The Words I Love You

Arian Band with Chris De Burgh


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well oldboy, at least now we

by xaxa (not verified) on

well oldboy, at least now we know that not all iranians are hitman :) and i supposed not all ppl from YOUR RACE are good peeps.. well i could say this is the sincere song ever...
and I think you're so fucken' funny. I think you're the pathetic one pal...grow up!
anyway, you sounds like bache soosool yourself:)

p/s: people are beaten for reasons...and it's so dammm wide huge SUBJECTIVE matter...btw, I'm not iranian :)


Pathetic! Singing with Chris

by oldboy (not verified) on

Pathetic! Singing with Chris De Burgh has become the highlight of our lives!
They used to grab boys and girls out of their cars and beat the sh&^ out of them just because of listening to such music! Now Chris De Burgh can come to Iran and sing with some fool bacheh-soo-sool.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

IRANdokht it took me a while....

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

It took me a while but I found the lyrics to the song. Please, check them for accuracy. Sepaas


Arian Band lyrics and music samples

There are those who think that love comes with a lifetime guarantee
But we know from those around us that this may not always be
It's the simple things that come between a father and a son
But when they try to talk the knives are out before they have begun
Well that was me and I have seen the light that shines for eternity
Because I learned to say the words I love you

ببین چه قلبایی شکستن
توی دست روزگار
ببین چشمایی رو که گشتن
پی نوری موندگار
از عشق و باور باید که آخر
بشن لبریز دلامون
یه روزی هر جا پُر بشه دنیا
از طنین صدامون
پس بیا با هر زبون
تو هم بخون
بخون عاشقونه کنارم
فریاد بزن بگو
دوست دارم

And this endless road that we are on just keeps on going round
But there's one destination that always is here to be found
So come with me
با من بیا
You will see
تو هم ببین
The light that shines for eternity
Be strong and learn to say the words I love you
فریاد بزن بگو
دوست دارم
The words
I love you
دوست دارم
The words
I love you


I love this song! CAN

by A. (not verified) on




by CyrusCyrus (not verified) on


We understand everyone is strongly opinionated and wants to voice their thoughts whenever possible....BUT THE LYRICS PLEASE!



by Jenny (not verified) on

Can someone please post the lyrics for the Farsi section of the song?


Dooset Daram

by farifteh (not verified) on

This was fantastic!

I came to age with Chris DuBerge, walking home from Kharazmi highschool, going to cafe for coffee and cigarettes, going to the pizza place near Shahreza Ave, feeling all mighty and intellectual, and listening to Spanish Train, Carry Me, etc.

His voice took me back, way back. And, I am thinking what happened to all that youth, all that hope, all that optimism and naivity?


ghalbe shir daran inha!

by Afshin Beghotb (not verified) on

Arian girls and the pretty boy of the band are die hard RED fans!!!!!



by Abarmard on

Na ghom khubeh na kashun...I agree with Nostalgic on this topic especially. Good to know excatly where we were and where we are now so we can go forwad, realistically.


What next? Opening of direct ties between the US and Qom?

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

It seems all this stuff going on in the media and with entertainers all leads to one destination. Direct talks between the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The ultimate abolishing of the embargo against Iran. And a visit by a US President to see Ayat'Allah Seyed Ali Khamenei in Qom or Tehran. Give it time and there will be a Iranian Embassy in DC and an Iranian consulate in New York City. Economic, cultural and political ties between the US and Iran is the only path.

The only two people in the universe that would be upset about this would be Reza Pahlavi and Maryam Rajavi. And history and the world has forgotton them time and time again. God bless America for that.


Displaced Nostalgia Zereshk?

by Nostalgic (not verified) on

Some of you guys are either forgetting what it was like, or you were told too many nostalgic/fairy tale stories.
No I am not an islamist, but I was old enough to remember what our film production was like back in Shah's times, The women's movie roles were all prostitutes that some man wanted to save from her rotten life. the plot was always the same: some man fell in love with a prostitute! oh yeah and he was in drugs and there was always some dizi or abgoosht scene in there too...

