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"Baayad bedeem"... We must all give

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Kaveh Nouraee

Good Concept

by Kaveh Nouraee on

And an even better message at the end......

But the execution could have been better.

kaleh dar


by kaleh dar on

desperate attempt to be funny, but  I found it at the point of being nauseating, repetetive, vulgar and most importantly NOT FUNNY.Mr eslam , don't quit your day job , you ain't a commedian, but  perhaps you can focus more  on Daadan.


Ali P.


by Ali P. on

I, for one, didn't find it funny.

If it had been  summed up in 30 seconds,...mmm,... not even then!

Nader Vanaki

Dadan va Kardan

by Nader Vanaki on

Most Farsi verbs end in Kardan va Dadan, i.e. ray dadam or hamoom kardam.

This video is an excellent skit on the play of the two verbs in our daily dialouge and with a few less minutes it can even be funnier.

Eivaal va Ahsante



مش قاسم (not verified)

دوستان بکنید

به خدا کردن خیلی آسونه

اگر نکنید پشیمون میشیدا

فکر نکنید چون فلانی نمی کنه منم نباید بکنم

خیلیا چند روز ه که دارن میکنن

ناراحت نباشین شما هنوز وقت دارین بکنین

از دوستان و فامیلتونم بخاین که بکنن

اگه خودتونم به هر دلیلی نمی تونین بکنین از یکی دیگه بخاین بجای شما بکنه

به هر حال بکنین خیلی کیف داره

به امید آنکه همه روز چهارم نوامبر در انتخابات شرکت بکنین

پس خیال کردین منظورم چی‌ بود؟

مش قاسم


He should not give!

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

He is very funny.He was a skinny man when he started his stand up comedy,but he has gained a lot of weight and because of that I think he should not give.


he does

by Tayeb's Brother (not verified) on

look like someone who has "given" eight times as he claims.

Silly video, pointless.


People from Iran are called Iranians

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

1.Why keep referring to Iran as Persia? Persian is a race and ethnicity.

Anyone from Iran is an Iranian.

2. Why record it on 5 minutes in order to get a word across poor marketing.

3. He forgot to say to Vote for only one candidate OBAMA.

Jahanshah Javid

Well done

by Jahanshah Javid on

I think it's about a minute too long, but very very good and creative. One of your very best. Damet garm!


Lame attempt at humor!

by farrad02 on

Lame attempt at humor!



by Majid on

Agree my friend....LOL

Hanooz jaash dard mikoneh!


ما قبلا یک بار

Alza (not verified)

ما قبلا یک بار دادیم از آن موقع فشاری که بهمون آمد دیگه نمیتومیم بدیم ولی شما حتما بدید


با یه سنگ دو تا گنجیشک زد

باقری (not verified)

خوب نوکرتم همون اول میگفتی‌ رای بدین. مردم رو اول میخ میکنی‌ بعد میگی‌ منظورم رأی بدین نه چیز دیگه.


LOL :)

by ThePope on

Oh, this was hilarious! :)