Atre zan (maa mard nistim)

A song for women's movement (and men)

Tapesh2012 & inanband_ sharr (Shaahin Najafi) >>>English translation


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by Persian Guy (not verified) on

What a SICK LEADER lol

poor iran and poor Students


A word from an Iranian woman

by hana (not verified) on

I, as an Iranian woman, have witnessed so many different kinds of abuse, both socially and domestically. There is no doubt that there are double standards in every aspect in our lives, as Islam very clearly says it. Those Iranian men who behave differently are minority. Iran is not limited to the north of Tehran.




بدینوسیله صمیمانه ترین تسلیت های قلبی خود را تقدیم همجنسان خود و آلت تناسلی محترمشان داشته، از سوی گروهی از آنها تقاضای بخشش از فرزندان حوا را دارم


True Islam see for yourself---

by aidin (not verified) on


Was my comment to harsh

by Iva (not verified) on

Mr. Javid?


I am a Muslim

by Yashar (not verified) on

I am a Muslim (bliever of Muhammad's message) and I am not the enemy of the islamic republic, eventhough i think they are doing diservice to the Iranian nation at this time. but i also think that any government that replaces them (IR) will only be worse. that is the opinion that i have developed during the years based on my observation of iranian people's charactristics...but...regarding those verses that you listed, i have to say that, i think..some parts of the koran are strictly for that time/age/cutlure/arabs. this is what i think...BUT the central message of Islam, which is simple/ basic/fundametal...which says...that there is no God but the Almightly God of heavens, the God that created you from nothing...the God that has blessed you/our planet/me...also seek help only from God and depend on his grace...this message has no time/place/culture/age/race/ i seperate Islam into a timeless/clutureless/locationless part and a part that is specific to that culture/ is unavoidable..every culture/time has it's own character/problems...i dont' accept any of those thigs that you listed (eventhoug in the koran)...the highest Koran is not a book, it is God's creation...i have problem with men marrying 4 wives, let alone seperating a wife from his husband (just because he is a slave and has no say) sounds crazy to me...but i guess it was pretty okay with people at that must know that before islam these arabs used to burry their new born girls...this is just unimaginable for us...this should really make you sympothise with Muhammad (SAW)...we are iranians and we love/respect our women...iranian women are the most beautiful/graceful/selfless/smartist iranians and we have to show them that we really appreciate them.


Some explanations are needed

by Anonymous231 (not verified) on

I am not here to defend this video or offend it. I do not like to discuss politics on message boards like this. I am not here to bash mullahs in Iran. I am not pro west or east. I am doing some sole searching and I hope somebody can explain some issues to me in a logical fashion. I have listed just few of the issues in regards with women in Islam. We can discuss other issues such as killing of non-moslems, etc. on other boards. By the way, if your answers is non of these issues are in Islam, please tell me where I can find true Islam.

Thanks in advance.

1) two women witnesses are equal to one man witness
2) Quran, Nesa, 24: you (men) have the right to separate your slave (kaneez) from her husband and marry her. You can return the slave to her husband later.
3) women inherit half of their brothers
4) etc, etc, etc.


To Ye pa Do pa

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

The message this clip is conveying is simple indeed; to incite violence and chaos inside Iran by playing with people's emotions.

In only 3 minutes, the singer manages to touch on as many sensitive issues as possible to provoke and manipulate you by your emotions; from talking about the beaten "mothers", to calling men weak cowards who need women to lead them, to ridiculing the non-violent activists and artists (including someone like Ganji who courageously stood against and exposed the most dangerous mob criminals such as Falahian and suffered so much as the result), to throwing in the "Persian Gulf", "Caspian see" and even the "Arab invasion" in between.

If that's not well design propaganda I don't know what is. Let's not be so naive!



by zahra (not verified) on

This was an excellant job. I am proud of you. Ironically besides the brave active Iranian students, who risk everything they have,YOU ARE A MAN. The person who commented under the title of TO THE AUTHOR OF THIS POEM, is an agent for the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Did I hear it correctly? someone is glamorizing Taliban!!!!!!

by Tahirih on

Sir for your information , I am closely working with couple of young Afgani laydies . These women are in their early 30's and have 5or 6 children , and no husbands.Why ? because they died of old age? under Taliban , they were married off to old men ,when they were teenagers!!One of them says that the guys first wife was so old that , this lady was taking care of her!!! So please do not tell us about the corruption that is happening now in Afganistan. I am not denying the drug traficing,It has been an on going problem all along , but under Taliban , it was corruption of human values.

