People fight back

Protests take violent turn as security forces become targets themselves


People fight back
by Ghormeh Sabzi

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Another police car up in flames:

Riot police stripped of clothes and roughed up:

Protests continue into the night:

"Marg bar Khamenei":

Rooftop "Allah o Akbars" becoming louder:

Making barricades with trash bins

Police/basijis caught by people:

"Esteghlaal Azaadi, Jomhooriyeh Irani":

People resist, police stripped of weapons and helmet:

"Een hameh lashkar aamadeh, bar zedde rahbar aamadeh"

Man shot in face:

"Dolate koodetaie, to ghaatele Neda-ee"

Starting fires to neutralize tear gas:

Azadi Ave, "Marg bar diktator"

Another police van attacked and set on fire:

Police van set on fire:

People turn over police van:

People attack police van and drag out offficers:

People unafraid, rushing against security forces:

"Een maah maahe khoon ast, Seyyed Ali Sarnegoon ast"

"Khamenei ghaateleh, velaayatesh baateleh"

Death to Khamnei bon fire:

Khamenei Dead End street sign stomped:

Khamenei banner torn apart:

Khameeni Yazideh, Yazid roo sefideh:

"Niroohaaye entezaami ro teekeh paareh konan"

"Death to Khamenei":

More "Death to Khamenei":

Security forces surrounded:

Basij office at Oil Minitsyr set on fire:

Man shot in head:

Police station sacked by people:

Man shot:

People disarm the Basijis:

People throw stones at police:

Abolfazl-e alam-daar, Khamenei ro bardar:

>>> More Tasooa/Ashoora protest clips (1) (3)


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Obama, you may not want any MM

by MM on


You do not want any MM, chocolate or otherwise.  As far as you are concerned, MM may stand for Menopause and Medicare.


MM, there have always been separatist groups, but they are

by obama on

very small minority. Kordish democratic and groups like that invaded Sanandaj garison after the revolution, where my brother Who was an officer, was wounded in trying to save it, along other soldiers. Central government needs to help them more economically. They are funded by other countries to weaken Iran (US, UK and now Israel is very active there!)

Our real enemy is Israel! They will not succeed as long as they are VATANPARASTHA like us. A true Iranian doesn't believe in these artificial divides. We all belong to Iranzamin. Even Cyrus the great was half persian and half Mede (kord). Work to save Iran from her enemies within & outside!

BTW,  MM, can I have some please? You know, I love chocolate!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The issue of ethnic division is an old trick used by colonial powers.

Standard "divide and conquer"101 stuff. What would a separate "Baluchestan" do anyway? It is the hight of stupidity to split up our nation. We should stand firm and together as one nation. Honestly my parents are from two different Iranian ethnic groups.

I don't care about that. My Identity is Iranian not some sub-ethnic group.


Hovakhshatare & Obama: I hope you are right

by MM on

There is no way that I am trying to stir the pot.

I am with you on a unified Iran, but as I mentioned, the self-serving policies of this regime have intensified the ethnic divides which need to be addressed sometimes in the future.

Take a look at the sites dedicated to various minority rights, e.g., Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan whose sole existence is to insure "The Attainment of Kurdish National Rights Within a Democratic and Federal Iran".

PS, I am not a Kurd, I am an Iranian-American


Separatist vs. civil war- Neither is a feasible scenario

by Hovakhshatare on

Dear MM, while IRR has strengthened some separatist movements, separation has very different solutions and dynamics than a civil war. None of these movements have any traction to best of my knowledge despite the occasional noise and smoke. From an Iranian perspective, Obama made the point about Iranian-ness. Azeri, Kurd, Baluch and the rest will not take a back seat to any other Iranian group when it comes to love of Iran. Dynamics of civil war as in many including U.S. will essentially require two competing groups that can each coopt subsets. That dynamic does not exist in Iran even if separatist movements had any strength.

It is us the Iranians against IRR and its mercenaries. That does not qualify or even come close to having the context for a civil war.


MM, you're totally wrong! Are you trying to stir the pot now?

by obama on

We are all Iranians and one people. You are exagerating, unless you are talking about that torkish looking basiji on the street who lost his teeth.

Most of the current government in Iran are Azari including Mousavi and Khamenei, and merchants in Tehran. Do you even know your history? Azaris are Iranians by race, culture and religion. The only difference is that they were forced/assimiatated to speak Azari when the Ghangis Khan and the central Asian torks took over. 

As for the kurds, they are the purest Iranians, they just need more democracy as the rest do. Baluchis are very much Iranian as well. The Arabs are our brothers too. 

That's what our enemies have been tring to do for a while. If any, we are even more united now. Long live Iran and Iranians!


