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Making a lot of noise with very little



Amen Red Wine,

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marg bar IRI

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basee ranje bordeem dar in sal see

ajab redand beh in parsi

bemeeran kaz in pas keh zendeh and

keh tokhmeh flelstine ra malande and

har on kas ke darad hosh o ray o deen

bar in hokoomat konad NEFREEN

Anonymous Observer


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in order for us to take your "expertise" seriously, can you please tell us exactly when and where you were a "sargord"?  was it pre or post revolution?  Was it IRGC or another branch of Iran's military?  Or perhaps it was some other country's military?  Can you just tell us?  Otherwise, we won't be able to really accept the "sragord" part of your name...or even the pirouz part for that matter. 

Red Wine


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این اجسام چوبی و پلاستیکی دیگر کسی‌ را گول نمیزند ! دیگر همگان دانند که این اسلامیون دریوز در چنته هیچ ندارند و هیچ عاقل مردی و هیچ بالغ زنی‌ با آنان همراهی نمیکند.

خدا اینها لعنت کنند که اینجور مثل موخوره به جان خلق ایرانی‌ افتاده اند !

خدا لعنت کند آنانی‌ که وطن فروشند،نوکر مابند و کاسهٔ لیس و طرفداری از این شیوخ بی‌ وجدان میکنند.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have noticed a disturbing trend of using "The Gulf" instead of "Persian Gulf" on this site. This is a part a propaganda campaign being run by BBC. It is NOT "The Gulf". It is the "Persian Gulf".


Marketing Effort

by bachenavvab on

This video and the Iran nuclear issue have been designed to make the gulf nations nervous enough to continue to make multi billion dollar purchases of arms, and thereby return the petro dollars back to the west to keep the wheel of fortune turning.  This and other similar symbiotic relationships are the reasons why US has not and will not attack Iran.   


It's a little bit of this and little bit of that

by Abarmard on

All together help policymakers decide.

No one should deny that US military can easily destroy the entire Iranian infrastructure and also no one should deny that there were many what ifs that prevented the attack, so far.


Ali9 Akbar

Countdown to Looking Glass

by Ali9 Akbar on

this was an American Cable TV Production from the 1980's detailing how the USA according to some military strategists would respond to a CRISIS in the middle east....



I think the music

by Paykar on

sounds like a live performance during  cirque du soleil shows.

Almost all of them have meaningless lyrics, just made up words that sound pleasant to anybody, regardless of their language. If I am correct,  then the music is  American made( some composers are American and most shows debut in Vegas).

I have always had the impression that Islamic republic was a circus from day one, albeit a fusion of macabre and hysteria - ask the Defeated Sargourd or the Fearful about the first night in the grave!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Russia and China

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Aren't worth sh**t as friends. I wouldn't bet one penny on their help. I say again: We are on our own!! We need to have alliances when it suits us not them. All the big boys worked together to get us trashed in the war with Iraq. That way as Payam said they got cheap oil. They played it as it suited them.

For all his faults the Shah was playing the game his way. That is why he was removed. He was too pro Iran and refused to give away the store. We need leaders who play the game our way. Once we get such leaders the West; China and Russia will act out again and try to destabilize things. That is why we need democracy so the leaders enjoy domestic support.

Iran's problems are not solvable through military actions. We need a military sure, but the real challenge is diplomacy.


irans military power

by nikoo195 on

there are few reasons why US cant go into Iran during the 80's and even till now and its strategy. No matter how much technology there is, war always was and always will be about strategy. The US pointed the finger at Iraq because it could take over the country in a matter of days and that is important because naturally like iran, saddam would shut off the oil causing problems for the rest of the world. Also one has to keep in mind the landscape, its a desert, easy peasy lemon squeezy!! You can see Baghdad from kuwait. Throw in the fact the country has been totally isolated economically because of crippling sanctions and uncommitted soldiers...its a no brainer. Afghanistan is another one, hardly a central government, no military other than the taliban problems.

