People fighting back (2)

More videos from fiercest protests against Islamic Republic


People fighting back (2)
by Ghormeh Sabzi

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BBC: Clashes have taken place overnight in the Iranian capital, Tehran, following anti-government protests on Sunday in which at least eight people died. Reports say police fired tear gas to disperse crowds of demonstrators in various parts of the city overnight. On Monday, state-owned English-language Press TV said eight people had died. Earlier, Persian state television had reported at least 15 people killed. Police denied being responsible for any of the deaths. They said three were accidents and that one person had been shot, but not by police. Details of the others have not been given >>>

Part 1: Woman run over by police van taken to hospital:

Part 2:

People capture and beat riot police, burn motorcycles:

People counter-attack and trap riot police:

Man dying at the same scene adds to rage:

Man run over by police truck:

Droves of people walking and chanting in a very organized way. Clip says it was taken at Hafez and Somayyeh (Sorraya) yesterday. Amazing crowd:

New dead protester. Graphic. Someone says they (Basiji?) car passed over him three times:

Basiji gang beats up on a young couple:

Impressive procession of thousands of protesters on Vali-e Asr intersection. They are attacked by Basijis who shoot at them, forcing them to retreat and chaos ensues:

Police van attacked and over-turned:

Two people arrested in narrow alley:

War Cry: People banging on metal

Police vans destroyed: "Agha yeh boogh bezan!":

Near Azadi Square, people confront the police:

"Dolat-e koodetaee, to ghatel-e Nedaee," "Tajavoz too-ye zendan, eenam bood too-ye Ghoran?"

People charge, riot police retreat:

Azadi Avenue, large crowd through tear gas:

Azadi Avenue, crowd in chaos:

People walk through rocks and smoke:

Basiji caught, taken away by people:

People confront riot police and trap them:

People charge forward, man and woman injured:

Riot police beaten/protected by people:

Basiji goes down with broken teeth:

Esteghlaal, Azaadi, Jomhooriye Irani:

Riot police trapped by people:

Graphic clip shows dead/dying victim run over by a police vehicle:

Another clip of what happened Saturday under Hafez Bridge:

Older lady is injured:

People's physical entanglement with Basijis:

Blurry but good footage of confrontation and pursuit of people by Basijis. People disperse after shots are made:

Kargar (Amirabad) Avenue, "Dictator, rooyat siaah, Irano kardi Karbala"

Khosh Avenue, setting a police car on fire:

>>> Previous Tasooa/Ashoora protest clips (1) (2)


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by AsteroidX on



Here is your Evidence for the use of live round bullets

by Atessa1 on

Just wondering why the body of fallen protestors was not proof enough...But if you need more to believe...Be my guest!!



AryamehrNYC, I'll take your bet and the odds

by Hovakhshatare on

than mannya2001 will not be able to pull his head out of his behind at all. Ever. That's typical of hardcore IRR agents and apologists.

DW Duke


by DW Duke on

You can't be serious.  Is your comment intended to be in humor?  The only thing that has prevented a violent overthrow until now is that the Green Movement's supporters for the most part have been pacifists who ahbor the thought of taking up arms against anyone.  Now however, they are tiring of the pacifist methodology and more forceful people are coming to the front.  Khamenei will be lucky to keep his head before this is over.  



by AryamehrNYC on

How about we wager a bet on how long it takes for you to remove your head from your ass to see how serious the people are Iran are in getting rid of this regime. 

i will take the "over" odds...

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Amazing: Red is the color of Yazid - Green the color of Hossein!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

The IRI thugs seem not to even realize that their Red is the color of Yazid and Shemr!


One thing is Clear= No evidence of use of live round bullets

by mannya2001 on

Clearly the numbers are not big enough to scare the government.

none of these tens of thousand of videos show one live bullet round

most of the protesters don't care to lift up the injured.  they are left on the ground.  the other protestors are thinking :"i don't want to mess my car with blood" or are too fearful to drive injured to hospital

conclusion: neither the government nor protestors are serious.

if you think i am wrong, then put your money where your mouth is. Place a bet. We get third party to release funds whenever one of us wins