Hooman Khalili

His HoomanTv show on YouTube is a huge hit

Here's Hooman's interview Madyson, "the CUTEST girl in the world!!!" www.hooman.tv


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Lalé Shahparaki Welsh

what makes you think the

by Lalé Shahparaki Welsh on

what makes you think the show is for Iranians?

Hooman is a very poplular DJ for a major AMERICAN radio station in San Francisco.

This assumption that because we are of Iranian decsent we can't possibly expand beyond our own network and our limitations is devastatingly small minded and what keeps us down.   

I am proud of Hooman and any Iranian that makes it big in mainstream media.



by Kamangir on

It's was funny!



Just because he is

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

Just because he is interviewing in English girl doesn't mean he is going to "forget about where [he] came from and who [he is]". It's also not his fault the "cutest girl in the world" doesn't know farsi. It's not titled "the cutest IRANIAN girl" now is it?
Stop being so closed-minded.


Bloody annoying - that what

by mn (not verified) on

Bloody annoying - that what she is!!!!Notice her thick glasses!

also if this is a persian prog. why do they always speak English? Isn't it for Iranians?


Lalé Shahparaki Welsh

Hooman You rock!

by Lalé Shahparaki Welsh on

You are very good. Very funny. Very smart.  More please! :)


go get job and please

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

beghanea parasti , forget about where you came from who you are ?