I remember that to be a singer or any kind of entertainer was socially unacceptable by any decent class of people. There were rumors about Googoosh, Haydeh, Mahasti and so many other great artists. There was no respect for the arts, not a respectful movie industry, too much garbage! It was so bad that real talented people would not get involved!

Now Iranian movies win at art festivals, and you can't deny that the quality of our music has improved too.
Not because IRI wants them to improve, but due to the younger generation of Iranians who will not quit and will not look back at some distant memory of their parents and sigh in despair!

You can't go forward if you keep looking behind you.


those days are long gone

by Zereshk on

I hate to break it to you Darius. But Iran will never see those days anymore. I.R.I. has totally changed and toxicated the landscape of Iran in the past 30 years. Like you say, Chris de Burgh in Iran is a just a show to fool outsiders that Iran has artistic freedom. Things like that Googoosh clip will never be seen in Iran again.

Sometimes I feel envious of your generation, dariush. You guys at least had the good times. People of my generation grew up crying and mourning with songs like this:


As I explained in full detail here, the Iran that we knew is dead. At least I have lost hope. It's only in our memories now. Iran is now ruled by Islam e naab e mohammadi and a bunch of apathetic people.





thanks for the info AliKA... BUT

by Anonymousam (not verified) on

Chris De Burgh was famous in Iran way before Lady in Red. He's a political artist, and his lady in red was not his best work. I remember being a Chris De Burgh fan in the early 80's in Iran.
When he found out that he was and still is popular in Iran, it was a surprise to him so he decided to visit.


He will have a concert in Iran soon!??

by AlikA on

Here is some more detailed info for those who are interested about this song and as well as his (Chris De Burgh) biography. He was on BBC news back on December 15, 2007: //        

So, it looks like that he is going to be in Iran sometimes this summer! I hope so!?

Also, for those who do not know him well: He became very popular back in 1986 with the single hit of “The Lady in Red”. To listen:


Always a beautiful song! 

You can also check out his biography over here:


The name of Iran and the news about this song (The Words I Love You) is also mentioned.



by Abarmard on

Thank you for posting this. Made my day.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on


Truly a lovely song. Sepaas, for sharing this with us.

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)

Nadia (AKA)



by cyrus- (not verified) on

Kadivar says:

But OK I give you credit that this is the first time that a major Western Artist sings with an Iranian Band. I prefer this than nothing at all, I am just irritated by the ... The problem with Kadivar is that he is always irritated .

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

I am not slamming anyone I'm just saying that this is not what I call representative of what we did or can do best. The underground music in Iran is more subversive and groundbreaking than this type of World Age Music.

MAKE LOVE ( WITH A TCHADOR) AND NO WAR message to the World ... 

The message is Noble and doesn't hurt but it is not revolutionary. Chris De Burge is not either such a popular singer. He had his pinnacle in the early 80's with Lady in Red but his music is at best easy Listening and often ridiculed in the British press for being too rosey and sweet like a chocolate cake with alot of cream. No one in England took his songs very seriously nor do they consider him as a Great Artist as lets say such singers like Eric Clapton or Elton John who belong to the same generation.

De Burge appeals to the Iranian government most probably without De Burge even noticing it mainly because he is Irish and not British ( The other grand Satan) and such bands as Arian ( Who I am not judging individually nor hold them guilty of anything except bad taste) are tolerated by the IRI because it allows them to tell the world look we are starting an Islamic Perestroika. But they won't tolerate groups like KIOSK or ABJEEZ.

As for the 70's in Iran at least Men could behave like Men and women like Women without having to be ashamed of it or pretend as if they were different ofrom the youth elsewhere in the world.