Iran is a completely different issue and no technology will change the following. First of all, if they decide to go in, it has to be quick and it has to be regime change. Iran has learned over the years to be self sufficient, if it needs to, it can rely on China/Russia for essentials. So isolating the country wont be as easy as Iraq. Second, Iran can and would halt all oil shipments(duh) and natural gas. This is important because Iran and russia contral a large majority of the natural gas market. This is a big reason why US is so committed to Afghanistan, because they want to get the natural gas out without dealing with Iran(another reason why they still consider pakistan an ally). Also, Iran has established proxies throughout the middle east from turkey to lebanon to central asia that do their bidding. Thirdly the most obvious one is shutting down the persian gulf at the strait of Hormuz. Fourthly, Iran has setup an alliance with China by supplying them with oil. Its debatable who is stronger these days US or China, but never the less China will not sit on the sidelines eating dimsum waiting for everythign to blow over.

Hitting Iran is definitely an earthquake that the whole world will feel instantly and that is a great strategy. Iran is definitely behind in technology, but all the technology couldnt stop hezbollah from attacking Israel. This is why US cannot attack Iran.

Also, since the 50's Iran has been stock piling weapons. Some say to this day half their annual budget is spent on military. Iran does have an arsenal that ranks really high for the simple reason that they are literally sitting on a gold mine. They may not have drones and such, but even when it was practically the whole world against Iran in the 80's, they still held their own. Give credit where credit is due

The US is like a schoolyard bully, look at the countries they attack. They are all weak unstable countries barely holding on. Even though Iran is still a 3rd world country and messed up economically, it is by no means weak 



by پیام on

I somehow mis the point of how Iran became stronger after the war by asking the khorafati's who visit Karbala who want to gain something in this world from the bones of a dead Arab.

It is common knowledge to world that Saddam as well as Khomeini were both threats to the region. By prolonging the war by USA and the USSR which operated on both camps by their proxies as you named some, they ensured the flow of cheap oil which during Shah's reign of OPEC in the 70's has caused major oil crisis in the west and reached a far more important goal which was the total devastation of Iran's and Iraq's economy and infrastructure in order to weaken Iraq's ambitions and Iran's fundamentalism. This is also why Saddam attacked Kuwait after he discovered how bamboozled he was by USA who served both side with intelligence and weaponry.

Iran might have got some low quantity of it's small arms from China, maybe, but the heavy metal was the army that was built by our late Shah. Without his efforts Iran would not have had a chance. And Iran's defiance was not only because of the bravery ( or call stupidity or religious mania) of it's forces who were ready to die, if that would have been the case, Japan would never have capitulated during the WWII. Next to desire of the world powers to prolong the war, the poor war management of Iraqi leaders was the key reason of our advantages in the beginning of the conflict when we had an unorganized army (thanks to mas executions of Khomeini and co.).

There is much to be found about how Iraq's army just stopped after capturing Khuzestan |( since Saddam made it his aim to bring Khuzestan or as they called it Al Ahwaz "back" to Iraq). Had they marched forward, Iran would now be a part of Iraq.

Another proof to the fact the world powers of the time did not want any of the waring parties to get the upper hand in the conflict and that they wanted both camps to become economically destroyed, is Iran's devastated oil industry in Abadan which even after 20+ years after the end of the war, is still not up to it's pre-war and pre-revolution capacity. My uncle works in Khoramshahr and Abadan and describes the place as a earth quake zone. After even all these years Iran has not succeeded in rebuilding those town that were so monumental to our victory on Iraq's army.
The above is basic and accepted knowledge regarding the Iran-Iraq war. Anyone who denies this is even in denial or lacks fair judgment ( both are common seen in i.r. supporters).


No Fear,

by پیام on

In my humble opinion, you seem to be a nut case based on your overall respond record here.
I personally congratulate you with your martyr full family. But you are not alone, almost every family suffered in Iran-Iraq war, mine included. Now, I am not going to outline my family's sacrifices during the war, but trust me I was not nor I am currently enjoying the beautiful California sun, although there is nothing wrong with enjoying the beautiful things in life. Let's just say, I used to live in a center from where the northern front of the war was directed and I enjoyed nightly air raids.
At the end I would like to emphasize that there is more to life than war and martyrdom and all that grim. Life is beatiful and if it wasn't for the butcher Khomeini's thirst for blood the war would have ended way sooner after recapturing of Khuzestan.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Iranian Millitary

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Guys, facts speak for themselves. It took Iran many years to fight Iraq to a stand off. The same Iraqi army was demolished by the US and its "allies" in a few days. War now a days is all about technology and intelligence. Iran is some 30 to 60  years behind the US in these fields. I know that Iranian soldiers are brave. But they simply stand no change in a direct attack. US will simply rain down death from 20,000
feet using drones without risking a single American soldier. Did you guys see what happened to Serbia? They had tough soldiers too.

