Sex scandal in Toyserkan

Religious official caught with someone else's wife

(ADULT CONTENT -- ACTUAL SEX SCENES). Hojatoleslam Hasan Golestani, a religious official in Toyserkan, caught on camera having sex with a co-worker's wife. From "Goftaniha" blog. You can download the video here.



sign of progress IRI style

by MRX1 (not verified) on

during time of shah we had to rely on imported porn. now have domesticaly produced one.with a little luck hopefully we can become major exporter of porn.that should reduce our reliance from oil.


This Video Clip is Bogus made in Los Angeles

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

The fat guy looks familiar. I have seen this fat guy on Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles. This fat guy usually begs for money from any and every Iranian that passes by. I am not making this stuff up. I just wonder where that bum got the money to get an Iranian prostitute.


He made his own movie

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

I think he made this movie himself and as you can see he makes sure that he has the best position for camera ( disgusting for others). Too bad for him that the movie leaked out. Reminds me of Paris Hilton.


Whoever took this, was a brave person !!

by Arghavan (not verified) on

Thats a good question! I am curious too.
It is obvious it was not a stationary camera. It looks more like a phone camera ( due to the quality).
How the person entered his house unless is a family member! and the person should be so brave for doing this! Can imagin what would happen to him/her if got by this mullah!!


who recorded this

by faryad (not verified) on

beside hating this guy for what he stands and agreeing to all the posts below (condeming his acts and wondering where learned all these moves):

who took this video? I am not sure whether the camera was stationary and hidden, it looks like it is moving...

anyone is following what is going to happen to this guy?
is this guy known in his town or something?

The many positions of a mollah ..

by on

Funny one of the comments saying the guy is like a professional porn star.

Definitly the guy showed way more sex skills than I would have expected from a fat mollah.

Lets see: They start with a rather raw and kinky blow job.   Then they try to do it pony style. Then missionary style with her on top.  Finally they do it in the more normal position, though given the guys huge weight it was actually the scariest part of the clip. More so, since the audio works really well.

I'm glad the person who took the movie didn't get caught. Imagine if that big bearded mollah catches you in his house!!! Major bone breaking.

I can't believe these people that do not want to watch the video.

It is fun!!!   At least watch the first 4 minutes while they have their clothes on.





Fake porn clip

by Former Mullah (not verified) on

I know that some Mullahs do what they tell others not to do,but he defineyly is not a Mullah.He keep changing his sexual position just like a porn star and he had too much pubic hair for a Mullah.They supposed to keep it short.His pubic hair was so long that they could make a hairpiece out of it.


he does not look like a mullah

by jealous joe (not verified) on

he is in his twenties with muscular body!? I did not know mullahs look muscular!? I was expecting a big belly. This is a difficult position for men who do not exercise, he looks more like a special forces cadet from afghanistan and hungry for some unusual sex actions. by the way did anyone see the video and see if he says something like; in the name of almighty.....and he races to the cave of wonders.of her....


Now it is time for an innovative IRI corruption: plagiarism

by Anonymous Misha (not verified) on

Massoumeh Ebtekar, the ex-hostage taker, the ex-VP of Khatami, the practicing moslim, the revolutionary,... in action:



zena ye mohseneh

by soopoor (not verified) on

اخ اخ شوهر ِ زن ِ بد بخت شد.چون اون رو مى برن زندان به جاى حاج آقا و بعدم چون هر دو مرد هستن،خانم رو سنگسار ميكنن


Yes…Mullahs F#@*k too…

by Saman on

It’s not shocking to see a hairy dude take off his turban and place his Johnson inside his homeboys’ wife’s shrine! It’s shocking not to see it more often. Clean part of this was...this was a consensual act between 2 adults … not the commonly Amoo Ghasem playing with doctor with little Amir-Ali!

Violence, prostitution, child molestation, adultery and religion (deception) go back thousands of years regardless of ethnicity. These crimes sometimes surface in solo acts … and sometimes in combo acts to spice it up for the individual!

Welcome to 21 century and the world of internetZ. If the creator actually existed, he’d eventually get caught too.


That's a chick?  I thought

by desi on

That's a chick?  I thought that was a dude?  That's what I get for not reading or watching.  I'm too scared to watch this.  I think I'd be traumatized for life.


The Uglier & the Dirtier the more it sells

by Ex porn star (not verified) on

According to the latest news Hollywood studios are competing for future acts.
The couple has received multiple lucrative job offers.
I can’t wait for the sequel!!!

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I downloaded it, but I deleted it after watching it. Once was more than enough.

It's not that I'm a prude, but these two people are so unattractive I couldn't bear the thought of watching them bump uglies again.

