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Making a lot of noise with very little


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


My rocket is bigger. Plus you have gays in military; we have Ghazvin.



by keenan on

American would dominate your military! we (america) have the most powerful militery in the world.... but anyways, can anyone tell me why you wont allow inspectors in to your new nuclear bomb making plant?


Jamshid put it so well again

by Fair on

Thanks Jamshid. Indeed, I never said fear, obey, bow down to, or succumb to anybody. West, East, mullah, king, you name it.

All I did is expose the lies of waffen SS major and other liars who overclaim Iran's military capabilitiies.

There are those who claimed that this goes against national security, because then our "enemies" will think we are weak. Well if you think our enemies are so stupid to make their military assessments by reading the comments here on, than you are even more stupid than them.  The only target audience for such empty lies is the domestic population, in a desperate attempt to gather support.  

Here is the best way to undermine our national security:

1) deprive our military of the most basic capabilities

2) go brag to the world that we are "self sufficient" and are a regional superpower.

3) go make stupid comments like "Israel should be wiped off the map" or "The Holocaust is a myth"

And then go tell our "brave soldiers" to go defend our country with the garbage we have handed them.

And then there are other apologists who come here and brag that "we control the show". Big deal. Turkey and India also "control their show" and it is a way better "show" than the fascist IRI controls.

Like Jamshid said, we are a great nation, and we don't need thugs and rapists to "protect" us. And BehroozA, if that is too much for you to swallow, then TOUGH.




by jamshid on

FAIR, the conclusion to your hot air comments are: "FEAR WEST AND ISRAEL They are the mighty powers. Do as they say and Obey them or you will be bombed. Let them push you around, rape and rob your country, be silence and ........... Am I Right?"

No, you are wrong. Fair did not say we must fear or obey anyone. Having peaceful relations with other countries is not the same than fearing them or obeying them. Rather, it is being thoughtful and considerate of our own people's peace and prosperity.

You, the IRI and its thugs don't care much about people's safety nor their prosperity. This was first displayed by Khomeini not accepting Saddam's peace offer and billions in reparation in 1982, and instead sending waves after waves of Iranians to their deaths.

And during the next 20 years, the IRI has demonstrated that the people's safety and proseprity is the last thing it cares about. In its eyes, they should be all sacrificed for a bankrupt ideology and corrupt thugs who are stealing away Iran's wealth.

We don't need "protectors" like you and other IRI thugs to protect us from foreign powers. Why doesn't Japan or India or many other nations need such protections?

The people of Iran are more than capable to protect themselves from foreigners, and to create a peaceful and prosperous country. And they certainly don't need the IRI Mafia as their protectors. It is the IRI thugs who are stopping them to achieve their full independence and forcing them into being subjugated by second class countries like China.

In Iran, it is neither the US nor Israel or any other foreign country who is killing and raping our people. It is the IRI thugs who are doing it. And you are a supporter of the IRI. And so what does that make you?



by BehroozAzarin on

FAIR, the conclusion to your hot air comments are:

FEAR WEST AND ISRAEL They are the mighty powers. Do as they say and Obey them or you will be bombed. Let them push you around, rape and rob your country, be silence and ........... .

Am I Right?

Now you say IRI is doing that. There is no need for west and Israel. Right? So FAIR, you are suggesting what IRI is doing. So what is the different between you and IRI, either way people will be robbed and raped. You have got no case.

You wrote Iraq and Afghanistan lost the war. Iraq yes, due to fear. It could have gone for many years if it wasn't for fear. Afghanistan is a different case and will go on for many years due to lack of fear. Time will prove it.

FAIR, If you could be trusted with information, you wouldn't be fired. I don't want you to choke on too much information.

I know you love this, so I keep writing it just for you.



Bijan A M

by BehroozAzarin on

No, the argument here is that you shouldn't expect to be respected if you don't respect others.  I welcome a secular government, but national security comes first.  I found sargor's opinion the same.  To me insulting Iran's military and cheering for west as Fair (the messenger of hot air) does, is a matter of national security not promoting democrocy.  I don't expect jamshid or Fair to understand that and I doubt it if you do. 






by Fair on

LOL!! Of course you get a discount here. Let me give you a hint- who is in power in Afghanistan? The taliban? NO. They were reduced from a government in charge of a whole country to an insurgency. If that is your idea of winning over an enemy- yielding your capitol to them and then running away with your tail between your legs to caves and hiding behind civilians and getting bombed day and night, putting them in danger more than you, it just proves once again, you are wrong. This is the type of "victory" that both Saddam and the grand idiot in Jamaran declared in 1988, and this is your pathetic prescription for the defense of Iran. Great.

