Persian, American wedding

Southern California

Beautiful Persian and American wedding. Gorgeous people united from two different cultures unite. No War - only Celebration. From belly dancers to bouquet tossing all in beautiful Southern California setting. Filmed by Lucas Brown Eyes and Edited by Lance Brown Eyes.


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another cute iranian girl.........gone.......

by hmmm (not verified) on

who is lucas and lance brown eyes? pretty dark video job, are they supposed to be some big shots???

the only clear thing was the music.


Persian wedding????????

by sasan (not verified) on

If it is a Persian wedding then why the Arabic music is used in background and why is koran on your Sofrehe Agad. You need to call it Arab-American wedding. Some Iranians don't know that they are Iranians and not Arabs. I hope you Iranian women know the meaning of the koran verses(segehe Agad) which is used in Iranian wedding ceremony. It has a very bad meaning!!!!!. Educate yourself about it.

Mona 19

A Wedding Wish...

by Mona 19 on

...Congratulations :)

Wishing you a
Beautiful Life a life time of Happiness!

To the Bride & Groom:

O FRIEND! In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love...

Love bears all things,Belive all things,Hopes all things,Endures all things...Love never fails.

Wishing you LOVE for Today and Always...and Thank for sharing your beautiful momens with us.

P.S. Desert Rose by Sting is very nice...Great Choice :))

Regards,Mona :)





very nice

by sohrab (not verified) on

very nice