Brian Williams' trip to iran

NBC news anchor tells Jon Stewart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's message


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This is Brian Williams'

by asdf (not verified) on

This is Brian Williams' email at NBC's Nightly News.

Please send in your pictures of third-world like filthy slums/ghettos in East LA, Georgia, Detroit, NY, and so on.


Iran is a superpower

by XerXes (not verified) on

Whatever these people want to try to say, the bottom line is that Iran is in charge of the region and takes partnership is treated right with good incentives. Iran is an independent country, get use to it. Who is setting the terms these days?
US officials and media are mad since they can't understand how a so called third world nation is not only standing up to them but also turning the world policies around.
I guess no one had to deal with a real "Iranian" politicians before since the west own them. They are geniuses not like many dumb asses who can't even point to Canada in the map.
I pray for the advancement of IRI and long and prosperous future.

Shining Head

These idiots are US government stooges !

by Shining Head on

Journalists in US are like pimps. You pay them enough they do anything for you. This fellow (Williams) in his interview in Iran was told by the iranian president to walk on the streets and talk to people. Now back from his trip, Williams in his interview with Steward talks as if he was kept in a jail and not alloed top move around. I bet he would not say that in iran, but after he came back and was "debriefed" by the CIA, he changed his mind! What a journalist...

Sad Rahmat be Rooznameh Negarhaye Khodemoon!


Brian Williams should visit NE DC or East Baltimore!

by kamran iranian (not verified) on

I just returned from Iran( visiting for the 1st time in 25 yrs).
Isfahan's streets are much cleaner than Baltimore, or Washington DC. We walked in the park at 1am. where in DC or Baltimore could walk in a park after dusk?
Iran is not a four letter word, it is country, filled with individuals who are resilient.

Brian Williams should walk in Trinidad neighborhood in Washington DC, He would feel very safe!



No Publicity Is Bad Publisity

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

Lets not be so picky beside this is what we got Ahmadinegad.Everybody needs publicity.We the Iranians and the country Iran needs publicity too spacially from the heavyweight American media and reporters like Brian Williams.No publicity is bad publicity.What can we do for know Iamadinnerjacket is all we got hopefully one day we will do better.I doubt it


Jersey Boy makes fun of IRAN?

by shirazie (not verified) on

Have you guys seen Jersey? The arm Pit of North America?

Jon Stewart is great. The night before he destroyed another Neo -Con (Nazi) Watanberg. he has been pretending to be an intellectual of the far side of dark zone for years


Williams is unfunny!...

by Internets on

Brian Williams is just an unfunny anchor and it took John Stewart's masterful comic genius to turn this donkey around ;)