Man beaten by police

Not clear what the victim did (in Tehran?)


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I want to send this to CNN

by Daelilian (not verified) on

If you have this video, Please send it to me. This needs to be shown on CNN...



by KouroshS (not verified) on

Ye pa do pa

Oh, come on. You can't be done yet, I was just beginning to have fun..

Let me tell you a bit about Defenselessness:
You think he is Defenseless? Oh ok. he may look all so innocenct and weak, But
How about when This Defenseless, comes up to your sister or a female cousin or of mine, and demands their wallet, purse and threatens their life with a knife ,Who is defensless then? ha? Would you then scream off the top of your lungs, as you are now, for a trial and a fair treatment?
Would you prefer to see that? Would you not want other crooks get a lesson from this at least?

We don't know what happened before the clip, fine, then why the hell won't we bother to do so, before Believing whatever crap thatis before us?



by Ye pa Do pa (not verified) on

Boy, you give a whole new meaning to the word “dense”. One more time, the way I’d explain this to a 5 year old, and this will hopefully be the last time(I’ve even capitalized the important words for you to pay extra attention to, so you won’t say that I don’t care about you learning): 1. we don’t have any knowledge of what transpired prior to the video 2. the ALLEGED perpetrator has been apprehended and is of NO THREAT to anyone 3. law enforcement is beating the SUSPECT who is DEFENSELESS and HANDCUFFED.

In a civilized society, once a SUSPECT has been apprehended, he/she gets a trial. That’s not to say that we don’t have jackass’s that take the law into their own hands in so called civilized societies and vent their frustrations on the ALLEGED SUSPECT prior to a FAIR TRIAL, but the existence of video taped evidence of their brutality leads to front page newspaper reports and a constant barage of t.v. news coverage. There are numerous cases, just in the US alone, of mistaken identity or frame ups by the cops, making it ever more necessary that the rule of law be followed as best as possible.

Now, if you still think that law enforcement is at any time justified to beat a DEFENSELESS, APPREHENDED SUSPECT (a form of torture) I’m sure that Mr. Lajevardi would have absolutely loved you back in the day and I have nothing more to say, I’m done with you.


Professor ye pa do pa.

by KouroshS (not verified) on

Oh, wow. Now i do understand. Thank you very much professor Hotshot. If you don't want to heat cher to pert, then stop spewing cherto pert. fYI i was not the only one who made a mention of police bruttality in Detroit or NY. The problem with people like you is that you only see Your Noke damagh, just what is infront of you and nothing else!!

Consider a situation where this man on the ground robbed your house, and done something that had affected your loved ones, Would you still have taken his side, and didn't want to see the police being rough with him? What IF what he did Hurt someone directly or indirectly? Do you give a F...?

You say "So what that the guy was resisting arrest? THAT IS WHAT THE POLICE DO IF YOU RESIST ARREST. You don't like it? neither do I. But how else are you going to confront a criminal?

I said That Him resisting arrest was just one POSSIBILITY,maybe he did, maybe he didn't. I did not ASSUME that it was definitely the case. Do You Understand the difference of the two? I am willing to bet that You don't.

I used that example to try to get it past your So incredibly intelligent mind, which i guess has gone into "sleep" mode for the time being, that you don't reward a criminal by being soft on him. And, don't you worry about what makes me sleep at night, ok Bamby?



by Ye pa Do pa (not verified) on

To make things simple for you to understand I will go back to the original purpose of my post. The only reason why I responded to this clip was because of what I found disturbing in THIS PARTICULAR CLIP. So what if the guy was resisting arrest before they started shooting the footage? How the hell do you make that assumption? I don't know what his alleged crime was and neither do you, BUT what we do have evidence of is a handcuffed man on the ground being repeatedly struck with a baton, to which I and many other posters expressed disgust and labeled barbaric...kapish? Now go ahead and compare Detroit/NY to Iran and make assumptions about this guy’s crime and other chert o pert about food and a shower all you want, gooz be shaghigheh heech rapty nadareh, but hey whatever makes you sleep at night amigo.

Ali P.

This happens in the US, too, but...

by Ali P. on

Any personal injury lawyer could collect millions for his client, armed with this tape.The free press would be all over the story. Heads would be rolling. People would be going to jail.

This tape, I am sure, has surfaced in Iran. Let us see what happens to these thugs, dressed as officers. Where is the press? Where is the outrage? 

Power corrupts. This is an accepted fact in civilized societies. That's why there are watchdogs for anyone with power, and consequences for anyone who abuses it. Hundreds of police officers lose their job every year in the US, because they have found to have abused their power. The system tries to preserve it's integrity and gain public trust by ousting bad apples.

