Vali Nasr

Charlie Rose interview on Iran-U.S. tensions

A discussion about the new U.S. intelligence on Iran's nuclear activities on the Charlie Rose show with Vali Nasr, Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy of Tufts University and David Sanger, White House correspondent for The New York Times.


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by Sangkak on


...would be a better title for this. He serves the imperialist Council on Foreign Relations.

Don't be fooled.






Question for Alborzi .....??

by KavehP (not verified) on

Just wondering if you consider the funding and arming of Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Mahdi Army in Iraq and Hamas in Palestine by IRI as their imperialist threat?

Do you consider Hamas, Hezbollah and Mahdi Army as IRI imperialist collaborators?

Fellow Alborzi (class of 62)


Am I mistaking

by Mozhy (not verified) on

I am confused. If anyone says anything that might not be Bush's views then he/she is labeled as Islamic or fascist. OK let's say that u disagree with him, why not state you facts or opinion rather than just labeling him. That way we will all use media as a learning tool. Does this make sense? It is not hard to say why he is wrong than say he is a mullah supporter. Takes the same amount of time, but maybe not the same amount of intelligence ;)


Anonymous11: You are forgetting Israel government

by Mehdi on

Israel government (not the people) is also a corrupt regime but they do it "nicely." They do it with fancy Mosad agents and they have media power to cover up their crimes. A lot of tension in the area is ACTUALLY caused by Israel. You can't ignore such factors and only blame one source of problem.


Even if IRI had a perfect

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

Even if IRI had a perfect record on human rights and democracy, it is still a corrupt and thieving government which should be toppled. The thieving mullahs are jeopardizing the prosperty of future generation of IRanians by mismanging and depleting Iran's oil resources wherein 20 years there will be no more oil left. They are auctioning off the gas to the lowesst bidders and have given the Caspian Sea to the Russian to get nukes and millions of other instances of plundering resources and oil revenues and giving it to Russian, Chinese, Lebanese, Hamas, Hezballah, etc.....This is much worse than having to wear hejab or not having equal rights.


US and UN Violating International Law

by Mehdi on

The fact is that the US and the UN are violating the international law (NPT). They just don't have the courage to say it openly that they now find that the NPT regulations and the international law in this regard are not enough when they try to apply it ot Iran or any country they don't trust. Things would have been a lot clearer if they clearly stated this, just like this guy (the American guy) explained nicely and in a "politically correct way." The fact is that the main issue here is "trust" and not international law. The US and UN should simply admit that, so that there is no confusion. Otherwise Israel has nuclear weapons and is not even interested to be part of NPT! Yet because it is trusted by US and UN, nobody brings up an issue with them. I think if the "international community" clarified that they simply don't trust the IRI and that they now realize that the international law and NPT regulations are inadequate, a lot of confusion would disappear and the door would be opened for a realistic resolution. No matter what we think of IRI, it is dishonest of the UN and the West to not openly announce this.


Vali Nasr is not supporing

by whateveryouwannacallme (not verified) on

Vali Nasr is not supporing the Islamic Gov. of Iran. And even if he is, Good for him. There is a democracy in Iran and every one knows it. There is no such thing as a perfect democracy. Some might argure that there is no democracy in US with strong arguments such as the power of the Lobyists and the inforcement of two party system. Of course there are lots of problems with the Gov. of Iran, as well as the people of Iran, but that doesn't mean we should hate Iran's current Gov. with all its short comings. Lot of people are trying to fix the problems, for example getting rid of the supreme leader. These things will happen in time, but in Iran's time not on any foreign Government's time. Iran now is an Idependant coutnry and makes decissions's for itself and it's not under pressure from any other Government, like most of the countries in the region. That is very important. If a Gov. is not idependant, then forget about anything else.


Nasr is

by MRX on

islamo facist with suite and tie that's all. I take regualr mullah with amameh and aba any time over chareltons like him!


Beware of Alzheimer

by Alborzi (not verified) on

One of the symptoms of Alzheimer is repeating oneself.
So you might have a neurologist see you. Thats a free consultation. Now before the symptoms sets in I have to answer you: Imperialism did not end because of France/English
Christian values, the people of India struggled for years and finally achieved those. Now for some education "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights,", now you declare what is going/not going to happen.
Just like your Shah (the idiot coward)


Alborzi: Do you really think

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

Alborzi: Do you really think "imperialist" are going to sit idle so you vile and rag-tag muslim bandits and raiders could establish your own caliphate? I hate to break it to you, it ain't going to happen. Prepare for martyrdom, you filthy misogynist, pedophilic worshipper, Heavenly brothel seeking with 72 virgins up in the sky.


There should be no doubt

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The action of France is so transparent, any neutral observer could understand that it is an imperialist threat and
meant to remind Iran of Portuguese move hundreds of years ago. France has become the new poodle for GW. The imperialists have their own collaborators and they try to "swift boat" any intellectual analysis. Otherwise when making/planning new WMD, while lecturing IR is just plain absurd.


Vanaki che bi-namaki

by Mochgir (not verified) on

Not surprised you support Nasr. He is, like you, an IRI ass-kisser.


Big Powers to Meet in Berlin

by Anonymousq (not verified) on

Big Powers to Meet in Berlin Next
Week on Iran


In a major strategic shift, France is setting up its first permanent naval base in the Gulf, just across from Iran, President Nicolas Sarkozy announced during a visit Tuesday to the United Arab Emirates.


Vali Nasr is ACE

by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

His analysis is intelligent and his facts are viable.