Sex scandal in Toyserkan

Religious official caught with someone else's wife

(ADULT CONTENT -- ACTUAL SEX SCENES). Hojatoleslam Hasan Golestani, a religious official in Toyserkan, caught on camera having sex with a co-worker's wife. From "Goftaniha" blog. You can download the video here.



Huh.  I thought there

by desi on

Huh.  I thought there weren't any gays in Iran.



So they will be stoning the

by IW (not verified) on

So they will be stoning the woman because she is married and had sex with other man?


A serious question for islamists:

by Anonymous Misha (not verified) on

I was wondering if this Haaj-agha Ayatollah-to-be Marja-Taghlid-to-be Hojjatoleslam would still qualify to get his 72 virgins in heaven?

How many of those virgins are going to be struck from his menu due to his act here. I would say that he should receive no more than 71.5 virgins because he has already consumed one not-so-virgin (worth about half as much as a virgin) in his mortal life, leaving him with only 71.5 virgins for his after-life.

Darius Kadivar

Le Roi Est Mort, VIVE LE ROI ! ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Absolutely Super !!!! Keep it UP Hojatoleslam!!

by on

Absolutely Super !!!! Keep it UP Hojatol-eslam!!

So so funny!!  Rapidshare file hosting has not been able to keep up with the huge number of people that want to download the clip.





Darius Kadivar

Now this is what I call Reform ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Speaking of Dignity ...




Holy caw

by Mehbod (not verified) on

BJ, French kiss, doggy style. This guy must have a big collection of porn. I hate this MF Islamist. Do you agree that both should be stoned to death? It's the law after all, their own law that is.


I am perplexed and disgusted

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

As much as I hate the Mullahs and Hizbolahis and hope their destruction soon and their eradication from my country.

I am also against invasion and intrusion on someone's life and their privacy.

It is Okay to blow the whistle but not that extend and exposure.

They have done more disgusting and heinous crime against the Iranian people that we should expose and talk about.

The women will be stoned, I don't know about the man.

But that is someone's life.


The Thread Hokm

by Hoji Vaghiholeslam (not verified) on

The office of Hojatoleslam Vaghiholeslam issued this news a moment ago:

" Concerning the Thread issue in adultery a brother had a holy question which we showed to the Great Hojatoleslam and here is His Majesty's written reply:

Assalamualazena alkhasseh Mohassaneh:

When there is suspicion of adultery, you can only prove adultery in the laws of barbarism (different from noon barbari) only by:

1- having 4 actual witnesses who have seen the act being committed IN THE SCENE! Otherwise NO proof, hence NO adultery committed and all the claimants must be whipped to death for accusing an honorable hojattoleslam valmuslemin.

2- Even if there were 4 actual witnesses in the actual scene to witness the act, how could they be sure the act was committed? It is impossible for a hojatoleslam from the vali vaghih office to actually commit a great scene like Zena according to all texts.

So, The only way to be hundred percent sure and to avoid the deceit of human eyes which often makes you see the wrong things as proven in various occasions, there must been 2 of the witnesses who have USED the thread (any thread could be used, Islam is not fussy about the type or material of the threat) in this manner:

They should approach the suspects while committing the act and try to pass the thread in between their sensitive parts (shame forbids us to mention the names of the 2 organs in public) to make sure the thread acutally does not pass from in between the organs.

If the thread passed, no act of adultery is committed and thus the honorable suspects are redeemed from any suspicion and the claimants must be whipped to death in public so as to stop future claimants of dishonour to accuseimam jomehs and holy men of God. And this is going to be a good lesson for all future kafirs to avoid accusing holy men of vali vaghih.

vassalamuh ala manetabazena alkhasseg mohassaneh, va rahmatullah,

23 zihajatul halal 1417- Qumolmoghadasseh
Hojatoleslam Vaghiholeslam"


Need help from our resident islamists...

by Anonymous mashaallah (not verified) on

Where is our professor chemist islamist to explain if this mulla has secured his place in heaven with khomeini or not and how this should be treated according to wonderful shia islam sharia.

This is the islam that has been imposed on iranians for 1400 years, nothing less, nothing more. That is why that stinking 1400 year old corpse does not flow in the same river with iranian identity.


No Ordinary Affair

by Knows-nuf-2b-dangrs (not verified) on

I don't want to see this video. The description is enough for me to know what's inside.

Do you realize this man stands ahead of a group of people who do group prayers everyday? Do you realize he leads Friday prayers of hundreds of people? Are you aware that people "consult" with him about their shariaa questions? That he supervises people who are "guiding" others on what a good Moslem does?

And do you know that that woman MUST be a fati komando, showing up in demonstrations, group prayers, and "amr-e-be-maroof" activities? She must have the tightest hejab anyone has seen. I'm sure she regularly attends jalasaat-e-qoran and is quite possibly capable of reading it aloud.

Adultery is one of the major sins in Islam. If it is done by two married people, becoming a zena-ye mohseneh, it is punishable by stoning and execution as prescribed and condoned by the same animals who are now caught in bed together.