Risk of a civil war?

by MM on

Dear H.,

The ethnic divide in Iran is real.  Take a look at:

Jundallah in Sistan/Baluchestan

Arabs revolting in Khoozestan

Kurds screaming in Kurdestan

Some turks wanting to unite with Azerbaijan

I also agree that the self-serving policies of this un-Islamic Republic have intensified the ethnic divide in Iran.  Right now, the focus is to get rid of this un-just regime, but when Iran moves towards an Iranian Republic, this ethnic diversity needs to be addressed via a unified policy that is acceptable to all.

But, that is just my opinion.


The myth of a civil war

by Hovakhshatare on

The risk of a civil war in Iran is rather slim. This is the Iranian nation against a bunch of thugs with tanks and machine guns. There is no fundamental split in Iranian society to support a civil war scenario. Mass killing and sepah on people is quite likely before IRR cracks and collapses but that is what is expected from these subhuman aliens.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Iranian People

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I was highly impressed by watching the mass of Iranians shouting "Velesh Kon" or as Q rightly puts it "let him go". Mobs are not known for their mercy. Yet the good people of Iran showed just that. No calls for revenge; just for mercy. This is a sign of a highly moral people. How else do you explain that behavior? Plus the fact that the mass is about half men and half women.

A revolution truly by the people.

In the past 30 years I have felt a lot of different emotions. I was ashamed when my people took hostages; I was angry when our airline was shot down. Now I am truly proud to belong to a people who instead of hate show mercy and kindness. Our 1400 year misery will be over very soon.

We have paid dearly and now have earned it and it shows in the actions of the crowds in the streets of Tehran.



Maybe we don't need any more prophets. I guess I have to get a job :-)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

MM is right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The West should keep out of this one. They have done plenty of harm already. Obama is smart enough for it There is one thing I request:

*) Persident Obama must publicly support territorial integrity of Iran.

That lets people to use any necessary means to remove the regime. No longer the Mullahs to use the "foreign threat" card to remain in power. One United Iran.

Ali9 Akbar

The PEOPLE are taking back IRAN

by Ali9 Akbar on





The "Police/basijis caught by people" video

by Q on

is most powerful.

You have peaceful demonstrators yelling "Allaho Akbar", followed shortly by "velesh kon, velesh kon" (let him go) to the people who had captured the security guy.

It shows there are violent agitators that will make life difficult for everyone but the majority of people know to reject them.

I hope that violent minority does not become more prominant. The hardliners can and must be defeated by shere bodies alone to have the regime loyalists join them instead of fighting them. We do not want or need a civil war in Iran.

I hope everyone stays safe.



by PersianImm0rtal on

wonderful videos


lets hope there is no civil war


Keep eyes on the ball

by oktaby on

The objective is a secular Iranian Constitution with clear, unambiguous language. People will get to know, learn, hear sides and understand what they choose and that is a broader context than a single referendum that by default limits the process. Iran as goal 1 is a good advice from shushtari's.

As the movement owns the initiative now, disablement of IRR and peeling the onion. Attrition is the name of the game. As benross pointed out in that path there will be blood. That is what IRR understands and wants. The question is when and where we choose to engage and keep IRR on its heels until they fall.


gitdoun ver.2.0

Israel & America Stay Out

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

Khamenei is Masturbating for israel or america to bomb iran so he can the accuse the protestors as being agents of Mossad or agents of the CIA. That's how Khomeini was able to quell the growing demonstrations against him in 1979!!! He took advantage of the hostage crisis and declared any iranians protesting his rule were now agents of the U.S. embassy and were traitors! And that's exactly the kind of crisis khamenei is looking for. He wants Israel or America to bomb the country so he can put the propaganda machine into overdrive and declare the opposition is doing Israel's bidding. Look for Ahmadinejad to goad Netanyahu to attack Iran in the coming weeks !


PLEASE Don't Forget THEM

by mannya2001 on

1. Whatever happens now or in the future, whether it makes you happy or not, there is one thing that is certain:

 The Families of the dead will never smile like they did before...if they hear a joke they wouldn't be able to laugh so hard, that they get teary eyes...they will sometimes pick up the phone when no one is watching and dial the mobile phone of their dead, always thinking in divine possiblities...they will sometimes be sitting and when they hear a knock, they so very wish it was their passed away loved one showing...

just like so many at times of trouble ask for God, Jesus or Mohammed to "present" himself physically or somehow,  the berieved families now only wish if they could see their loved ones "present" one more time, so they can kiss their forehead and tell them about how smart their daughter is....

In these moments of anger, joy and anticipation, please don't forget the missed ones


fatehe ro bekhooneed....akhoonda!

by shushtari on

these are the last days or months of the mullah's rape of iran.......finally, it seems that justice will be served and these vultures will pay for their crimes against iran, its wonderful people, and its great culture!


iran should be our #1 goal

javid iran!!! 