Police officers are humans, and take the law into their hands every day. The difference is, the Swedish officer, or American officer, is afraid of being busted because he is going to face civil as well as criminal penalties, if he is accused of mistreatment of a suspect.

 The state, and the civil society just would not allow them to get away with that conduct. The system is not a mob democracy. We do not tolerate street justice.

  We have always had, and will continue to have bad officers in Iran. I want to see this police officer in this clip, at the very least, lose his job because of his actions here. That would be the only way for the Law Enforcement Agency of the Islamic Republic to prove that this was the action of a bad apple, and not the way they do police work.


violance never solve any

by maz2 (not verified) on

violance never solve any problem, only mask it. violance in any form by any body at any tiem only create more problem. the question in many mind is, how you want to fix it. 1- with force: you only cover and mask the problem, and you bocme satisfied. 2- to solve the proble from its root , it needs a long time commitment, tons of money and honest effort. Not so many people are patient. they want to fix the problem fast. it doesnt work. example of these 2 type of society. switzerland or saudi arabia, iran etc.


Your answers.

by KouroshS (not verified) on

Ye pa do pa.
Let's keep this civil.Keep your crack jokes and all the BS to yourself. Maze Nariz.

Here are the answers to your questions:

1- Resorting to violence is an option.
I or no one else for that matter can tell you how the police do their job, But a little roughness always comes with the territory. This does not mean that i am defending it. It is not a good thing, But they certainly have done it inmany occasions.
. It will only be considered excessive and totally unjustified if it is a fact that they are facing a totally innocent person, in the case of the iranian police, when they arrest a young man or woman for not having followed the proper dress code. One case that it is very clear to me and some violence is justified, is when the police deals with a bank robber or somone who robs people on the street.

What do I consider a reasonable amount of necessary force? I don't think even a cop can give you an answer on that Q. It is totally a judgement call.

If this is not clear enough for you, then you are definitely wasting my time.

2- You are such a master in manipulation. Look. He was NOT resisting when this video was shot because he was in chain, But the possibility remains that he did so prior to that. Get it?
we certainly don't know what happened and how he was arrested, before that clip was taken. The clip only shows a part of the entire story.
hemay have resisted arrest, he may have started to flee and was chased, we don't know. That is why i
i said, it could be a factor that possibly led to the arrest among many others.



by Ye pa Do pa (not verified) on

It sounds to me like you're trying to play both sides of the fence since you now realize that your original post wasn't all that well thought out and written. Do you even know what you're attempting, so poorly, to communicate? You my dear hamvatan sound like the insane person, you're all over the place, stick to a single message instead of trying to muddy up your previous mistaken post. Here's a suggestion, re-read your own posts:

"When i say that the police must adhere to certain procedures, whether we like it or not and i don't defend their resorting to violence and when i also agree that a victim had a right to trial, You interpret that as me saying that there must be a beating and then a trial? are you insane?" What are you should they or shouldn't they resort to violence? When is it justifiable and when is it excessive? What do you consider a reasonable amount of necessary force?

Another very poorly communicated thought: "He was not resisting at the time, no, It could have been one of the factors that led his beating. I am not using that as a Justification. It is a fact." What is a fact? Him getting a beating or resisting arrest or ...???

Say no to crack!


Ye pa do pa

by KouroshS (not verified) on

Ye pa do pa.

You are great at copying and pasting things together, but you really suck when it comes down to seeing the whole picture.
When i say that the police must adhere to certain procedures, whether we like it or not and i don't defend their resorting to violence and when i also agree that a victim had a right to trial, You interpret that as me saying that there must be a beating and then a trial? are you insane?

He was not resisting at the time, no, It could have been one of the factors that led his beating. I am not using that as a Justification. It is a fact. And regardless of whether you are guilty or not, you are not supposed to resist arrest or bad things can happen. AGAIN. please pay attention....attenciones por favor....I am not approving such behavior. IT IS JUST THE WAY IT IS. AND IT IS SAD.

GOT More manipulation and twisting For me?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Darius get over yourself. SAVAK is not a code word for Darius

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I drew a comparison between two brutal experiences. Take it or leave it, but don't make it out to be some personal attack on you. Pfft.



by Ye pa Do pa (not verified) on

Why does it have to be either black or white for you? Either "...serve coffee and dougnut and offer a hot shower..." or "...or would you rather see the cops take him away by any means possible?" Is this your attempt to argue ad-absurdum? You then go on to say "I did not oppose the right to have a fair trial, all i said was that on the scene of the crime, no one can make a ruling, because no one has all the facts.” So, you agree that a trial should be mandatory to determine guilt but only after they beat him mercilessly because your justification is that if the police "...face any form of resistance, they will get down and dirty with you, in iran or usa." Do you see him resisting arrest? Are you watching the same footage? The man's hands are tied behind his back and he's on the ground. The point is, the perpetrator has been captured and is in a submissive state, we don’t know if he is guilty or what the nature of his crime is, making it a truly barbaric act to beat him?