The irony is that Iranian soldiers are very brave and will fight knowing how bad the odds are. However therefore it is the height of stupidity and criminal to ask Iranian soldiers to go against US. Why should they throw away their lives fighting superior weapons. In short: Iranian soldiers good; Iranian military hardware not so good. The reverse is true for the US.

The reason Iran was not attacked was because US got tied up in the post victory running of Iraq and Afghanistan. That is where US's weakness is. They are good at wrecking things. They don't know know to run things. Specially in our neck of the woods.Nations should play to their strength.


I don't want any Iranian soldier's life  to go to waste. Not even Sargord :-)



HAHAHAHAHA at 1:10: "The

by DariusMazdak on


"The faces of these warriors are radiant with love of the revolution"


Is that right?

by bottled-banana on

Another gem by "Komak Sarbuz Pirourz":

"..By means of a successful deterrence, a military doesn't even have to engage in war, no matter the relative strengths and weakness of the potential combatants?

No matter the relative strengths and weakness of the potential combatants, ha? So it doesn't matter how weak/strong the potential enemy is? that is what you are saying, correct? Isn't the point of successful deterrence the very fact that the enemy is more than strong enough to inflict sufficient damage to make the conflict pointless and mutually destructive, ala Cold War détente?

Alright, if, as you say, military strength does not matter, as a deterrence strategist that you clearly are, can you outline by what logical analysis you suppose the IRI military is able to inflict sufficient damage to the US military (never mind the fact that is has no hope of causing any damage to the US mainland, except perhaps via a handful of Lebanese Hezbollah suicide bomber brethrens) to make the Americans think any war against the IRI will be mutually destructive and that the IRI military is a deterrent? 

I mean, what else is IRI using, other than its military strength, to maintain this illusory deterrence? By all means, do refer to and quote analysis by credible and reputable military experts to support your view on this.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

You obviously don't comprehend the strategy of deterrence. By means of a successful deterrence, a military doesn't even have to engage in war, no matter the relative strengths and weakness of the potential combatants. As long as deterrence is maintained, the advocate of such will not be attacked.

Get it?

And what does Iran's law enforcement have to do with this thread's military topic? 

Always the name calling and subject changing. Intellectual laziness at its best- here at the ol' IC. 


Dear Sargord Pirouz

by bottled-banana on

Regardign this comment of yours:

"..Believe me, if Iran's military deterrence had not been up to the job, it would certainly have been attacked during the Bush/Cheney administration. That's undeniable..."


Undeniable, is it? Well, I deny it and now it's deniable. See how easy is that was?

Let me first be clear that I didn't have much time of the likes of Bush/Cheney and their policies and I certainly would never wish to see Iran being subjected to external military attack as this would result in the deaths of many innocent Iranians and destruction of the country. But, with all due respect, the suggestion that US did not attack Iran during the Bush/Cheney era because the IRI military was supposedly "up to the job" is complete hogwash. Up to what job? Taking on the US military?

Are you really that simpled-minded to buy into the delusional propaganda of the IRI regarding its military strength or do you suppose people here will buy into yours? Bush did not attack Iran because the US military was already engaged into two wars and because the World public opinion, which he had already disregarded on the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, and crucially, the US public opinion would not support the opening of a 3rd front.

The security forces of the IRI might be adept at brutally beating up merciless and defenceless women on the streets of Iran but, I doubt they were/are much of deterrent to the US military. If you believe otherwise then you'l need to be demoted immediately and start calling yourself "Komak Sarbuz Pirouz".  

No Fear

Dear Payam,

by No Fear on

We are the only family in our near relatives that have not had any Martyrs or " Jaanbaaz" among us. We were too young to go that time.