In the meantime, you haven't answered one bit the question I asked about the military of Iran and its capabilities. Why? Are you having difficulties? Yes you are - for two reasons:

1) You are a wrong

2) The answer is not in your favor

My information is very current. If my information is 30 years old, perhaps you can come here and give us newer information. And if you can't then just go put a lid on it, because you are tableh-tookhalee and a bunch of hot air with nothing of substance. Typical bacheh akhound.




by BehroozAzarin on

As for your information, they are 30 years old and your claims are hot air. I asked you how do you explain Afghanistan, but got no answer. Every square yard of Afghanistan has been bombed by bunker busters, who is the winner now? The pa pati Talebans or the west? If you are not convinced by now, just wait, time will prove it to you.

Yes, I know. west and Israel have proved they will not hesitate to use all kinds of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons on innocent civilians, we have experienced that first hand. These are countries who you all cheer for and speak of human rights, being humanitarian and democrocy and freedom. That doesn't mean we should fear them and do as they wish. What makes you think Iran doesn't have the same weapons to use as well? As I said, your information are outdated.


Bijan A M

So, regime supporters, what are your points?

by Bijan A M on

The subject of the blog was Iranian military and without a doubt and in a very concise and defendable manner it was demonstrated that in today’s environment, Iran’s military capabilities are sub-standard (save and except the fear factor, and the plastic key to heaven, and 72 virgins, etc…). No one has presented a convincing argument otherwise.

For the sake of argument let’s assume you are right and IRGC and the entire Iranian armed forces are not only the super power of the region, but the entire globe. Where does that leave you with the conducts of IRR (Islamic Rapist Republic)? Are you suggesting as a nationalist we should condone the rape and murder? Are you suggesting as a democracy lover we should not argue against your propaganda? We should not call your hand. We should not lose our cool and occasionally respond to your polite bad mouthing. If we do, we inspire some anonymous readers, who claim to be anti IRR and vote for democracy but vomit at the sight of the word “secular”, to start new blogs condemning those who engage in a debate with the regime supporters and win the debate.

The debate around the subject of this blog ended long time ago. Current debate, or rather argument is to insult those whose entire being is now consumed to see a secular democracy in Iran by labeling them as “vatanforoosh”.

Shame on all of you who willingly or unwillingly help prolonging the rule of IRR. To insult the likes of Fair and Jamshid is the height of indignity.

My friends and foes, the end is near……..



by thexmaster on

You state that you're against the raping of Iranians, yet you've raped several in this forum.

You don't need to be a military expert to realize the IRI military is weak.  All the public posturing, threats, military drills, missile launches is just psychological compensation for its weakness. 

marhoum Kharmagas

your 100 men, Jamshid Shah?

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Why does your majesty is allowing your royal highness to be bothered with common "do zaari" people! When are you going to enlighten us about the readiness of your 100 men (to be exact you and 99 men)?  The men that you promised to put together long time ago in order to embark on your victorious, glorious, and heroic battle with IRI?


Sargord do zaari

by jamshid on

"Independence, self-sufficiency and a successful deterrent capability are the hallmarks of today's military in the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Let's analyze the above statement. You brag about independence. The IRI is a subjugated nokar of second class world powers such as Russia, China and India. You are mistaking "arbadeh keshi", something the IRI does a lot, with independence.

You have written about IRI's self-sufficiency several times. The IRI has violated the very first rule of self-sufficiency, which is preventing the flood of brains to foreign countries.

Had the corrupt IRI not destroyed our economy and our country's livabiliy, more than a million highly educated and intelligent Iranians would have been serving in Iran today, and by now, true self-sufficiency could have been realized.

Instead, today we are self-sufficient in building 40s and 50s technology, which in other parts of the world amounts to "sanaaye'e aaftaabeh saazi", something you want us to be proud of.

You want us to be proud with our least of capabilities. In another comment I wrote that this culture of haghir parvari and haghir zadegi and gedaa parvari and satisfaction with the least we can be comes directly from an akhoond culture which has been imposed on Iranians and in which you happened to be raised.

You also write about "deterant capability." I bet you have not served in any war ever in your entire life. You don't even know the meaning of the world "deterant". 20 years ago, Iran could not even deter a weakened Saddam's air force. Now you want us to believe that it can deter the US's air force?