This is bigger than anything else you guys. This is even bigger than the Police Chief's fiasco, because the women he was forcing into sex were prostitutes and if they were married, it was never known or announced. This woman is married to another hezbollahi, an official. Though it's likely that the shameless mullah will get away with it, I doubt the woman will. This is big.



by Anonymousaw (not verified) on

I don’t understand! Please explain in more detail. What do you mean by “pass the THREAD in between...?”
Is there a particular thread that is used for this purpose?
What do you mean by sensitive parts?
I am assuming since this is a sexual act it is meant to be in between vagina and penis. In that case “the” THREAD is passed in between what? They stand close to each other and “the” THREAD is passed between them?
What kind of THREAD is this?
Is this like a holy THREAD?
How big is the diameter of this THREAD?
I’m assuming it’s a large diameter THREAD. I don’t even know what to make of the rest of this.


No Thread, No adultery, remember the rules!

by Hoji Vaghiholeslam (not verified) on

This is not 'enough' to 'prove' the adultery according to barbaric laws (don't mix it with noon barbari, please) because:

1- you need to actually pass the THREAD in between the sensitive parts of th 2 suspects to see if the thread passes or stops, if it stops (indicating the penetration has truly occured), the adultary is proven, otherwise if the thread passes through, the act is NOT completed, hence no actual adultery is done. Then the 2 suspects are exempt from any suspicion and actually they should be REWARDED for 'approaching' the act but not 'committing' it.

and remember the rule: The more you approach the act but not commit it the more you become near to God!

So these 2 suspected mohassaneh must be rewarded highest in this world and the next and the one after the next according to the laws of barbarism (and don't mix it with noon babari please!)

wassalumo alaikum va adultery alaikom va rahmatullah

23 zihajatul halal 1417- Qumolmoghadasseh
Hojatoleslam Vaghiholeslam


Anonymous Holocaust Denier

by kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

or should i say fact denier, you are laugh my friend. What the hell has zionist to do with this...Maybe next time you should ask your Imam mahdi and bring him as eye witness ;)

Arash Monzavi-Kia

Hafez knew these guys so well !

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

وا عظان کین جلوه در محراب و منبر می‌‌کنند

چون به خلوت میروند آن کار دیگر می‌‌کنند

مشکلی‌ دارم ز دانشمند مجلس باز پرس

توبه فرمایان چرا خود توبه کمتر می‌‌کنند

گوییا باور نمیدارند روز داوری

کین همه دغل و ریا در کار داور می‌‌کنند



I couldn't open this file

by Anonymous Computer Dummy (not verified) on

I'm very much interested in sextual behavior of animals, but unfortunately I could not open this file. I even tried to download a program from online to open this file, however I'm not computer literate but very much interested in animals. Can someone help me please. I need desperately to watch this video.


sex is healthy

by kianosh sarmamoni (not verified) on

hummm, come on guys religious men need to have fun too. are you jealous because he found a sex partner without spending any emotional or moral commitment to his society? at least he is not killing someone expect bringing a basterred to this world. there are millions of religious folks who are doing it every minute, you and I are unfortunately have to watch the video and suffer. :)

Kouroush Sassanian


by Kouroush Sassanian on

This is not right! When I lived in Iran Iranian women did not readily perform BJs.  Well, I suppose Iranian women have changed in the last three decades for the better! :)

Is stoning in order for them?


four eyewitnesses

by Anonymous Holocaust Denier (not verified) on

One video is not equal to four eyewitnesses as required by Quran, so this man has absolutely done nothing, nothing wrong, unless four eyewitnesses could be brought forth.

Zionists could’ve easily fabricated this video. They already fabricated a document showing one of Iran’s Ministers has an advanced degree from a prestigious university, and a video showing Ahmadinejad speaking of seeing a hallo of light in the UN. This stuff is so easy for the occupiers of Quads to make. The man in the video doesn’t even look like Hojatoleslam Hassan Golestani. He looks more like a Jew than a Muslim. Hojatoleslam Hassan Golestani is a lot more vigorous than him, a lot more.


خیام میگه:


شیخی به زنی فاحشه گفتا مستی    هر لحظه به دام دگری پابستی
گفتا‫، شیخا هر آنچه گویی هستم     آیا تو چنان که می نمایی هستی‫؟


حاجى زرد آلو ها رو به تكون

فرامرز (not verified)

And she is singing:
حاجى يه تكون...حاجى دو تكون...حاجى زرد آلو ها رو به تكون

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

This is priceless.

I can't stop laughing at this.



امیر کبیر (not verified)

انتظار دارید ما چند دلار هم بپردازیم که عمل شنیع این عنصر کثیف آن جمهوری فاسد را نگاه کنیم؟

دیگر چه دیدن دارد. شما دویست سال زنای به عنف انگلستان بر کشورتان و مام میهن را نادیده میگیرید و زیر سبیل در میدهید، ولی وقتی یک زنا در قالب بسیار کوچکتر اتفاق میافتد جنجال بپا میکنید.

این مردک لیاقت وزارت دارد و بیخود وقتش را در مسجد تلف کرده است. باید او را وزیر دفاع ملی کنند.


What no condoms???

by protection (not verified) on

Maybe she had a female condom on!



by long dong silver (not verified) on

This poor bastard has a very poor technique. Needs serious help


COme On.

by Kourosh S (not verified) on

He is performing a Blessing act on the soul of this poor Bandeh.
Cut the guy some slacks.