Women's movement

For equality and human rights

Iranian women’s rights activists are initiating a wide campaign demanding an end to legal discrimination against women in Iranian law. The Campaign, “One Million Signatures Demanding Changes to Discriminatory Laws,” which aims to collect one million signatures to demand changes to discriminatory laws against women, is a follow-up effort to the peaceful protest of the same aim, which took place on June 12, 2006 in Haft-e Tir Square in Tehran. Preparation activities in support of this campaign commenced in June of 2006 and the campaign will be officially launched on August 27, during a seminar entitled: “The Impact of Laws on Women’s Lives.” >>> www.we-change.org/english


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Iranian women have lots of rights in Iran

by John Carpenter (not verified) on

Iranian women have lots of rights in Iran. Don't be lied to. Iranian Women are having so much fun in Iran.


"Iranian women can only bring this beast down"

by Iran First (not verified) on

This is our only hope. Savagery against this half of our Iranian population is extremely more frightening.


See our saviors

by AMIR NORMANDI (not verified) on

More images of brave daughters of Iran in action.


I see our aviors

by Amir Normandi (not verified) on

For our Saviors the women of Iran that shall establish democracy with their methodical perseverance.
Thanks to brave daughters of Iran.


Shole zard Pazan Va Ashe Nazri!

by Antibullshit (not verified) on

Let's campaign to dismantle the IR constitution and have a new constitution based on Human Rights Declaration then everything might fall in its rightful place...

Please go to www.nahidroxan.blogspot.com



Men and Women are equal in the sight of God

by Mona 19 (not verified) on

Men and women are equal in the sight of God and that there is no distinction to be made between them. The only difference between them now is due to lack of education and training.

Woman’s lack of progress and proficiency has been due to her need of equal education and opportunity. Had she been allowed this equality, there is no doubt she would be the counterpart of man in ability and capacity.

The happiness of mankind will be realized when women and men coordinate and advance equally, for each is the complement and helpmeet of the other.


We need to have this covered in the media

by Tahirih (not verified) on

I agree with"Board Iranian dude".Instead of arguing with each other we should try to get this campain coverd in the media .Equality of men and women is relevent to all Iranians ,and the concept is not exclusive to any specific group.
This could be the common goal that can brings the beast down!!!!!!!


God has spoken again !

by Tahirih (not verified) on

God has created all creatures in couples. Man, beast, or vegetable, all the things of these three kingdoms 161 are of two sexes, and there is absolute equality between them.

In the vegetable world there are male plants and female plants; they have equal rights, and possess an equal share of the beauty of their species; though indeed the tree that bears fruit might be said to be superior to that which is unfruitful.
In the animal kingdom we see that the male and the female have equal rights; and that they each share the advantages of their kind.

Now in the two lower kingdoms of nature we have seen that there is no question of the superiority of one sex over the other.
In the world of humanity we find a great difference; the female sex is treated as though inferior, and is not allowed equal rights and privileges. This condition is due not to nature, but to education.
In the Divine Creation there is no such distinction. Neither sex is superior to the other in the sight of God.
Why then should one sex assert the inferiority of the other, withholding just rights and privileges as though God had given His authority for such a course of action? If women received the same educational advantages as those of men, the result would demonstrate the equality of capacity of both for scholarship.


Khoda komaketon bokone

by Bored Iranian dude (not verified) on

We had gathered signatures for this campaign in our town, I never knew so many iranians lived here lol, anyways, I hope they can push for a shift, this should be covered in the media in the west!! This is what we need to see on television, not republican guard boats fishing besides american warships!!