You babble much. But I think in reality you are lying and doing so intentionally to further IRI's propaganda here in this site.



by Fair on

LOL! Calm down bacheh koochooloo, we don't want you to break out or anything, then you will be crying more.

Notice how you have been not able to answer my very basic question about Iran's military ability to inflict damage on enemy militaries?

Instead you claim that Iran can "fish" down any plane, LOL! What a pathetic loser you are. You have no clue about war whatsoever. You say "I am not saying one must act foolish"- You are just plain acting foolish, you don't need to say it!

There you have it folks, this line of argument is the one that is supposed to convince Iranians that their military is strong, when really it has a fraction of its strength of 30 years ago.

I could care less what middle school flunky morons like BehroozA think. The reason I even enter this discussion is that for the last 30 years, IRR has been spreading outright lies and propaganda about its military capabilities, speaking big and gondeh goozy without having anything behind it, and playing with the lives of Iranians. Garbage like "Iran is self sufficient militarily" or "Iran manufactures its own fighter planes" or "Iran became stronger after the 8 year war" are just plain outright lies. The fact is that today, the only military ability Iran has is surface to surface missiles, and these are very limited until they get nuclear warheads. Which is exactly why the outside world are against it.

And so far NOBODY has been able to specifically state why any of this is not true. Instead, they come here and jump up and down and attack the messenger, and call me a traitor and coward when I fought for my country. They mention the words fear and bravery without having a clue what that means. You joojeh moron, you can be as brave as you want- when you have no air support and your whole area gets sprayed with chemical weapons and most of your unit gets instantly paralyzed and is coughing up blood and shaking and dying a slow death, it won't help you moron. You've still lost, so what if you lost bravely.

So I reserve the right to stand up to lies and empty propaganda whenever I see it, and if anybody wants to blame the messenger that is just a sign of their desperation. So keep barking guys, your lies and BS are still exposed until proven otherwise. And like I said, if your behind hurts so much from hearing the reality, there is a thing called a cold bathtub.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

To Defend Iran

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Iran is not the same as IRR no more than a body is the same as a sickness. IRR is an "angal" which has latched onto Iran. One way or other it has to go. Its supporters do anything they can to make it sound like they are Iran. They are not.

To defend Iran the first thing to do it to remove the Mullahs and their supporters. For 1400 years they have been raping and looting sucking our blood. The time is up. Get the **** out of our country. We will ship you Shariati and Khomeini's writings.

marhoum Kharmagas


by marhoum Kharmagas on


Bijan A M says :

"by Bijan A M on

Thanks for everyone of your posts.

It amazes me to see all this debate.  What are
the likes of Sargooz and Fear of mouse trying to prove? Are they
suggesting that today’s Iran can stand to an attack from US or Britain,
France, Germany, Russia, or Israel? As Fair said, without nuclear
warheads, IRR (Islamic Rapist Republic) is nothing. And, we all know
that IRR will never get her hands on NUKE. At least Israel makes sure of that…..Now, you can call me a Zionist."


Behrooz, You got to give credit to Bijan for his honesty though.



by پیام on

Just out of curiosity, how old are you? And what is your education level? And are you the same person as No Fear and Jaleho since your account is only 7 hours old?



by BehroozA on

To defend Iran and Iranians, Iran can fish down any plane or prevent them from flying in the region. Can you dig it? Or your crippled mind can't analyze it? You brag about being in war. Then you should know in a war the worst enemy is not the enemy, It is the FEAR. If FEAR gets to the heart you have already lost the war. Do you dig it? Or your mind is too cripple to even get this?

The nonexistence of FEAR in Iranians soldiers and Basig was the thriving factor for defending Iran and winning the war then and will be in the future against any country that attacks Iran and trust me, Iran's Military is in much better shape today than five years ago and I am not even comparing it to 30 yeas ago.

FAIR, all these advanced planes and machine guns that you are so proud of haven't been able to handle a few pa pati talebans and you are saying what? Dude, you have the mentality of a loser because you fear. I am not saying one must act foolish, but a true Iranian doesn't make the comments you make with respect to Iran's military and western military. Specially, when you don't know jack about Iran's military. Even Russians warned the Israel not to make such a mistake. Dude, Iran doesn't need losers like you please stay where you are !!! I leave it up to God to bless you or to Press you.




by Fair on

Different take is fine, and I have openly invited whoever wants to prove that my assertion is wrong, and I will gladly stand corrected if that happens. But go back and read, No Fear/No Clue was the first one to disrespect and behave the way you describe. It is all there if you would like to check.