Four of my relatives have became martyrs during Iran - Iraq war while we also have one Jaanbaaz who has lost both his legs due to a land mine. I have not heard anyone in my relatives to regret losing a family member or regard them as "nut case".

I find it interesting that all of those who claim " Nationalism" , have not had any martyrs among them during the war with Iraq, since they were enjoying california's sunshine and drinking their beer. I can guess how difficult it must have been for all the nationalists.


Sargord Pirouz

I disagree

by Sargord Pirouz on

Without the combined efforts of the US, USSR, France, KSA and Kuwait, after liberating Khuzestan, Iran would have steamrolled Iraq.

Iraq had all this support behind them. What did Iran have? Limited aid of markedly inferior weapons from China? A few crates from Iran-Contra?

It was pretty much the world in an unfair war directed against Iran.

But hey, Iran survived to become much stronger. Just ask today's many Iranian pilgrims in Karbala!


Oh btw, No Fear is a nut case.

by پیام on

I would gladly fulfill your dying wish to become a martyr anytime :)


Sargord, the nations in support of Iran and Iraq during the war

by پیام on

helped the fighting parties just that much to stall the war and not having a clear victor. Their strategy was to bring to the verge of collapse, militarily as well as economically. They did not aim to support Saddam to overtake Iran, if it was their goal, you can bet that would have been the case.

Sargord Pirouz

Didn't like the video

by Sargord Pirouz on

The music was overly melodramatic and I didn't like the speeded-up video clips that have all been around for a while now. (no offense, atillahkhan78)

I wouldn't necessarily shortchange Iran's military as many have done on this thread. Believe me, if Iran's military deterrence had not been up to the job, it would certainly have been attacked during the Bush/Cheney administration. That's undeniable.

Also, for Iran's purposes, the SSM programs are actually a logical procurement over more expensive and higher maintenance items such as new warplanes, of which Russian and Chinese models can only offer inferior weapons platforms, particularly with respect to fighters. To an extent, Iran's refurbishment programs can be seen as an economical alternative.

Besides, given Iran's Mosaic Doctrine, certain big ticket conventional weapons are only of secondary value, especially in light of lessons learned in Iraq and the 33-Day War. 

Is Iran's military in need of modernization? Yes. Should Iran increase its defense spending? That's really a political question. Like I said previously, so far Iran's deterrent strategy has worked, and so I'd qualify its present procurements a success, as well as its present level of spending.

By comparison, militarily, Iran is a lot stronger a nation than when it was forced to fight an imposed war against Iraq and the combined efforts of the US, USSR, France, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, from 1980-88.


Unguided missile are like fire crackers.

by پیام on

Since i.r. military does not have a military satellite network and thus no GPS guided missile technology, it doesn't stand a chance against advanced 21st century military technology used by i.r.'s adversaries. Having said that, it is a good start to have some kind of independent
military industry of our own. Hopefully after regime's fall, Iranian engineers that live abroad and are among the best out there, will return to the motherland and make us all proud.

gitdoun ver.2.0

No Fear so u wanna be a Martyr ????

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

No Fear your NOT a Nationalist !!! Don't lie and say u would die for Iran.  Be open and truthful !!! Say you are willing to die for Wilayat Faqhi !!!! Your life and death is for Amr al Zamman Imam Khamenei (alay'hum'asalam) Khamenei's pleasure is your aim in this world and in the life to come. I know people like you No Fear. I am talking to you in your language. You people are a cancer to Iran and have brought nothing but misery for our countrymen !!! The sooner you become a martyr for your 14th Imam Khamenei (alay'hum'asalam) the better!!!  Infact if every shia of khamenei could just cluster themselves in the desert it be alot more efficient to martyr u all off to Khomeini !!!! You can meet your messiah ahead of schedule in baar'zakh !!! you shias of khameni have ruined iran and have brought harm to Islam with this bida of wilayat faqhi !!!!  Die No Fear and let the rest of us live in Peace !

No Fear


by No Fear on

While not spending ridiculous amount of money on military, we have positioned ourselves to be helpful and resourceful in many countries in the middle east.

