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Mojan Yz - Saman Pi Feat. Eblis

25-Aug-2010 (11 comments)

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too bad then

by Zereshk on

well I got news for u then, Irandudee,

It's not about the copycat rap and gangsta music. It's not about the music at all. Youre entirely missing my point:

As long as you (and everyone else for that matter) dont respect other people's tastes and values, Iran and Iranians will continue to remain stuck in the aghab-oftadeh situation that plagues them. 

The whole reason we have such a backward country is that NOBODY is willing to coexist with their opposition. It's either me and my values, or me and my values. And it dont matter whether youre a greenie, or a reeshoo hezbollahi, or a shah-parast. It's unfortunetaly ingraned in our culture. Our national motto should be something like "khafeh sho, to nemifahmee". That's how we treat eachother.

I personally support ALL artists, whether gangsta rapper, trash-metal headbanger, cheesy pop singer, or gay jazz soloist. Agha jan: Live and let live.

Nuff said.



by Iraniandudee3 on

I didn't know ghetto wannabe douche-bags were my kind, they may be yours but not mine. Further more, who cares what some youngsters listen to? Young people are naive and stupid, this is why only young people adapt such negative life-styles that the U.s encourages, cause they're clue-less and lack knowledge of the world and their sroundings, and it's the responsibilty of the educated and also the adults to teach them the right way, they're not gonna be able to do it on their own. I'm myself an Iranian youth btw.


Crap, if you're gonna rap

by Iraniandudee3 on

Then atleast don't copy the materialistic crappy gehttor garbage that american rap represents, try it out with your own culture and traditions. you don't need to rap about "bitchs", drugs or what not all the time.


Stop trashing your own kind

by Zereshk on

Like it or not, this is the type of music youngsters in Iran listen to.

And they dont give a s*** about your "Los Angelesi" labels.

Honestly, who cares if theyre from LA?

So what if it's a copy. Our entire culture is a spinoff imitation of Arab beduinism. Our script is Arabic. Our leaders compete with one another to use more arabic words in their sentences. We wish to please Allah by stoning women to death. What r u people complaining about?

Why cant we disagree with our own kin, without having to trash them? These guys are trying to produce a top notch rap video and song, and that's respectable to me. I'd personally prefer Fernando Sor and Saint-Saens, but that's not the point Im making. Freedom is something we give to each other.

Either adjust to Iran's new realities and tastes, or be left behind in your thinking, and face extinction.

Sargord Pirouz

I agree with HHH. I hate to

by Sargord Pirouz on

I agree with HHH.

I hate to admit this, but I actually prefer Lebanese pop music.


Typical LA

by jmyt17 on

Nice commend.

More couple hundred  years attack from Chingizkhan passed and.

Still still we do not know who we are.




Or people without any tradition and back ground.



Very talented, great job on

by Arthimis on

Very talented, great job on all levels, video clip included.

These guys are young and they performed Rap in Persian fantastically. Come on, just because we are older doesn't mean other kinds of Art don't exist!

It may not be Art to you, but still is to so many others... Reality Check! This is what other kids from all other countries including USA can listen, enjoy and have fun with, hence great PR for Iranians... We need these guys more than Khamenei's... So what's the problem? Enjoy...


Typical LA

by HHH on

After 30 years living in LA Iranians are still "Mashin-nadideh" and materialists. There's not one music video that doesn't start with a fancy car. Then singers act like blacks and hispanics.

They say Tradition is the enemy of progress but looks like Los Angeles-Persians neither learned our tradition nor progressed to some new form of art. All they do is to copy the lowest form of music, Rap.

Rap started in the streets of poor, black neighborhoods by kids making sounds of fart-fart-fart with their lips and talking about their sad life. It looks ridiculous seeing Beverly Hills Persians sitting in their 2011 Mercedes or custom-made classics singing Rap.

Be a little creative for God's sake. We have enough copy-monkies.

Louie Louie

Rap must die!

by Louie Louie on

And featuring this person and that person must die!


When I grow up...

by Daadaash on

I want to become a black singer!:)

Hoshang Targol

Utterly repungant and ridiculous

by Hoshang Targol on

Another materpiece from LA!.

 In ancient Persia ( from mid-Achaemenid to late-Sasanied eras) this kind of "art" was always referred to with an additional "F" added to "art!"