I would recommend this video be used as a tool (no pun intended) for teaching abstinence in public schools. I mean honestly, there should be a law against ugly people doing it.

David ET

Nothing surprising

by David ET on

There is nothing new about this act. Most Mullahs do everything that they tell others not to do from sex and prostitution (sigheh or not) , many do child abuse (bachbaaz), many do drugs (primarily opium), may involve in corruption (reshveh) and many drink alcohol.

This has been going on for years and this ONE got caught...

Even those who claim this film is fake , still can not deny that Mullahs do these things and not any saints or better than others.

The major problem with them is that They tell others not to do the same things that they do and they even punish others for that from prison to floging to stoning and executions... 




American Wife

great... just great

by American Wife on

Just about the only interesting thing on IC right now and I can't download it. 

Desi... were you able to?  I went to the link but there was this free/premium download thingie which kept saying it had run out of time or some such nonsense.  Probably for the

But it just sounds so..... funny...:-)


فيلم سكسي

Anonymous get real (not verified)

دوستان چرا تعجب ميكنيد؟
فقط حيف كه 90 دقيقه اي نبود عالي بود

اگه دقت كنيد در سرتاسر فيلم خانومه بارها به سمت دوربين نگاه مي كنه . يعني مي دونه كه اينجا دوربينه این دوربین در حال حرکت کردنه. زومش تغییر می کنه.فيلم با دقت نگاه كنيد مي فهميد .
دو انسان بالغ خود مي دانند چه هستند و چه مي خواهند
یه کمی فکر کنیم و ببینیم ما برای چی به اینجا اومدیم؟ حداقل به خودمون دروغ نگیم.

بهرحال ول كن اين حرفارو بچسب به فیلم

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

SMHB.....when you really reach. Your tendons and ligaments must be made of some sort of high-quality elastic, because your comments are a stretch, to say the least.

What on earth does this video have to do with the monarchy?

This video does not show any member of the monarchy engaged in the acts shown. It depicts an individual who is supposedly a cleric having sex with the wife of another man.

Plain and simple, cut and dry. That is that.

Coerced? She's on her knees going at his shriveled doodool like it's the last skewer of kabab she'll ever taste in her life. (which if she's convicted and punished, it may very well be).

What's astonishing is that you're actually trying to justify this! Who are the people who made these allegations against members of the monarchy? People like the miserable fat-f**k in this video, that's who.

At least you said one thing that's agreeable, concerning the fact that there were decent people who worked in the government back then.

Since when is it in our culture to sleep with another man's wife?

No one is calling this a moral victory for the opposition. This is just a video of some IRI clown getting laid. The rest of the 75 million in Iran are just getting f**ked.



How she could get in action with such ugly with big stomach guy?

by NY (not verified) on

I am not surprized by religious men having sex with other women. I am just wondering how that woman in the video could get into action with such ugly, nasty guy with big stomach? sure there is many handsome guys out there who are willing to have fun with her.



by darius on

What this posting has to do with Shah ?When did Shah flogged and stoned people for drinking or dancing  or etc .

I dare you to take arm , go under ground and try to fight USA government or any other one .They all do what Shah did,it has been

happening  for yrs even as we speaking.

Shah is dead ,gone and he is not part of ongoing suffering. What these people are doing is what Shah never dreamed or dare to do.


We are talking  about a group of people who are not only stealing country's wealth, diginity and it culture but torturing people under any cirumstance.

I do understand  the fact that we should not intrude peoples privacy,

but this man impose,approves   harsh punishment and death ,when others acts is as  hardly as offensive as what he is doing.




Some notes: - I watched the

by Anonymous5 (not verified) on

Some notes:

- I watched the full 13 minutes of the Rapidshare file. At first I had thought that somebody had planted the camera and gone away, but then there is a section where the camera actually moves a bit and zoomes. Therefore I think an actual person was hiding in the room while this was going on.

- The video is very clear and long and both of their faces are very clear in several segments. Additionally it has "sound" so their voices help to identify them even further. What accent is that? Sounded so traditional?

- The man is FAT and out of shape!!! Like most of these akhunds.

- Was that a bag of condoms he drops on the floor?

- That blog that is linked and has a stream of the video, only shows the first "light" part of the video. To see the whole thing, you need to download the 3gp file from Rapidshare.


Everyone here does not hesitate to blame Islam~

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

Mullas are humans just like us. Some practice the words they preach some don't.

It seems that this guy doesnt. He committed adultery while many Catholic priests abused little boys and Christian pastors get male hooker.

Should be jump to conclusion and blame and insult their religion which billions of others believe or should we just blame and insult them?

Be more logical people!


