh ? Now all of a sudden many of the same folks who opposed him and his father's reign are rushing back to him like a bunch of Geddas asking him to run for their next President in a Post IRI Iran. 


Yet Who other than some of the sale folks tried to associate him to the MKO or the Neo Con Warmongers ? 


On the other hand I don't take any of the comments vociferated by this Crazy fanatic Mullah as a Genuine scholarly interpretation of Islam because the fellow is merely blinded by hatred and uneducated. My opposition to the Islamic Republic, It's constitution which I consider Illegitimate and the objection I have to the way they belittle Pre Islamic Iranian History and our Royal Heritage don't blind me to the extent of not acknowledging Islam's intellectual and cultural contribution to Human Civilization.


However different from mine I could argue that the above fellow's Namesake (i.e: below Muhamad Kharami) has his own valid arguments as to the compatibility of Islam and Democracy from a purely philosophical and historical perspective:


Farhang-Mehr Asks A question from President Khatami





Khatami, Democracy,& Islamic Republic



I can argue Coherently as to why I disagree with him but I don't dismiss that such a perspective has it's legitimate place in the historical study of Iran as well as in it's Political outlook.



But no one can contradict his outlook without looking or referring to the Past and History at large.


Political change can only take place when a nation's history comes at crossroads.


Anyone regardless of his or her ideological preferences cannot advocate change without objectively measuring the progress made or not without comparing it to what existed before.


Nation Building is impossible without that introspection regardless of the type of society one wishes to build in the future.


That however is something Jomhurykhahs are afraid to do in the name of some political correct assessments of the past which do not last the test of time.


To want to reduce the Monarchy and Monarchists as they often do to a bunchof Cheap LA TV Hosts is as simplistic as wanting to reduce Islam's deep cultural and historical roots in Iranian society to merely the fanatic comments of a bunch of Zealots.



I have no problem debating with supporters of the Green Movement orsupporters of the Islamic Revolution like the likes of Soroush, Shirin Ebadi or Akbar Ganji or even if that was possible even with the so called Islamic Intelligentsia like Hamid Dabashi, the Sadri Brothers and Co ... 


I may disagree with them and eventually even make fun of them but if I had the opportunity to debate with them seriously I wouldn't hesitate to do that on a respectful tone and point out where I disagree with them and why.


But all I see is people who avoid debates from across the Iranian Political spectrum.


Not people ready to challenge others be it vehemently on what they deem as being wrong about their outlook. This is true whether it concerns those like us who live in the Diaspora as it does naturally even more for those living backhome in our beloved and helpless country. But those back home have an excuse we don't. They risk their lives.


So if any Iranian who deems to be a genuine intellectual is entitled to anything is Intellectual Honesty and integrity to engage in an honest debate when challenged and not the cheap and convenient excuse of  dismissing any argument on mere grounds of wishing to dismiss the past as irrelevant.


For if the past was so irrelevant we would not even comment on the crazy vociferations of this Mad Psychotic Mullah. For he is has become the quintessential ANN TELECTUAL that our current country's regime is encouraging and presenting as a Role Model to follow.


The least Our so called Intelligentsia can do and should I say should do be it towards future generations is ask themselves how the country of Molana, Sa'adi,Ferdowsi, Shamloo, Forough Farrokhzad and so many other Bright Iranians has been reduced to such mediocre representations as this Mullah instead of boasting about how "Democrat" and "Openminded" they are.


Well Big Deal.


All their so called Open mindedness, Self Praise and Lessons in Democracy have not Budged Our Country Any Step closer into the 21st Century let alone democracy.


Yet They continue to display an overall bankrupt imagination and Intellectual Failure in the face of all the cultural and political set back our country has been faced with and still arrogantly claim to some Moral Superiority as if they could preach from their High horse or lecture others on some successful accomplishment ?


We Monarchists may be an equally lousy bunch but we have a history of accomplishments behind us. 


What have some of your Jomhurykhah likeminds got apart from Wishful Thinking ?




So on the contrary there is alot to be gained by pro actively delving on the past all the more that 30 years is nothing in the history of a nation and barely older than a generation. No Country can Build a Better Future without seriously looking at it's past and recent past in particular.






 "A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death" -Saul Bellow


Nahjol Balaghe ba Malaghe

by alx1711 on

Nahjol Balaghe ba Malaghe zad to sar Olaghe!

Olaghe hey Arrrr Arrrr mikard, migof... Ya Emame Zaman!


DK, there is little to be gained fron delving into the past.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

unless it teaches us something about the future. But there is a lot be gained from focusing on current issues of our country and finding practical solutions to them. Our enemy, the islamist regime want us to focus and squabble about  the past and ignore the present.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Darius Kadivar

He is less to blame than the regular Pahlavi Bashers

by Darius Kadivar on

He's less to blame than the regular Pahlavi Basher ANN TELECTUALS who delivered Iran to these Clowns on a Silver Plate by getting their Priorities wrong

including to this day ...



