Ghost in the house

Fly through our possessions in Genval, Belgium

Ghost in the house
by Siamack


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I heard there was an add for

by Japanese Ambassdor's daughter (not verified) on

I heard there was an add for a maid here. I have all the requirements but I always come with 2 of my best friends, they're maids too ;)
Where do we apply?



by Anonymouse on

Maybe this has to do with being used to America with large spaces and SUVs and then can't fit everything in small idea Europe with Vespas. Everything is smaller in Europe, right? Most Europeans don't "need" all the junk we "need" in America?!



by iranJ (not verified) on

You guys hung out Sunday afternoon and didn't invite meee??? Just kidding, I was changing planes by then! Yes, everyone is right, Siamak and Varinder are very cool, and very nice. Was wonderful meeting you guys and everyone really was lovely. Glad I came. XOXOXO

p.s. great video too...


To 'you need a maid'

by Varinder (not verified) on

You have just confirmed my mother-in-law's worst fears, her daughter-in-law is shelakhteh!


Maid Wanted!

by Siamack on

Age: 18-24

Dimension: 36-26-36


Uniform supplied: mini skirt and tight T-shirt

Please send 1 full body photo and 1 close up face photo

Siamack Salari


Jaye ma ham khali!

by Mersedeh on

Siamak-jan, I absolutely love the camera-work! You have a way of making the most simple, average, normal aspects of life incredibly appealing and entertaining (this has been my repeat-comment to you). I also want you to know that for me personally, meeting you and Varinder and hanging out with you both after the event Saturday night as well as Sunday afternoon was really one of the highlights of my weekend and trip up to SF. I truly truly enjoyed. You guys are terrific and I hope to see you with the boys in San Diego soon!

Aa Metti


by Aa Metti on

It seems like you like Ghalyoons, then check out



by Anonymously (not verified) on

I have to remind myself if I ever come to England to visit, I have to bring you a ghelyoon. You are suffering sadly from lack of one.

Long live

Nazy Kaviani

A lovely weekend day!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Loved watching your home and family Siamack Jan! Through the clutter that life with two boys brings, I could definitely see the order to your madness!

It was a pleasure meeting you and Varinder in the Bay Area. You guys are even warmer and more fun in person! Please come back again soon and bring the boys this time!


Another Great Iranian. You are inventing yourself nicley

by We are fine (not verified) on

Good plan. You will succeed.


You Need A Maid

by YouNeedAMaid (not verified) on

Either get the wife to do it, or get a maid. You have a messy house!

Jahanshah Javid

Future is here

by Jahanshah Javid on

Enjoyed it... it's sweet and well-edited. Everyone in that house is looking at a scrceen. Reminds me of the Jetsons, the future is here! :)