Iran-U.S. diplomacy

"Folly of Attacking Iran"

"Folly of Attacking Iran Tour": Veteran New York Times correspondent Stephen Kinzer speaking at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, February 11, 2008. Visit


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by Daryush on

Ron Paul won't make it, so look at your choices realistically.


"All The Shah's Men"

by Dr. Henry Kissinger (not verified) on

An Excellent Book by Stephen Kinzer. I highly recommend it to everyone.


How can you even tell what he is saying?

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

Please for us the hard of hearing at least get a transcript of his talk instead of your cell phone video recording. When you say he is the best mind in the business it might be worth reading text rather than lip reading.


Obama will not bring change.

by Anonymous234908 (not verified) on

Obama will not bring change. Any one who is intelligent will recognize that fact. He has ties with the same lobbyist groups that Hilary has pledged too, and he plans on taking YOUR MONEY and investing it in the military infrastructure even MORE to make an EVEN BIGGER military. Also, he won't be withdrawing troops from Iraq anytime soon. He's going to be doing this over the course of many many months that will eventually lead into years. Also, Obama plans on putting heavier sanctions on Iran and he still considers attacking Iran as an option, just an option he would like to use last after heavy sanctions DON'T WORK.

Ron Paul and Mike Gravel and the only true peace candidates. Do your research.

Joe L.

Who wants to attack Iran?

by Joe L. on

American doesn't want to attack Iran. That would be a mistake by us. Bush is going to be gone, we can all live in peace. Vote for Obama for peace

Jahanshah Javid

"This guy"

by Jahanshah Javid on

I was there when Stephen Kinzer and two other American journalists spoke. They are among the brightest minds in this country. They understand the Middle East and Iran very well and they want to let the American people know that war will not bring peace. I was very impressed.


who is this guy

by MRX1 (not verified) on

this guy kinzer wrote one dopey book about Iran and now all of a sudden he is an export on Iran! who died and put him in charge.