Well First Googoosh sang with many western Artists including Albano ( Italy ), Sattar with Mireille Mathieu and Iran in the 70's was particularly attracting Western musicians more from Europe than the US of course. As a matter of fact a famous Pop star in France Mike Brant was discovered in Iran where he used to perform in a rock band in an Iranian Restaurant. He was actually Israelian but had a great voice and a French Star Sylvie Vartan discovered him in a disco in Tehran and produced him in France where he became the French Elvis Presely. He died unfortunately in  tragic circumstances but became a kind of cult singer of his generation.


Joe Dassin another French American singer also came to Iran and performed several times in the 70's.

But OK I give you credit that this is the first time that a major Western Artist sings with an Iranian Band. I prefer this than nothing at all, I am just irritated by the distorted message that makes De Burge Think that he is singing with a typical Iranian band where Women truly like to put on a veil ( which is probably not even the case) and that it is in our culture or an ethnic reality and not something imposed on them.

Also I wonder if this was recorded outside Iran would the girls take off their veil ? After All Shirine Ebadi does so when she is out of the country. Those who keep it on outside Iran are either afraid or simply a little brainwashed ...

But well I only wish them success, its just that it is not my cup of tea.




Thank you Irandokht; How

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

Thank you Irandokht; How come we see and hear of peaceful coexistence so little? People, can't we just share more of goodness we all deserve and possess!?!
Just Beautiful!



by tara (not verified) on

they are such nice group in Iran they cant travel thats why you dont know them.


Boy...THIS IS GREAT.......

by Emil (not verified) on



Great choice of video

by cyrus- (not verified) on


another great selection , and don't worry about Kadivar's comments. He always has to scream here and there telling everyone that he knows better.


Very cool!

by Mersedeh on

Thank you IRANdokht for sharing this video...By the way, now that we are ham kheili dooset daram! :) I think this video is great for lots of reasons. For one, it reminds me of those 80s' style collaborations between artists which always had such a "feel-good" effect and served to unify people and I think that is really the intention here. Secondly, it shows Arian coming out of Iran and working with Western artists which is also all in all terrific! Thankx



by lotfan (not verified) on

loved it! thanks. you said it faramarz,

"...please don't ruin the moment by bringing in discussions of Iran, political or otherwise into this beautiful moment of collaboration..."

jahanshah joon what we all do without you??? you rock. :)


Who is Arian?

by live in us (not verified) on

Never heard of this group...who the hell is their singer with this terrible voice? Anyway Chris de burg is at the end of his career... lol



by AlikA (not verified) on

Many thanks to Chris De Burgh, many thanks to Arian Band and many thanks to anyone made this to happen! This is a great moment in the history of music.

CHRIS, thank you so much again for making this to happen... you and your voice are great treasures to today's world!

I have always loved your voice... hope to see you and Arian Band together in a live concert!?



I loved it.

by Tahirih on

Thanks Irandokht, I really like arian group ,and Chris de Burgh . Having them singing together was a treat.




Please don't ruin the moment

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Thank you IranDokhth for sharing. This was great music no matter how you look at it. But please don't ruin the moment by bringing in discussions of Iran, political or otherwise into this beautiful moment of collaboration. Kudos to Chirs de Burge.

I wonder who approached who first and why? Anyone know?

David ET

Thank you Iran-dokht for sharing

by David ET on

We need more "I love you" and "dooset daram" between nations.

A beautiful co-performance by a progressive band in IR



Curmudgeon speaks

by Anonymous-this (not verified) on

Mr. Kadivar you have Chris de Burge recording in Iran with these guys, for god’s sake. The music is professionally done and sounds fine, maybe not my cup of tea, but the fact that this is allowed and people are doing it is remarkable. Ok, Googoosh and Martik were cool too but they weren’t exactly earth shattering either. Kadivar’s attitude reminds me of those who slammed the Iranian cinema when it first started making noise in the early 90’s. Give it time. This is pretty subversive stuff.