The wall

The wall
by Orang Gholikhani

We will break a wall

To open a window

To Change everything

We will break a wall

Take some dust

And that is all

Our wall will remain and dust will be gone


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Let Open Windows

by Manoucher (not verified) on

Hossein Jan:

Delam Be Andazeye Sad Panjare Avaaz Meekhahad!
Deevarhara Raa Baayad Reekht.
Jahaan Golestans Ast.

Did you not observe, in the neighborhood, are open windows?
Did you not observe, that in the sky, shine few rainbows?
From shining sun, green lush grass, its color borrows?
Toward neighborhood, grass and rainbows, open your windows.

Open wide your eyes, cozy together, are sitting old foes.
Air of friendship, between their smiles, easily blows,
And with its current, to acrimonies, deals great blows,
To this friendship, cozy relations, open your windows.

To wide horizons, when a new dawn, slowly glows,
On that background, as a red tulip, to its full grows,
And gentle breeze, on dewy face, of the tulip goes;
To wide horizons, breeze and tulip, open your windows.

Peerooz Baashee

Orang Gholikhani

The wall is for you

by Orang Gholikhani on

I'm glad you enjoy these lines.

For me the wall is still there, if you see a window feel free to adopt it as you want.

A poetry is like a child, you create it as you can and you feel and after he becomes independant and each one can adopt it as he wants.

Take care.


the wall

by g hossein riahi (not verified) on

to: Orang Gholikhani I enjoy your short poem,but if I make A suggestion ,would it sound better if"Our wall will remain and dust will be gone" will be change to"Our window will remain and dust will be gone" good luck