This is not the Islamic Republic where certain indviduals have special status and get to dictate to others.  I respect anybody until they show disrespect. Plain and simple.




Fair or Unfair, it is really sad to see all these undemocratic

by obama on

behavior by all those who claim they are fighting for a democratic Iran. Military issue is a good excuse that reveals how anti democtratic some of you are.  (JJ did u see what U started?) smart!

If someone like No Fear has a different take on an issue, why should he be lambasted and be called all different kinds of names? He loves Iran just as much if not more than the guy with opposing view.

Does respect mean anything to you guys? How are you going to learn if you all think the same? Society cannot survive if everyone is educated but runs away from enemy. we need all different kinds. We have democrats, republican, green independents, etc. who think differently. Should we go and insult them for not agreeing with us? Everyone should have one religion?

True democraic government will not come to Iran as long as our educated people are behaving like this! It is indeed sad. I cannot believe all these emails, which i read them all, going back and forth insulting each other. And you want to have a united revolution?!

The irony is that most of you sound as you are the experts and you are right and everyone else is wrong. A lot of testostrom! 

I saw valid points, and false points in pro and cons. I am not going to get into it, since the level sofistication is so high here that no matter what i say, I would be accused of something by somebody. It seems to me that most your email exchanges didn't even care what that person had to say except trying to find a point that you could use to fight back!

A LOT OF EGOS WRITTEN ALL OVER IT! Come down from your horses and learn how to agree to disagree respectfully! As long as we act so un-united like this, we won't go anywhere! Good luck to us! God bless Iran and all the Iranians (except the regime and their supporters)!


Jamshid Joon

by BehroozA on

Jamshid joon, cool off !  I can tell from your spending that you have opened another jamshid where you leave, Am I right?

My respond was for disrespectful comments you all made to Sargord Pirouz.



Sargord do zaari

by jamshid on

"For Iran, it's all about deterring attack and invasion from a much more powerful foreign aggressor..."

It's not about Iran or protecting Iran. It is rather about diverting attention to a "matarsak" foreign threat, so you and your corrupt brethrens can continue buchering our youth and milking Iran's wealth in order to maintain and continue your corrupt and free loading life styles.



by jamshid on

The "joojeh" and the traitors are corrupt "angal zadehs/agha zadehs" like you who are living off the IRI at the cost of the rape and murder of our youth. Visit your ATM machine, i.e., the IRI, as many times as possible while you can, as your freeloading days are soon to be over.

And this "joojeh" here is willing to pay for your round trip ticket and hotel and all other expenses to meet with you in person and carve the word "joojeh" on your forehead. Just give me the word and an address I can send you the check.


شراب قرمز


ممنون از لطف شما. خدا میهن دوستان هوشیاری همچون شما را نیز حفظ کند...
و ابلهان بی وطن و بیشرم را از ایران ریشه کن کند.


couldn't they edited it faster?

by عموجان on

look like half of the video seen are edited in from Shah time.


waste of oil money

by BiVafa on

This is laughable. The only way that IRI regime could win at war against America or even Israel is through gorilla warfare, terrorism and suicide bombing like the ones in Afganistan and Iraq

and somebody should give this "Sargord" clown a one way ticket back to Iran

Sargord Pirouz

Honestly Fair, you shouldn't

by Sargord Pirouz on

Honestly Fair, you shouldn't shortchange regional militaries, particularly those allied to and products of Iranian military formulation.

Ever sat down and read the Winograd Commission report? It clearly states that despite massive IDF and IASF superiority in firepower, Israel did NOT win the war. 

Put the lessons of that conflict (where Iranian tactics, means of intelligence gathering and tactical military outfitting) together with lessons drawn from the Second American War (US name: OIF), where a full-time insurgency force that never exceeded more than a few thousand managed to inflict more than 35,000 casualties on the most powerful military on earth, and you're provided with a very general outline of what makes up the IRGC's "Mosaic Doctrine."

Now, you're right, the Islamic Republic doesn't have all those fabulously expensive weapon systems you might find in KSA or the UAE. But you know what? You also don't find the leadership and military of Iran dependent on extra-regional powers to prop up their governance and military establishments.