I am just wondering if this

by Anonymouspb (not verified) on

I am just wondering if this video was from Israel all of you guys that defending IRI would jump off the gun and start making case against Zionist regiem while the worst thing happening in your own country by your damn IRI government and no one say nothing. wake up guys time running out!!!!


do not complain over Iran please?

by hajiagha on

a friend was working in Iran for under cover  Islamic police was came in my office and he was o sad , I ask him what is going on here he told me I take a women over to jail now she was kidnapped a small girl in rail way station, what they do for kid they sale kid's for sex or to family like to have kids, or they cut the hand or leg and bring kids to make money on corner of the street, problems with you are  you guys never live looks to me in Iran and you are do not understand Iranian society in Tehran how can be dangerous , how many taxi drive was killed or driver  in past, how many kids murdered,,,where all this drug came from you are must be happy if police stay in power and make street safe for your family.



by T.h.e.P.o.p.e. (not verified) on

Dear Darius Kadivar,
on a few occasions I've read in your comments/blogs that you call IRI's security/intelligence agency by the name of SAMAVA... Which is not correct.
After the evil revolution, the uneducated peasants who took power were only good at implementing new names/logos and islamising the Shah's policies, agencies, ministries, laws, etc...

And one of these changes was the name of Savak to VAVAK (or vevak).
From a 'saazemaan'(organisation) to a vezaarat (ministry)...
In other words it's the same agency, only that it has expanded a lot (lots of more power) with new and improved violent tactics (totally islamized)...

So, "Samava" is not the correct term but rather Vavak which is a term that IR wants to get rid of because it resembles too much to the old name (savak).
Therefore, Samava is not the official name but rather it's just a political tactic to put a difference between the old and new name.

As a conclusion, we should all call the organization by the name of VAVAK!

p.s. All of the armed forces of IRI and the members of the agency (vavak) itself call it "HAVAAJAA" (hefaazat va etela'at-e Jomhoori-e Iran)



this is fake

by iri (not verified) on

THis clip has clerly been montaged .. all the accents, police uniform, car insignia, whole nine yrad, watch the pants of the alleged "victim" ... purely fabrication.


abarmard aziz

by kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

I watched your last video regds police beating suspect..I'm sure that they are now either suspended, of the force or even facing law suit...You are comparing this video with iran which i more refer these days to jungle rather than country with civilization. Some of you guys really make me laugh with your examples...Do you really think these animals would even be questioned rgds their actions. You comparing a Shia theocratic country to secular democratic one???


Please be fair

by Abarmard on

Take a look. Something happens a lot, and somethings don't. Here are some stories before you jump to the conclusion:





I can go on, but you get the point


Iva You are hell-bent on not

by KouroshS (not verified) on


You are hell-bent on not hearing me out, aren't ya?

at least have the decency to read closely before making accusations.

I think you should aim your gun at hajiagah and that other dude who claims "human rights is perfect in iran, don't worry." I sure hope that the difference between their comments and mine is clear enough for you.

I am not Justifying crimes committed by the police in iran. I am trying to make the case that how are you supposed to descipline real criminals and be able to distiguish them from fakely labeled drug trafiickers and rapists and murderes? The reason i compared the police action in usa and iran, is the code and a set of procedures that they must adhere to on the scene of the crime. Do you realize that? It is not up to them to make a ruling on the scene. They have to do what they have to. it is a judgemnet call.
Who is brainwashing them to believe thatr they are nobody? I guess you conveniently overlook the fact that everytime they DO get involved, some young and innocent people get severly hurt.

Now go ahead and accuse me, yet again of Giving the OK to kill and maim people.


Bad Bakhteh Siah Rooz Ok

by Mitra Khuzestani (not verified) on

Bad Bakhteh Siah Rooz

Ok he is a criminal, the two policemen took all their frustration on this poor bastard. Now, I know that we like to take all the matters in our own hands and that is in our culture, but can we become civilized and learn by NOW. IRI is CRIMINAL and it sets a very good example for the rest! Police is under paid, large percentage of people are unemployed and drug addicts and have mental issues. So according to IRI we should beat them up and put them in the trunk. Great solution! SOOO SAD




by simin khanum (not verified) on

This clip was on Pars TV, in Bahram Moshiri's program and it happened in Aligudarz.


Human rights????

by Anonymous99999999999999999 (not verified) on

You guys don't know what you're talking about. You guys don't even know what this guy did, and how many people's rights he betrayed. you guys are drinking the coolade serve to you by America. Human rights is perfect in Iran, don't worry about that. Islam provides the best human rights and Iran is striving to be an Islamic country.



by Abarmard on

Is part of the social solution for crimes and wrong doings. In the movie "mashgh-e shab", the kids were frightened from their father more than anyone else.

