Memari Family

Fictional Iranian neighbors on Fox's "American Dad"

Their name is on the mailbox :o)


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American Dad

by Persianprez (not verified) on

Yes this is a messed up clip, but seriously, this is how Americans think, thats why Seth is making fun of them.

BTW, this is my video, I uploaded this to youtube months ago.


Hamidbak - you obviously haven't watched other episodes of AD

by William (not verified) on

American Dad is the creation of Seth MacFarlane who is vehemently anti-Right. His characters are meant to bring the sublime and stupid to the screen and mock it. In this case, Stan is a right-wing CIA ultra-nationalist who supposedly saw terrorist in ever foreigner. If this is how American's think, why then can you even walk down the street in teh country without being arrested and thrown in jail? How can Iranian communities all over America grow and prosper? I admit that some backwards people in America do take things too far, but they are a minority - compared to the rampant racism in the Middle East and underscored by the Editor-in-Chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi (UK) America is the paradise of freedom the Mullahs are so much against.


Funny, but..

by Niki on

I bet all kinds of deluded Iranians are upset because the Memari family is depicted as being "brown." Oh the horror!


This is funnuy

by KB on

If you can not find humor in this then you have issues.

Sure we have all had to face uncomfortable situations because of our looks, names etc but humor is the best way of dealing with ignorance.



by Roshanbeen (not verified) on

Ladan Khanoom;
You did well. until mustash, I know you are joking, but appearance shouldn't be source of discrimination.

Anonymous Iranian;

asking whether you think in english or Farsi is a legitimate, actually a bright question, esp for someone who does not speak another language which most people don't. Also, asking if there is 4 season? that is geography question and completly a legitimate one. Camel? or sand is racist and people who bring them up have ulterior motive or want to insult you, unless they are close friend and just want to joke.


> When it comes to discrimination, none beats Europe

by Another Lost Iranian in Paris (not verified) on

Guys, if you think you're being dicriminated in the U.S , come and spend some time in good old Europe. At the end of your trip, you'll consider youserlf very, very lucky.


Do you have 4 seasons in Iran?

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

I was asked one time by an American girl that if we have four seasons in Iran.Another girl asked me when I am thinking if I am thinking in Farsi or English.Another time people ask me if we have camels in Iran.I tell them we do have camels but only in some deserts.


Come on - be fair - there are lots of hope

by sbglobe on

Dear Hamid– let’s hope (in fact I know in my heart) that the fight between the two teams was nothing but a meaningless fight  between bunch of kids (since I do not know maybe bunch of grownup kids). The words of sore loser does not count.  

PS. I thought the 11 seconds vidoe was very funny and comedy is one way to communicate – just see the clip of Bill Maher (god Damm America) on top of main page on this site- very funny (and true)  


oh yeah i remember this one lol

by chalousroad on

Seth is a genius!!


That clip was about a nano

by desi on

That clip was about a nano second.  Agha Hamid, how did you deduce that this is the "true depiction of America"?  I haven't seen this particular episode, but family guy generally mocks the absurdity of ignorant people.   May be some Americans have feelings like this.  I can assure you that in Iran people not only make fun of Americans, they also burn the American flag and chant mean slogans about Americans.  As for soccer, well dude you signed up for that one.  Things get a bit heated on the field.  Have you been to a pub during an Arsenal vs. Man United game?  I think once I had a Scotch egg thrown at my forehead and that wasn't in the UK.  That was in SoCal.


dead on

by shirazie (not verified) on

you live in Tibron, Newport California or Lincoln Nebraska. You will hear this s#@$ from angry white trash

We "iranians" live in no man's land. some how we need get back home

ladan K


by ladan K on

It's exactly this type of humor which MOCKS this mentality and makes it unpopular at the grass roots level.   It's only when you can laugh it off that you do not dignify it. Your response(Hamid Jan) forces people to have to defend it.  Your response is what actually hurts the goal. 

 The same thing happend with "all in the family" when it made fun of the father's racial remarks about blacks.  It made it clear to the dominant ideology that this type of thinking is antiquated, and silly.

 Please get a sense of humor, and remember that each one of us is our own ambassador.  If you are going to be unfriendly and angry at the Americans, then it's you who is hurting us.  (Your mustache doesn't help either. JK :) Ok. Not.



by BabakJooon (not verified) on

Dude, you are a "debbie-downer"...Just as I was about to crack a smile, you have to rain on my parade with your depressing words.


not funny

by hamidbak on

Yeah sure it is a cartoon and supposed to be funny, but it is bitterly a true depiction of truth in America.  Americans do think like this and do have feelings like this.

It happens every day.  It happened just yestereday on the soccer field in Southern California...yes, the corner of America that has showen to be tolerant and just a touch ahead of the rest of America when it comes to race relations.

In a league game between two teams, an Iranian team and an all American team, an elbow thorwn while going for a ball, a fight broke out between two players and while separating the two, words were heard coming from the American team, "you're all terrorists, you should go home".  

So after you're done chuckling and got off the floor rolling around from laughter, sit back and absorb the fact that there is little hope for this type of stupidity in America.  It'll be years if not centuries before this is fixed.