I feel very sad for the woman

by Alireza Rahbari (not verified) on

I hope she escapes the stoning. As a mater of a fact, she should be freed. Woman in general are easy targets. They can also get threatened or intimidated and drawn into this kind of acts.
As for men, almost 90% if not more are adulterers and everyone knows that. Some even think it is ok if men do it. This is our people and our culture. Too bad.


Read Khandaniha Blog( Ghalam doon)

by darius on

Based on what the blog says,the lady is an employee of IRI secret

service. If the statement , is true then,usually this  Organization have a department that on regular basis follow and document their employees movement. This is a standard practice in any secret service.This is done to make sure their employees are not in contact with foreign  agents or practice behaviours that ultimately make them  vunerable to pass the secrets to enemy .So naturally this female employee must have been under watchful eyes.

As wo has leaked the video out  falls my guess is

1-Oppositon groups has infiltrated the the IRI and passing the information.

2-There is an inside struggle between different groups within IRI and

these tape are used to pressure the other side.

3.It must have been act of an honest employee within IRI who

beleives the governemnt leaders are corupt.

4-There is nothing wrong with posting of the video,as the blogger says it correctly,they are doing barabric punishment on  public for minor offenses ( per IRI,I don't call them offense) when themselves deserve to be hanged immediately for their atrocities.

5-I think at least they should have digitally blurred the females face and show the guy face only.I am not sure if the woman will not be killed by angry relatives or the husband.

6-I watched the video clip ,it seems the woman is a willful part of the


7.I don't know posting this makes a lot of buzz in Iran,people know what is going on, but pressure and facing  daily challenges leave them no time to do anything  about it.But that day is coming ,IRI

will collapse not by his enemies but by his own corruption and falsehood.

I do beleive this clip is authentic ,but Ihave one doubt. just one question ,How did the person who set up the camera knew that he will do her in the living room?The wife wasn't home so why didn't he do it in the bedroom.


I think we all should save this clip and e-mail it to Khamenei's Office

and let him know that he is turning the country into a Brothel by his 

fellow mullahs and remind him what awaits him (soon or late).


Im really surprised at some

by smhb on

Im really surprised at some of the comments here. Sorta didnt expect it, but then again me fellow persians are always full of surprises.

Now, what part of our culture tells us to glee over someone elses moral depravity and misfortune?

Would it have anything to do with the fact that the former Shah was a playboy and a pimp? Or maybe her sister Princess Ashraf was a known whore and a drug dealer? Perhaps we should ask all those young ladies that the Shah used to have sex with. Do I need to mention names here?

What about Mr. Rajavi? Oooooops, sorry.

In western democracies we have the recent episode of democratic presidential candidate senator John Edwards. Or the NY attorney general or for that matter Bill Clinton.

It seems to me that we can find hypocrites in all walks of life and race, color, religion, and gender has notyhing to do with it.

Whats really disturbing to me is that this woman most probably was coerced into this by the mentioned rohani. I suspect they will both be punished according to the law of the land as it should be.

But please stop with these moronic, idiotic commentaries as if this constitutes a moral victory for the bankrupt opposition who is outside of the country.

Just because the monarchy was corrupt and the monarch was a paid CIA agent doesnt mean everyone who worked in the governement was like that too. On the contrary there were a lot of decent human beings back then as there are now who beleived in what they do and did it well.

Good luck to all. 










Hypocrisy of conservatives

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

Hypocrisy of conservatives revealed one more time, people keep catching these mullahs assholes over there and defender of family values, republicans that is, over here. Hope to see a mullah gay sex video, you know, Ted Haggart or Jeff Gannon style.


Nothing is sacred!

by ghalam-doon on

I didn't watch the video. I'm not interested in porn. But from the picture, I can guess the whole video is blurry.


Does anyone know who took this video or whether the two persons who appear
to be engaged in a consensual sexual activity, are in fact the ones who were
claimed to be in the blog.

I found this entry very offensive, but hey, "nothing is sacred,"
even if it means posting a porn video that if was proven to be wrong, could mean
defamation of  character, no matter how
much one might dislike “akhoond jemaiat.”


Where are our IRI appologists like .......

by curly (not verified) on

so many that we know on this site to explain this.
I am sure this is a zionist plot !! to belittle our great leaders!!!
I hope the sex was good , since it looks like she will die for it , and he will get a slap on his fat wrist. So sad.


Darius Kadivar

by choghok on

 You are a very intelligent person and I enjoy your articles about cinema but please stop this tahoot parasti on Iranian.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim



by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

The disgusting mullah as usual has a big belly, is that not familiar, and most of the population in Iran is under weight now.