Meeting nomads

Foreign tourists


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Your English sucks. Why

by Anonym (not verified) on

Your English sucks. Why don't you first try to learn the language and how to write in it properly before expressing your infantile opinions.


To gol-dust

by anti goldust! (not verified) on

rez shaha to no avail? are you retarded. who is reza shah to "settle them down" aka crush them? they should crush him. long live all of irans ethnic minorities and tribes. they are why iran has a rich culture. ANTI FARS MAJORITY OPPRESSION!


IRI's days are numbered

by Mad Nomad Man (not verified) on

The people in this video who are being called foreign tourists are actually Special Operation Forces that have penetrated into Iranian territory and are now training mostazafon for an uprising against IRI. Notice how the mostazaf with the rifle does not know how to shoot at the ground and the USA agent teaches him the proper way of handling the rifle. Then, at the end they have a meeting in the tent to go over their plans. IRI's days are numbered.



by gol-dust on

of course not. i didnt understand a word! these are different tribes who travel year round. reza shah and shah tried to settle them down, but to no avail.  at one time more than 50% of population lived like that. trust me, one of your ancestors lived like that too!


How advanced did u expect borojerdis be?

by gol-dust on

been there. good people but ......

Kouroush Sassanian

Such beautiful people and a great rifle

by Kouroush Sassanian on

The rifle he is holding appears to be a 8mm Mauser or Berno. They were made in the late 30s for Reza Shah's army in Berno, Czechoslovakia.  Iran also produced a limited number Berno kotah. Unfortunately, they were not as accurate and rusted over time.

They one he is holding is the long barrel version. The Persian Mauser is very accurate.  I am glad to see they are still around in Iran.  


wild Iranian

by hajiagha on


you get fuck shoot if you don't know how to use the gun, why this people are so stupid in Canada you need to have safety licence and responsible for gun , don't have right to shoot in sky....some one should go and teach this wild people how to live. unfortunately my mom born at same place .Brojerd ,


Iran is a great country

by Steven (not verified) on

I love the culture and the people. The land is amazing. Can't wait until I visit again. Just amazing.



by RR (not verified) on

what nomads, it does not say what part of iran is this?
are they kurdish