Iran's Oscar Victory Over Israel?

Jon Stewart's Daily Show


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John Stewart is coming out of his shell

by iranvatan on

It is interesting how Americans Jewsih polpulation is so devoted to the state of Israel.

You have a organization such as AIPAC that is similiar to Hezbollah and Hamas but looks modern in appearance.

 His comparison between an Iranian citizen, Iranian Terrorist Regime and Apartheid State of Israel is astonishing.

He like many other Israeli Jewish supporters in USA would love to drop the nuclear Bomb on Iran and kill the Iranian people, the same people who rescued them from the Romans.

I am amazed how much they can do and say and cause wars.

It is our fault the Iranian, We are disconnect from reality and don't understand the  meanining of solidarity, patriotism and nationalsim.


One Iran for all Iranians

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

I watched the video you had mentioned again and suddenly realized Mr Soufan's talk about Iran, Iranians, terrorism, etc. was not that spontaneous after all, thanks for the link. 


Anytime you ready Israel

by Sialashgar on

Bring it on.



It is there

by Rastin on

Look closer, Azarbijan is there (although a little dark).

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory (courtesy of Bavafa)



See for your self!

by Peace on

@bahman1st  and  iraj khan

look at the the clip I posted!

iraj khan

A Few

by iraj khan on

Impressions that may have been left on one

after watching the clip:

A Jew Boy (no disrespect intended) Bragging to an Iranian Pasdar or somebody in the regime of Iran.

He could be heard saying:

"We are better than you, we get the girls, we get to make the big movies, we get the, etc.)

He should have mentioned: "...We Get The Land Too".

To him Iranians are fair games now.

Bahman1st: you asked a good question: What happened to Azarbijan?


It's all politics!

by Peace on


Iran's Oscar Victory Over Israel?

by bahman1st on

Look at the Iran map he is showing, what happened to Azarbijan?


Jon is very funny indeed

by Azarbanoo on

Thanks for posting,.