Firerce clashes on Ashoora

As many as four killed in Tehran protests, basijis beaten up and bikes set on fire

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BBC: Fierce clashes have erupted between Iranian security forces and opposition demonstrators trying to gather in the centre of the capital, Tehran. Unconfirmed reports say at least one person has been shot dead. Iranian opposition parties had called on people to take to the streets as the Shia Muslim festival of Ashura reached a climax. People were chanting "Khamenei will be toppled", opposition sources said, a reference to Iran's Supreme Leader. Initial reports said the security forces fired in the air as they moved to disperse demonstrators, but there are several different reports all saying that at least one, and possibly as many as four demonstrators, have been shot dead >>>

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People beat up basijis, set their motorcycles set on fire:

Same basijis being attacked:

Hafez Bridge looks like war zone:

Special forces attack people on Enghelab Ave, near Darvazeh Shemiran Metro station:

Tear gas amid slogans:

Person shot is carried away:

College Crossing: "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein":

Putting up barricades on the street:

Baharestan: "Khamenei hayaa kon, mamlekato rahaa kon":

"Tajavoz ham azaadeh?"

Man tries to tear down Khamenei poster:

Crowds on Bahonar Ave:

Pol-e-Choobi, Enghelab Avenue:

Shemiran, "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein":

>>> More Dec 27 videos


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Ali9 Akbar

The IRI is in their FINAL STAGES...and they know it

by Ali9 Akbar on

Obliterate the IRI...



Shazde Asdola Mirza

May god protect the Iranian people from those monsters!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


It's the first step

by John on

When a subjugated people decides to overturn its oppressors it must by necessity start chipping away at the weakest spot in order to cause the entire structure to crumble to dust.  In this case the people have decided to start with the Basijis, perhaps viewing them as a manageable target.  We'll know when the revolution has turned in favour of the people when the military refuse to attack and refuse to implement the mullahs' orders to quell the demonstrations.  This is the pivotal point in any revolution, when the previously unquestioned authority of the leaders is disobeyed by their servants.


دستگيري نيروهاي گارد ضد شورش توسط مردم .... ظهر عاشورا


You can hear a woman say: don't hurt him he's a soldier (nazanesh sarbaazeh) 



You may be right Payam

by divaneh on

and you may not. That however does not matter. Right now it’s Basijis who are protectors of a cruel government. It’s Basijis who attacked universities and killed students. They must be resisted and if stayed in the way of people, face the consequences.

payam s

The "basijis" are not the problem!

by payam s on

What is the purpose of beating up the "basijis". They did not create this system of oppression, they were created by it. Just because they didn't have the privilege to go to a private university or find another job, doesn't mean they deserve to be brutally beaten up. The protesters chose the wrong enemy. Many of the basiji's are raised by government institutions as orphans, and most of them are extremely poor. Many are from poor rural areas who have been recruited by a local mullah etc. The security apparatus is the only means of income. When a government of an oil based economy allocates most of its oil revenues to a security apparatus instead of creating more opportunities for university enrollment (which only serves 10% of high school graduates), or toward creating employment, what else do you expect these poor young men who have been raised in slums or by government institutions to do? They are not the problem. I admire the women and some of the men who were trying to stop the beatings. They, just as others who rose up after the elections, understand that the "basijis" are in fact their brothers who happen to be themselves victims of this oppressive system. The issues are much more complicated than most might think. It's not simply you're with us or against us.

Sargord Pirouz

Video corrections

by Sargord Pirouz on

In the first video, those are actually IRIPF regulars being beaten (not Basij).

Also, in the video describing Special Forces? none are actually visible in the clip. I'm wondering what type of SF the author is referring to. 

Ali9 Akbar

Okay Aytollahs...

by Ali9 Akbar on

IT'S  ON!!!!!