As some remember, if you got punishments from your teacher, you then would get punished by the head master, and after you went home you got a nice beating from your dad. What do you expect?

This is a social issue not government base. Although I believe in most major cities the attitude towards "tanbeeh" is changing.

Note: if the police doesn't beat the thief, the people would. That happened all the time in my neighborhood. Actually if a guy would come from another neighborhood and bother the girls in our area, the guys would gather and "show him a lesson" that he would not forget!


I take Canada over IRI Iran anytime

by Iva (not verified) on

Apparently I am not the only one, others who say IRI Iran is better than Canada LOVE to stay in Canada and REFUSE to live in Iran.


First of all, crimes committed by either criminals or by those who supposed to safeguard the public from criminals are still CRIMES. Furthermore, crimes committed in one region of world doesn't translate to allowing crimes to take place in other regions, for example, in Iran. Let me explain, Detroit police beating up a suspect in downtown Detroit IS NOT a OK sign for Iran police to abuse citizens in Iranian cities. And as you pointed out, in US/West there is a rule of law, the abusing policemen were taken to court, even if the outcome of the court's ruling was not to your liking, still THERE WAS/IS A COURT OF LAW, even president of US (Clinton) had to defend himself in such courts (i.e. the highest ranking government office had to answer to prosecutors). In Iran, the situation is totally different … court of laws' main objectives are to oppress people, therefore, they CAN NOT and WILL NOT prosecute anyone from low ranking police officer, shown in the video clip, to highest office, the king with a turban. That is why we see such a huge human rights abuses in Iran and unfortunately, there are many Iranian who are brained washed to believe that they are NO BODY and to believe that it is OK to abuse people particularly when they are LABELED criminal.

A quick reminder, IRI used to boast about number of political prisoner they executed, I am sure you are old enough to remember IRI publishing the names of executed in their newspapers. Once EU members told IRI that their public is against their respective countries doing business with people who KILL, MAIM, STONE TO DEATH on daily basis; IRI just simply changed tactics and renamed the political prisoner to Drug addicts, drug traffickers, “obash”, “arazel”, etc. and suddenly it is OK to Kill, Maim, Stone to death … and a huge “unfortunately”, the OK comes from people like you and the “basiji” who are Iranians and do not realize the benefits of rule of law.

Darius Kadivar

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek: Speak for Yourself ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Dunno if you were aiming me in your comment but I never have justified the Crimes Commited by the SAVAK be them with or without the help of the Mossad or CIA who trained them in the first place.

I don't think any constitutionalist has either. I have always believed  that the monarchy is accountable for any crime that took place in its name. However I equally hold accountable the current regime and the people who brought it to power equally accountable for the SAVAMA and all the crimes and social set backs ( and they certainly OUTSHINE that of the Pahlavi Era I am afraid ) that our society has endured in the past 30 years.

So as the saying goes in French :

A Chacun Sa Merde !




To dear Marge

by Khar khodeti (not verified) on

I don't think you care much for that person being beaten up if your people are doing the beating and they are ... lol


that big guy

by Nifky (not verified) on

That big guy who comes to the guy's rescue at the end is an everyday hero and a real man.

The cops beating him and stuffing him in the trunk are criminals just like the criminal himself. The difference being, one broke the law, and the other has a defense/privilege.

If you catch a thief red handed, you still don't have the right to do that to him, if you are not a cop.

These cops are emptying their low paying miserable life's oghdeh on this guy.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

If it was a SAVAK agent beating the guy

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

People would say that the guy was a no good commie, hippy jerk. But the monarchists feel so bad for these people now! What's wrong is always wrong, no matter who is in charge!

Darius Kadivar

Dearest Abarmard So its not like in China or Egypt ?

by Darius Kadivar on

My good friend Abarmard, I would like to ask you what made you comment the other day that Iran's Human Rights record is not as bad as China or Egypt ?


Not sure I understood nor that you truly believed in what you claimed ...

I Beg to differ !

Nor would a comparison with Police Blunders during the LA Riots be an argument to mild my criticism of the Iranian regime's responsabilities. We see these images coming out of Iran on a regular basis and it is no secret that there has been a severe drawback in terms of Human Rights in Iran in recent years.

looking forward to your comments,





by KouroshS (not verified) on


yeah, you are right, why are we punishing them? let them exercise their freedom and the right to beat and maim poeple on the street. People being Our mothers and fathers and all other loved ones.

Let's put them through hours and weeks and even months of therapy sessions and spend millions on them, so that when they get out of the rehab facility, they go back and do their dirty deeds yet again. Sure, why the heck not.

Great suggestion, Indeed.