Bahram Moshiri on Shah’s Alleged fortune


MOSHIRI's COLD HAND's: Bahram Moshiri Slams Pahlavi Era Gun Ban Policies


HISTORY FORUM:Bahram Moshiri's Take on The French Revolution and Why He Misses The Point ;0)

Ebrahim Golestan: "The Shah's Coronation Made Me Wanna Vomit" (BBC)

IRANICAN MOFTKHOR: From a 1/2 "Pahlawi" EYE-RANIAN Coin to why people resist new theories (sic)

 "A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death" -Saul Bellow

FARDIN’s Last Public Appearance  (1992): « Ma Dareem Har Rooz Meemeereem … »



Goosheh Shenavandeh Kooh ? ... 




End is coming

by Guilan on

They will finish like Ben Laden. They benefit now last moments.

Bahram G


by Bahram G on

"No one ever goes broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public," is a disparaging saying Americans use against themselves. When it comes to some of our people, no akhoond ever walks his way in life while YEK TAVILEH OLAAGH are willingly lined up to give him a ride. Underestimating the stupidity and gullibility of some people is impossible. People seem to believe anything that they want to believe and anything that seem to comfort them, irrespective of any facts to the contrary.

Hence, there seems to be something inherently defective about us humans that makes us so readily manipulatabe by all manners of frauds, particularly religious frauds. So, akhoonds will keep on riding spinning all kinds of garbage that the jackasses eat.

Bahram G


Heife gooleh

by statira on

ke haroome een joonevar konand!


Fat and stupid akhond.

by pedro on

  akhonde bache baz, akhonde lavat kar, akhonde shekam parast. akhonde shahvat raan. akhonde pool doost, akhonde polo morgh khor, akhonde jenayat kar. 


I am Persia. I pray to Ahoura Mazda.


Please take a look at this blog and answer this question?

by ahosseini on

مذهب چيست؟ آیا اسلام تافته جدا بافته ای است؟

Bahram G

Charmed life for akhoond-ha

by Bahram G on

It is totally understandable, from the business standpoint, that these free-loading akhoonds are loath to give up their cushy parasitic life for something "trivial" like truth or justice. They are leading a charmed life riding on the bent back of the gullibles who buy everything these frauds keep on selling. They wouldn't earn a penny if they spoke of Iran and its glories. It is Islam that is their bread and butter and they just have to keep it going by hook or crook. And speaking of "crook," they are unsurpassed as crooks.

The only hope is for enough of us to keep on exposing these parasitic frauds and ending their KHAR SVARI. TA KHAR HAST, KHAR SVAR HAST! I do apologize to my dear havatanaan who are, inadvertently and out of necessity, give these lice rides.

Bahram G

Bahram G

Rostam Z

by Bahram G on

You can't slap him silly. He is silly already by being a stupid mullah. Am I being redundant -- stupid and mullah are one and the same? Or close enough. Except that a mullah is a malevolent stupid.

What you can is to slap him sillier.

Bahram G


I ask of Iranian.com and "all" Iranian websites abroad to....

by Benyamin on

Sanction this "anti-Iranian" creature! I am asking sincerely to not broadcast nor show nor talk about this creature.

He is not worth our time or energy. He "must" be disowned by Iran once this regime is take care of by "Iranians"


این امام علی


که مدام در حال کشتن  کافران بود...کی فرصت کتاب نوشتن داشت؟

با توجه به اینکه نه خط وجود داشت و نه او سواد داشت 



The only thing Iranians hold higher than Islam

by choghok on

is Iran (for the muslim population of course), so I guess these speeches will just weaken mullahs themselves.


Dar Entezare Mahdi

by jasonrobardas on

That Mother ..ucker will never show up!


If I get my hand on this guy

by RostamZ on

I would slap him silly.


Mullahs have been attacking Iran for loger than 33 years.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It was only during the period of the pahlavi's that iranians started to have an enlightenment.  During Pahlavi era mullahs had absolutely no power to harm Iran.  We had jails for people that broke man made modern laws and disturbed the peace.

During the Qajars, mullahs were busy attacking Iraniaism too, controlling law, schools etc etc.

Soon mullahs will have to leave Iran completely, as that is the wish of most Iranians and even the head of an autocratic institution, like the Iranian monarchy, has to always heed the wishes of the people.


Dear Ali P

by ahosseini on

Their speciality is to put any meaning to any word they like. A few months after the revolution, I remember Rajavii gave a long speech about a word from Quran which literally meant the night is dark and the day is light.



I love to hear all these words

by ahosseini on

It looks as if the sords are out.

Let's  hope dead will bury dead.

Let them chop each others head

Ali P.

250 soora on Mahdi???

by Ali P. on

There is not a word on Mahdi in Quran.

(Not that Mahdi exists, or existed, or the whole story is true or not, but there is nothing about this man in the Quran)