Bush gets baseball boos

Crowd reaction to U.S. president in 2008 and 2001

(ITN) -- President George W Bush opened baseball's newest stadium to a chorus of boos and jeers as he threw the first pitch. Nationals Park, the new home of the Washington Nationals, opened to a huge televised fanfare at the weekend with the President participating in the longstanding tradition of some symbolic pitching. He walked out confidently, waving at the crowd. But the packed stadium responded with boos and jeers as he threw a pitch to the Washington Nationals' manager>>>


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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Where do you get this "spin" nonsense?

What do the price of tickets have to do with this? The team can charge whatever it wants for tickets. And as far as availability, you can bet that tickets will always be available, right on up to the opening pitch. Some stadiums will be sold out on opening day, some won't. Otherwise, unless it's the Yankees, the Red Sox or a LCS/World Series game, it's hit or miss.

Tell me, where did I say that drug dealers go to baseball games? Show me where I said drug dealers go to baseball games, or go enroll in a reading comprehension course at the Learning Annex. I'll even give you the $20.00 for the course fee. I'm sure the pizza parlor can give you a night off from making deliveries, no? 

If you actually read all of the threads, or any of them for that matter, you might comprehend that the complaints result from money being spent to build a new baseball stadium, that will generate revenue from the suburbs and from tourists, while money spent on cleaning up the neighborhood will be a complete waste because it is the people who live there that have trashed it to begin with. Stadium revenue can be used to fund public safety (The Metropolitan Police Dept.) to decisively clean up the surrounding neighborhood.

Lastly, don't think that I'm responding in order to prove anything to you or to flatter you. Honestly, you're not worth it. I'm responding so that the truth is told, and people like you are exposed for the stupid phonies you are.



by Abarmard on

Dick, that was too funny.


Kaveh Nouraee

by Anonymouse on

You are amazing. In your zeal to spin you are forgetting the price of tickets in this event in this new stadium. Did you watch the news? Do you have any idea of how much the tickets cost or even if they were really available? "I'm talking about drug dealers and lowlifes who played a part in DC having the highest murder rates in the country." Yeah sure, drug dealers pay hundreds of dollars just to boo Bush from the nose bleed sections! Good one! Needed the laugh. No need to respond. I think this beats your VaJJ comments.


> he deserves it... (please watch the last Frontline)

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

He really deserves it.

Whenever you have time, please watch the last PBS Frontline documentary called ''Bush's War''. Highly interesting.


Kaveh Nouraee

To the "Doctor"

by Kaveh Nouraee on

The locals are the people living in Southeast and Northeast DC who have contributed nothing positive to the city. I'm talking about drug dealers and lowlifes who played a part in DC having the highest murder rates in the country.

I never mentioned skin color....You did. I never mentioned blacks. You did. So perhaps it is you who is afflicted with bigotry that's deeply embedded in your conscience, bigotry that you want assuaged.

Hatred is indeed a self-destructive liability.

So is being a stupid moron who makes unqualified assumptions.




To Kaveh Nourai, the bigot with an ego

by Dr. Martin Looking Kings' Father-in-law (not verified) on

You lived in DC for 30 years but left as a bigot. You think the problems surrounding DC is because of its black people whom you call (locals)! You are the only one who defines BLACKS as locals, your hatred and petty stereotyping tells that you need to spend another 30 years to cleans your soul.

Hatred is a self destructive liability.


Bad, bad, bad...

by Dick (not verified) on

Not nice to boo a retard.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

The local community is the way it is because the locals don't take care of what they have and they expect the government to carry them. I grew up in DC for 30+ years, I saw it firsthand.

That whole neighborhood is a blighted slum and will remain so until they uproot those locals who contribute to the crime and decay in that part of the city, just 22 short blocks from the Capitol.


controversial park

by sportsfan (not verified) on

The building of the park itself was very controversial because the local community was outraged so many tax dollars were spent while elementary schools that stand a block away have vacant lots in guise of libraries, paint peeling off the walls and illiteracy and high school graduation at an all time low.


Was he booed because he is a

by n.zanincanadai on

Was he booed because he is a murderer or because of something sports related?



by parazeet on

haste daareh!


The "BOOing " should have

by osso (not verified) on

The "BOOing " should have been MUCH MUCH MUCH LOUDER!