Zoroastrian wedding

Parsis in India


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Thanks Shahrokh from

by SKatermom (not verified) on

Thanks Shahrokh from Germany. I had no idea. I'll certainly look up your reference. A Zoroastrian friend told me you had to be born in to the faith. She may have been saying that just to keep me out:) As for anonymous 666666. I'm not a self-loathing Iranian. I'm a self-loathing Muslim. Islamists embarrass the hell out of me and after reading your post...well, I rest my case.


zendeh baad Islam...the religon of 90% of iranians

by Anonymous999999999 (not verified) on

You people who attach and hate Islam do it not on the religous/factual basis but on the basis of racism/self-hate/westerm paropanganda. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I can not say that you are not Iranians, unfortuanately you are, but I wish you weren't. Yes, I love Zartost and Zorastorians, just as I love all true prophets of allah and true followers of these religions--which you are NOT. are you calling the religion of 90% of iranians, religion of hate??? people like you ruled iran for 50 years (Pahlavi's) and were kicked out of iran, never to return. I'm sure if zastosh was here today, he could kick the Koran and call iranians to flow it's instructions...then you would shut up and stop picking your noses.


Converting back zoroasterian

by Shahrokh from Germany (not verified) on

Just to let you know.
It is possible to convert to zoroasterian.
Our ancient religion of love tolerance honesty and friendship is dying out. There are less than 200 000 zoroasterian left in the world.
I have friends who have been converted to zoroasterian under the Flag of the sassanid dynasty (Derafshe Kaviani)and are sworn layality to Persia and only persia.

You have to search it for yourself.
(googling Derafshe kaviani might help)
You will be provided with reading material to study when you are ready you will be invited for the ceremony and you will join the religion of you ancestor and be a proud zoroasterian. That is what I am doing.
My friend was told during the ceremony by the Mobade Mobadan:
In your soul you were always persian and Zoroasterian.

Good luck

Zende bad Persia
Abadi bad the teaching of Zartosht


Awesome. If it wasn't

by skatermom (not verified) on

Awesome. If it wasn't against their sacred scriptures, I'd convert. Unfortunately you have to be born into this wonderful religion. Marg bar sare Arabha. We could have all stayed Zardoshti.



by Ca_wanderer (not verified) on

There is no GOOD organized religion. Power corrupts everyone.



by پیام on



Ancient Persia (Iran)

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Our country where once knowledge, wisdom and religions thrived and flourished. Now comes hate and terrorism.

Thank you to the ignorant ssvage like Mullahs. They are animals that are ruling our country with grade 1 education.


Parsis are true Iranians(Persians)

by Anonymous-persis (not verified) on

Zartoshties are the nicest people in the world and I love them. Arabs and Turks should be punished for all the crime and genocide that they committed against the Zoroasterians. Down with Islam. Islam is a wild, backward and bloody religion that must be send back to the Arabian desert.


Zendeh bad Iran, Dorood bar Zarthosht

by Anonymous8765 (not verified) on

Soon we true Iranians will get rid of the backward Arab religion and ask the Parsis to come back to their country(persia).


Nice video

by Anonymou-Ferdowsi (not verified) on

I love zartoshty religion and hope one day all Iranians revive their ancient way of life in teachings of Zoroaster.


bad title good video

by Anonymous200000 (not verified) on

The wedding was a small portion of it. But an excellent video.