Congress: Iran embargo

Congressional resolution calls for embargo against Iran Congress looks set to pass a resolution calling for the President to enact stricter economic sanctions against Iran, including an embargo against any imports of refined Petroleum. American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is said to have help author the resolution, sent thousands of members to lobby for the resolution in early June. The organization's website states that this resolution will help stop Iran's nuclear program. Gareth Porter also posits that aggressive policy towards Iran from both the US and Israel is partially responsible for the rising price of oil.


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Highway to hell allready prepared

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

for the not any more so greate satan. That sounds delightfully. Interessted Conmpanies are just waiting for Iran`s green light to take over the At the end, the middle east would become a big cemetry of american dreams und all human beings in this workld would be able to recite the holy book fluently as well. Greeting


Highway to hell ...

by Hajminator on


That doesn't sound good. At the end, either middle east would become a mud of blood, or all people their would talk hebrew