We have recently added Iraq and Afganistan to our regional allies ( or friend ) along with Syria , Qatar and Lebanon. Iran has persued a very active diplomacy in the region and has helped many countries to be stable while warning others not to allow an attack on Iran from their soil.

While i understand your sunny outlook towards regional issues, unfortunately being located in one of the world toughest neighborhood ( middle east ) requires fine diplomacy along with the capability to strike your enemy in retaliation when they dare to attack.

Iran is not Iraq nor Afghanistan. Every sane diplomat or military general in the world seems to understand this, except a bunch of anti Iran cheerleaders on this site.

No Fear

Fair.. you have an inferiority complex syndrome..

by No Fear on

Read up on Iran missiles and how advance they are on Jane defense weekly. I am sure you can't find a more reliable source than Jane's.

Didn't we test a prototype system against an Israeli navy ship off Lebanon's coast and hit it successfully? Israel claims their radar was off during the lebanon war ;). But i guess you believe the zionist, right, loser?

You say;

"Fact- the only reason the US has not attack Iran yet is they have chosen not to."

That statement above speaks volume of how pathetic you are. I am not even going to go as low as you on this one. You may believe in what you believe in. Me and other like me will continue to die for Iran when enemy attacks. Heck, I don't even need a plastic key, i do it to become a martyr.

But please don't insult Iranians by saying our destiny is in the hand of US or Israel to bomb us when they see fit. This is your view and we don't share such a pethatic view. You make me to throw up...




Jeesh Daram

Best defense and offense

by Jeesh Daram on

Our best defense:

Become friendly with all of our neighbors and beyond. Help them and let them help us to become a more progressive country and a better nation. Avoid conflicts.

Our best offense:

Become self sufficient as much as possible. Openly invite Iranian scientists back home. Hire top professionals in different fields from abroad to go and work as consultants in specific areas that we lack expertise. Shift the economy from a consuming type to a productive. In fact last summer I saw posters all over cities pointing out to the need to free Iran from a consuming style of economy.

As for weapons:

A good kick boxer does not go around advertising how good he is. That, you will find out when you engage in a fight with him. Element of surprise.


gitdoun ver.2.0

Well Said Fair-- Bravo !

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

I don't 100% of the time agree with Fair but i have to say Fair does a real nice job ripping Sargord and No Fear new holes for khamenei to enjoy. Like half the time i hardly see Sargord or No Fear make any rebuttals whatsoever after Fair has dismantled their arguments.  Well Said Fair !!! Keep up the Good Work !!!!


No Fear, and also No Clue

by Fair on

If you think that your missiles can actually cause damage to a military target where it counts, especially targets like the US Navy, or that it stands a chance at standing up to the US military, you are completely clueless. If you are lucky, your missiles can hit soft targets like barracks or a loading facility. This has psychological value and can temporarily send oil prices up, but it will not stop any military operations whatsoever.

Furthermore, you have absolutely no inkling about what a missile can do and what a fighter package could do. Your missiles today could never shut down the H3 airbase in western Iraq and destroy 48 planes on the ground (or any airbase for that matter) there like 8 F-4's could in 1981 you bird brain.

Your belief in martyrdom brings you only one thing: martyrdom. You will need a lot more than that to stand up to any enemy. Like in 1988, when after 1 million dead, somehow Imam Zaman did not come to the rescue as advertised, and the grand idiot drank poison. No skin off his back of course, just others.

Fact- the only reason the US has not attack Iran yet is they have chosen not to. Otherwise, you can bet that every Iranian nuclear facility, military base, port, depot, telecommunications center, leadership facility,  and any other conceivable target has been programmed into the Tomahawks and Stealth bombers computers for years now. A bunch of amateur IRGC martyrdom believers won't stop anything (except their own breathing).

But even forget about the US - Iran could not even stand up to regional rivals. If tomorrow Saudi Arabia has a disagreement with Iran and there is a conflict, they could destroy every runway and every port and every refinery in southern Iran, and Iran couldn't do squat in return- militarily.

So Iran's deterrence is a non military one. Because its military is completely outdated and obsolete. And that is not my fault- it is the fault of the grand idiots that you follow.


Now go whine and cry for Imam Zaman as much as you want.