My Daughter

From "22: Eulogies" by Shams Langeroudi


My Daughter
by Leila Farjami

Sample poem from "22: Eulogies" by Shams Langeroudi. Translated by Leila Farjami. Download here.

My daughter,
it was their tradition to bury you alive.
You were killed;
a whole nation is being buried alive.

Look how peacefully he rests his head on the pillow
he who has earned his wage for killing you
eats a Halal* dinner.

You were only standing
and observing optimistically
to return to your home,
but my daughter,
you will no longer see your small room
and the flock of joyful fantasies of future
flap around its interior.

You fell into a trap
like a Halal bird
a perplexed bird
who anxiously scrutinizes her huntsman,
you fell into trap
like a stomped grape bunch
to ferment into the banned wine.

Who are these people?
Hidden over windows,
who are these people?
Barking in darkness
at a domesticated bird.

My daughter,
they killed you,
they killed you,
so that there will be one less,
but how can you multiply
to this extent?

Oh! My dear Neda!
the red rose which had risen on your throat
and concealed the map of Iran
in the melody of its petals,
and the ones who have lost “Neda”*
are nightingales,
millions of bodies have encircled a single flower
calling your name.

This means that it's possible you will not hear their voices
singing for you,

this means that they shut your window
so that you will not hear the voice of your own triumph,

See how peacefully he rests his head on the pillow
he who eats a Halal catch.

Halal: a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic Law. This term implies innocence and redemption for the act of murder in this poem.

Neda: also means “calling” in persian


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by ramintork on

And this is what I wrote for Neda last year:


Maryam Hojjat

Absolutely beautiful & Sad!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for transelation & posting.