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the guess who were a wonderful canadian band in the late sixties and early seventies. they are most famous for their song 'american woman' but they had a lot of other hits. one of them is very beautiful, and very sad. i wanted to post it. it has nothing to do with my feelings for all of you. but it's something i have to post 

iim going to delete my account this weekend. i'm sorry but i have to do it. if you want to read anything by me over the next few days to know the real rosie (the real robin) you should go to my writings from last year and from this past january. i'm not too happy with my writings from the last couple of months. they didn't come from the depths of me except for some of the poems. and the things i've written this past week. i was finding my true voice again. that's why i changed my avatar, so you'd know better who I am. but circumstances conspired such that i need to leave permanently.

the political ones and on the power and potential of this website and this technology: "On War, This Website and Concession" and "I Believe in the Internet."and "Our Google Ratings." also have some important things to say for some people.

my decision is final.  i(if one could say it's even a decision). 'm sorry. ii won't be posting anymore. i expect to have my account deleted by saturday. 'll miss you all very much.


ps. actually in thinking about it there is one thing i;'d like you all to read. it's a poem i wrote a couple of months ago and blogged here. it's called "nation." the battle between ohrmazd,  the Light, over ahriman, darkness, is the central symbol. that's what i want you all to remember of me. so i'll post it now.



you are tearing

you are tearing

you are torn in two


like your nation

your beautiful nation

you are torn asunder


there are two of you


and it wounds you

so you wound others

to heal those wounds


but the battle

that rages

must be fought in you


because you

only you 

can heal your nation's wounds 


your beautiful wounded nation

is waitng for you 


nation of  Haafez

of Forough  

nation of nightengale and rose


of koroush


of al-quarezmi 

and mossadegh


shirin ebaadi


nation of you


your beautiful bleeding  nation

is waiting for beautiful you


and the final 


must burn in you

and the forest must succumb

to the flames


and the Light

must triumph

over dark

it is foretold


new growth emergimg

far richer than ever imagined


trees of Faith

trees of Strength

trees of sacred Truth


of branches

reaching out

embracing the world with Light


and the time

it is now

and has always been now

it is here right here

this is your time Iraan


Everything is Sacred

the Sacred is You



Jaavid Iraan

I will never lose Faith in You.


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dear anonymous fish,

by Anonymous rosie (not verified) on

you have NOTHING, NOTHING whatsoever to apologize to me for!!! I appreciate it, yes there are times I was hurt but..nothing's to be expected...if apologizing to me is part of your GROWTH process then I'm glad you did it. But if it's because you feel GUILTY then throw it away. Just throw it away. I don't accept it. :O)

I have NOT left this website (my account is closed and I'm only doing last-minute clean up and maintenace now) because of ANYTHING having to do with the collective community. I keep saying this over and over but people don't BELIEVE me. It's only because of ONE person (that's all that it who could that person be....? )

now fish go register yourself or at least get yourself a regular fishie name and use it regularly and start having serious conversations about constructive things that matter to you...

you'll do that for me won't you?



Dear Rosie ..

by Anonymous* (not verified) on

It has been few weeks that I wanted to apologize for those occasions that you might encounter hurtful comments from any of us for different nonsense reason such as momentary stupidity or maybe pure foolishness just to test the water...

Please look at those comments as flaw in us as commenter for loosing the ground and acting inhumane. Your smart and insightful character is more empathic, more caring and deeper human than most of us.

Be Strong & stay happy. :)


Best wishes on your spiritual journey....

by faryarm on

Rosie T.

no q...the break was my idea too..

by Rosie T. on

i wanted to tell you that i want to check out that other blogspot you told me about. i'll stay in touch with you. it wouldn't have been alright.  i left for months and when i came don't understand...what i'm dealing with...what i endure...what goes on here that people don't see...this silent war...and it's so painful..and i always lose...i take the break..and eevery time id did..i'm so sorry...i'll write you by don't have to try to understand...


I wish you had taken a break

by Q on

like I suggested. A change would do you good.

But now it's "So long and thanks for all the fish." We are about to be destroyed but you always knew.

Still I hope to see you one thursday morning when it's raining heavy.


Well Rosie

by Mazloom on appears that you will not be able to delete your account afterward.  See JJ's comment in my blog.  I am so sorry.


Dear Rosie

by Souri on

Thanks for your post and this beautiful poem of Nation, again.

As I said before, it's sad to see you leaving, and I hope you will
reconsider your decision (or,you said it wasn't a decision ? then what
was it ?)

Just a question : Like Mazloom, me too, I don't know how to delete my account. I don't want to leave now, but last week I tried to delete my account for good, I couldn't. How do you do ? Do you ask Foad to do it ?


How is an account deleted?

by Mazloom on

I want to delete my account too.  How is a registered user account gets deleted?  People take what I write too seriously, after they read it and laugh about it.  After all the education they supposedly got in fine universities, and after all the books they supposedly read, and all the PhD's they supposedly received, they still don't realize that what they read might just be someone's imagination, and maybe they shouldn't take everything so literary.

I am leaving,