Mehdi Jami

Radio Zamaneh chief resigns

I got a brief email today from Mehdi Jami that he has resigned as the director of Radio Zamaneh. I still don't know exactly what happened. But this is sad news. I have great love and respect for Jami as a person and journalist. His fairness, open-mindedness, and understanding of modern journalism made Radio Zamaneh a magnate for some of our best and brightest writers, young and old. It's difficult to see how the station will survive without him since the environment he created allowed for a lot of freedom and creativity and that's rarely appreciated among Iranian journalists.


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‫خوبان برفتند و ما بماندیم

Mokhlesse (not verified)

گشتیم دگر باره به کام دل دشمن    کز روی تو، ای دوست، چنین دور بماندیم

Nader Vanaki

Obituary Column?

by Nader Vanaki on


For a journalist your above obituary for the man is ......valah chi begam?

At least write one paragraph about who this guy is and what he does?



Sad news indeed; I wish him well

by farrad02 on

I also wonder what happened! It may be that he has found a better opportunity elsewhere which is not hard to imagine considering his quality as a journalist! In any case, I want to wish Mehdi Jami the very best, whereever he ends up!


Just a Thought

by ghalam-doon on

Now that the empire is scaling back, perhaps the Dutch government is doing the same thing?


Is it true?

by Majid on

There's no indication in the site itself ! when that happened and why?