Independence, self-sufficiency and a successful deterrent capability are the hallmarks of today's military in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Battlefield successes in Lebanon and to a more potential extent Iraq are contributing factors to this successful deterrent military capability.

It's all about deterrence. Not shiny, expensive planes. No extravegent, expensive warships. Let the Western-propped Arab dictatorships indulge in this expensive sideshow. Let the American taxpayer be burdened with equipping the Israelis with the latest, expensive weapon systems that fail to break through the defensive line of a relatively modestly equipped para-military numbering not much more than a few thousand.

For Iran, it's all about deterring attack and invasion from a much more powerful foreign aggressor. And to this day, the brave guards, soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen have successfully stood up to the constant barrage of war threats directed at them by the West from every direction possible.

Pâyande bâd khâk-e Irân-e mâ!


Thank you Jamshid and Pope and Bijan

by Fair on

for your kind words. Losers like No Fear/No Clue are not even your g**z as they are completely clueless, and insist on everybody blindly accepting their crap.

Furthermore I should add, anybody who thinks that since Hezbollah firing an Iranian copy of a Chinese missile at an Israeli ship is proof of anything, they are really on another planet. First of all, the Israeli ship was only 10 miles off the Lebanese coast, had its defenses off because it did not expect that such missiles made it to the hands of Hezbollah, and furthermore it made it back to its home port on its own power with no help for repairs. And this was a dinky little 1200 ton corvette.

The US Navy 5th fleet in the Persian Gulf on the other hand fully expects that these and other obsolete missiles will be deployed, will be much farther from the Iranian coast, and will be deploying ships like the USS Nimitiz, which are 95,000 tonnes, i.e. 80 times bigger than the Israeli ship. Even if one of these missiles hits a Nimitz (which it never will) it will just bounce right off. And when the time comes, the USN will be capable of destroying any of these launchers as well as defeating these crappy missiles.

Fact:Thanks to the wreckless stupid policies of the grand Islamic Fuehrers over the last 30 years, the Iranian military cannot do SQUAT against the militaries of our enemies should we be attacked. It can only retaliate against their soft targets. If you disagree, say specifically what they could do or lay off. (No Imam Zaman miracles accepted- we saw how well that worked out last time) And If you don't like this basic reality, don't whine at me- complain to those responsible.

So the anti Iran rapist supporters on this website who would have you feel safe and confident because of our "self sufficiency" and "we running the show" truly have their heads deep in very dark places of their anatomies.



Bijan A M

Fair is SUPER

by Bijan A M on

Thanks for everyone of your posts.

It amazes me to see all this debate.  What are the likes of Sargooz and Fear of mouse trying to prove? Are they suggesting that today’s Iran can stand to an attack from US or Britain, France, Germany, Russia, or Israel? As Fair said, without nuclear warheads, IRR (Islamic Rapist Republic) is nothing. And, we all know that IRR will never get her hands on NUKE. At least Israel makes sure of that…..Now, you can call me a Zionist.

Anonymous Observer

I hope you all know

by Anonymous Observer on

that "No Fear" is no other than Jaleho. :-)

actually "No Fear" (wink wink) I applaud your (and by that I mean you personally) passion for martyrdom.  In fact, I appreciate it so much, that I am willing to fully pay for your "martyrdom trip" to the Jihad-land of your choice.  That's right.  You pick the place, and the one way ticket's on me...Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indian controlled Kashmir, Gaza, South Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen...hell I'll even pay for your trip to non Muslim conflict areas if you want to become a martyr there.  How about Liberia?  That's always nice.  There's only one condition.  You must become a martyr within 90 days of arrival at your desired destination.  You cannot pull a "taghiyeh" on me and make me pay for a trip to South Lebanon so that you can visit your relatives there.  You must show us proof, preferably in videotape format so that I can post it here on  Think about it.  You'll be a legend on this site! You can also pick the setting.  Blowing yourself up at an Israeli checkpoint is always a classic...but it's your choice.  be creative.  You may even get lucky and win the "martyrdom videotape of the year" award that is awarded in Mazar-e-Sharif every year.

So, it's your call sister.  Let us know. 

Red Wine

Jamshid Khan

by Red Wine on

جمشید خان ... چه زیبا عرایضی را بیان کردید که تصور می‌کنیم به مورد تائید هر وطن پرست ایرانی‌ است.

خدا شما را برای ما و دیگر دوستداران واقعی‌ ایران زمین حفظ نماید.

یا حق.