Tara Artemis Kamangar

Pianist and Composer

Tara Artemis Kamangar began private studies in classical piano and violin at the age of three in Merced, California. While in high school she placed first in several piano competitions, received the Paderewski Medal from the National Piano Guild. Tara attended Harvard University and received a BA with honors in Anthropology. At the same time she continued her piano studies with Victor Rosenbaum, Professor of Piano at the New England Conservatory, and served as president of the 300+ member Piano Society. Tara completed postgraduate studies in piano performance at London's Royal Academy of Music, as a recipient of the Katherine Bayfield Scholarship.

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Maryam Hojjat

TARA is a Proud IRANIAN!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I am proud of her as an Iranian artist who knows other Iranian musicians.



I can listen to you playing piano all day.

by pedro on

Shoosh, thank you for sharing, She is very talented.

Lets support our talaented iranians, buy their CD's, go to their concerts. Their talent is a window for the world to see and know Iranians better.

The world should wake up and look at Iranians with a diffrent eye. The stone aged Islamists in Iran can fill their pockets with all the oil money with the help of super powers of the world, but Tara's of Iran are there to show the world that although our beloved country is ripped apart because of it's wealth, history, and civilization, we are alive and will work hard toward the democracy for our Country. No matter where we are, we'll never stop loving Iran.

Thank you Tara, I am so proud of you and other accomplished Iranians.



by bluepiano2 on

Beautiful contribution. Thanks for posting this.