Nuclear Iran & U.S. policy

Scott Ritter on Iranian nuclear program

Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector, was the single individual who, before the war, stuck his neck out stated that Iraq did NOT possess WMD. He was all over national TV with this message but was dismissed as heretic.


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Think again, because the

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

Think again, because the Jewish tradition and culture is so deeply rooted in American politics that it will never fade from the US. Instead, people in Iran have to start asking the question: "What the hell does it really matter to me (an an Iranian) if Israel exists or not, and is it really my concern to stick my nose into the Arab-Isrtaeli conflict?".


The problem is

by XerXes (not verified) on

The problem with Iran, US, and the middle east is Israel. that's what Israel preaches to the administration in the US, WAR, WAR and WAR. Hope US wakes up and throws AIPAC out of this country for good. America will survive and will stop her trillions of dollars in Israeli pockets, someday within this century.


The voice of reason

by Anonymous-this-AM (not verified) on

This ex-Marine has the guts to match his sober thinking. Clear headed thinking. If only the American media started to have him on more than all the patsies from the Cato Instiute and American Enterprise and all the other paid think tanks of Military-Industrial-Petrolume compolex. No matter what anyone thinks of the Mullahs, and I don't imagine Scott Ritter is any fan of them, these are the facts.