Iranian military

Making a lot of noise with very little


No Fear

Defense doesn't deter aggression ... Offense does.

by No Fear on

It is no secret that Iran lacks proper defensive systems. 

Iran's strength relies on its "Offensive" capabilities, to inflict conventional and unconventional harm to the enemy's military and industrial targets ,if attacked. Iran has one of the region lowest military budgets since buying expensive outdated defensive systems does not guarantee to stop an aggression towards Iran. There is always going to be a fighter that could fly higher than your anti aircraft missiles can reach.

Given the nature of our enemies in the region, purchasing ridiculously expensive fighter jets seems like a waste of money as well. We can distroy a given target a lot easier and cheaper with missiles without dangering a fighter pilot and his expensive jet. Our airforce would not stand a day confronting the US forces in the persian gulf, but a swarm of our missiles have a very good chance to inflict serious harm to their navy forces. Its redundant to purchase conventional defensive hardware when they don't match up against our enemy's mighty military power. Don't forget that we be helping their industry by purchasing their weapons while they distroy ours with better ones.

Iran missile research and developement industry has been very very active for the last 20 years. While we received many helps from North Korea, Libya, Russia and China at the beginning of our program, now our missiles ( developed under IRGC management ) are sophisticated and advanced offensive systems which incorporates electronic warfare systems all designed, developed and produced domestically after 20 years of research and its only going to get better every day.

BTW, Its not for you to be impressed with Iran's military power or to belittle it against US or Israel.

If our military is detering an attack by any of these two regional power, then it must be doing something right. What do you think stopped an attack on Iran so far?  It has nothing to do with how pretty you look like and how much US or Israel loves you.

Its IRGC and its long reach. fool! Its our scientists that you belittle. Its our belief in martyrdom and a desire to die that makes us the most dangerous country in the region to mess with.

Anonymous Observer

Pieces of junk

by Anonymous Observer on

Fair, I agree completely with your assessment.  The missiles have no military value whatsoever.  They are "terror" weapons, designed to scare a civilian population, that's all.

BTW, last I heard, the Russians had reneged on the S-300 deliveries...which means another hundreds of millions of dollars of Iran's wealth pissed away to the Russian mob!

Jahanshah Javid

Not impressed

by Jahanshah Javid on

Much of the Iranian military hardware is outdated and worn out. The newer stuff is Russian-made junk. The most significant weapons in its arsenal are missiles but their numbers are small compared to the major military powers (U.S., Russia, China, Israel, India, ...).

On a different note, I'm curious to know the origin of the music on this video. There's an iPhone app which can identify any piece of music. Can someone check this one? It will be funny if it was American!


Indeed lots of noise

by Fair on

and much ado about nothing. This is just a bunch of empty propaganda for Arabs (notice all the Arabic titles)

The only weapons here that anybody is concerned about are the medium range missiles which are weapons of terror that can only threaten soft targets, and some of the more recent surface to air missiles like the S300 and TorM1, which can provide only point defense for very important sites like Natanz.

Otherwise, the most current airplane there is over 20 years old- (the Mig29A from Russia), and most planes there are 40+ years old and don't stand a chance against anybody (except maybe the Taliban). They are even so ridiculous as to include a shot of the US Navy Blue Angels in this video (at time 0:50).

Iran cannot actually strike any major military base of any of its
neighbors with any chance of success, yet is wide open to attack if and
when the time comes. Iran's military today is one of the most poorly equipped, technologically backward ones in the region. The people serving in the military however are a much different story, and the mere fact that any of this stuff, however old and rusty, functions at all is a tribute to them. They deserve much better, both in terms of equipment and leadership.

What do you expect from a bunch of fat incompetent anti Iran mullahs, and ragtag IRGC "baradars" who hold our country hostage today and give it away to their Arab friends.