Green and RP both take note:

by benross on

Green and RP both take note: Struggle for freedom is not called civil disobedience. You may try to avoid violence as much as possible. But violence is a part of it. As you may have noticed, in fact, the movement makes an impact and makes the news when people fight back. Leave Gandhi rhetoric to rest please.

David ET

General Strikes Will Begin

by David ET on

This shall be the beginning of THE END.


Dear MahmoudG, surgical strikes can be problematic

by MM on

In my opinion, surgical strikes sound good on paper.  However, surgical strikes by a foreign power, if unsuccessful in the first trial to wipe out a good portion of the mullahs, the Basijis and the Sepaah, will give the UnIslamic Republic of Iran an excuse to blame the foreigners for demonstrations and rally their goons to be even more ruthless.  Surgical strikes may even rally the nationalists to gather around the regime as well.  What the US government can do now are:

* Give public support to the demonstrators and condemn IRI for human rights violations.  A universal condemnation will diminish their effectiveness vis-à-vis, their foreign goons, Hezbollah and Hamas. 

* Give covert support (guns, cyber warfare, logistical information, software) to the opposition (?), but not the MKO.

* Keep track of these murderers so that they do not get away with it at a beach with $$$ in a bag. 

marhoum Kharmagas

Mr. Mostofi

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Decades of corruption and ruthlessness by all factions of IRI (including the faction you called pseudo iri greens), combined with a young and jobless population will inevitably bring in more violence to the current equation. ... many from our generation regardless of their political orientation know that even if the greens come to power nothing will be much different, ...,  the thieves in the background (e.g., Rafsanjanis) will come to the foreground.


G8 & zionists stay out of Iran! Unless, U want us lose!

by obama on

US & the zionist regime has created a lot of problems around the world by killing many innocent people and they don't know how to get out of it! No Iranian should be directly or indirectly be killed by non iranian!

Don't add to your misery by interferring in our internal affairs! Don't try to take advantage of the situation to benefit your own imperialst goals! We are doing this so the Iranians would be freed and independent of any country and any form of subjucation from inside or outside!

Don't you dare interferring in Iran, unless you want to save the mollhas! After all, US only likes the dictators, as longs as they listen to them!

Take care of your own budget, Afghnestan, pakestan and Iraq, which you cannot be solved without Iran's assistance!

We are not your puppets and will not be! After all, if it weren't for the US erected regime of the Shah, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place! Leave us alone, we don't need your help! You would only destroy our movement! Thank you for your sympathy!


Riot Guards Beg for Forgiveness (video)

by IranFirst on


Dear Ali Mostofi, baradare aziz

by OmidKarimi on

People who kill, beat and rape young, old and innocent men and women, in the name of God and greed, cannot be talked into going home and leave the clubs at the station..


Discuss, chat and post your opinions about Iran on my new forum:



Regime change cannot happen

by alimostofi on

Regime change cannot happen violently by pseudo iri types dressed in green.
The silent majority are white and the spirit of Iran is non-violent.
We have to tell the Seyyeds that we got power non-violently.

Ali Mostofi //  


Regime change cannot happen

by alimostofi on

Regime change cannot happen violently by pseudo iri types dressed in green.
The silent majority are white and the spirit of Iran is non-violent.
We have to tell the Seyyeds that we got power non-violently.

Ali Mostofi //  


Scroll down and see the

by vildemose on

Scroll down and see the bloody face of a poor woman crying while showing the V sign. I'm so heartbroken.




What Happens Next?

by benross on

SufferinSuccotash, I guess you noticed nobody answered your questions! yet, these are very simple straight forward basic questions that anybody who risks his life going out in the street fighting, should have some idea about it. That's not the case.

We are a nation of 'Ghazaa Ghadari', 'que sera sera'. We act upon our emotion, when we can't take it anymore, and we deal with what happens next, later. It's been a while now that I was trying to discuss the 'alternative', the political roadmap, the goal and objective of dissent but few are interested.

It is far more attractive to us though, as in the case of the events of 1953 and 1979, to talk about it much later, blaming US for its intervention, or lack of it, blaming each other for missteps, accusing each others as 'traitors' and keep gossiping for the rest of our lives.

So to get an answer to your questions, as Khar said, stay tuned! 


are you insane?

by Fatollah on

No foreign intervention is needed under any circumstances!

the foreign media is been absent since 12. june 2009, and some of the people want foreign intervention?  


به به..آره اینجوری

به به..آره اینجوری

امیدوارم که این تزاهرات قوی تر بشند و فرم بگیرند.
ماچ ماچ