Sir why don't you mention girls going to school , in Afganistan? Or women being able to go to doctor when they are dying?I can not imagine you glamorizing Taliban!!! PLEASE!!!

Emansipation , of women has started and nothing can stop it.



So true

by Hate wife beaters (not verified) on

Iranian women have always sacrificed themselves for the kids. I know this because I witnessed it first hand with my mom. She gave everything to protect me and my brother and sister while my dad was a womanizer.

Long live Iranian women.


very nice

by MRX1 (not verified) on

never thought I enjoy rap but this one made me speechless.

ebi amirhosseini

A nicely done rap,that

by ebi amirhosseini on

A nicely done rap,that doesn't bother your ears! that's magic!

Dear JJ:

well said.


There is a country in

by Midwesty on

There is a country in Iran’s neighborhood called Afghanistan. The drug trafficking and production in that country was miniscule before its invasion by the “Good Western People”. Now thanks to the Westerners’ good intention and their “good policies” towards Iran, Afghanistan is the biggest drug cartel in the world. As a very result of it the addiction rate has soared in Iran since then.

Not mentioning the very effective sanctions that were “Designed “ to target Iranian government are now shooting Iranian people in ass instead, increasing unemployment rate that results in additional side effects such as further increase in the rate of addicts population, divorce rate, crimes, and low standard of living.

However I don’t know why it concerns you since you called it “your homeland”, meaning my homeland. The hate of IRI has blind sighted you all Neocons so much that it won’t bother you if as a result of removing IRI, the very people that you appear to defend to be “Obliterated totally”. You guys are full of contradictions.


Who is the real enemy?

by PArviz on

Hey Midwesty,

Who is the real enemy of the Iranian people? Is it the singer of this song who so elegantly puts into words what is happening in your homeland more than 10000 miles away or a bunch of murderers who have taken a nation hostage and have made their lives hell for the past 30 years?

How come the blood of Iranian men you mentioned does not boil when one this regime's thugs treats a woman, whose hair is not covered according to their barbaric dress code, like a piece of meat? Why doesn't it boil when a mullah sentences a woman to be stoned? Why doesn't it boil when it does not recognize the right of women as one whole human being? Why doesn't it boil when prostetution and addiction are destroying the very fabric of our nation? Why doesn't it boil when...........

The enemy is this regime and all those who deny this.


here is something to think about..

by what (not verified) on



this is how will respect women after we get rid of Islamic Repub

by yashar (not verified) on


Khodeto be khengi nazan aziz

by Ye pa Do pa (not verified) on

Wow Ali1234!

What's your real agenda? Are you honestly that simple minded? Do you only see in black and white?

I have a feeling you know exactly what message this artist is trying to deliver, yet you choose to over simplify the matter in order to suit your own agenda.

Nice try, but we don't buy it. Don't insult your own intelligence.


It brought tear to my eyes...

by Midwesty on

Part of it was very true. We have mixed feelings about this and if you look at it  carefully all our opposing feelings have the same origin that we are proud of our women. I remember the first news that I heard as a kid after Iraq invasion was, that Iraqis wiped out all the men of a village on the border and raped about fifty women. I vividly remember what the reaction of Iranian men 2500 km away in Tehran was. I saw boiling bloods that lasted 8 years. I still chock and my eyes get wet when I remember it. Anyways, the reason that we are reacting so strongly to the ordinary song like this that we would just pass by otherwise is, that we are under ATTACK and for this reason I am extremely cautious about these types of media hypes which seems to target Iranians' emotions. Let’s not play into our enemy’s hand that has the mastery of manipulation by media. The singer has an accent and I honestly could not recognize it as an ethnic Iranian accent. Be alert!



by Shahin & Tapesh 2012 (not verified) on

THX for featuring our Song..ATRE ZAN

Zendeh Bad Iran wa Irani

Greetings from GErmany

Shahin & Tapesh 2012


To "Shame ali "

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

It is sensationalist because Iranian women are NOT kolfats!! Iranian men are not evil wife-beaters and cowards!!

The police in the U.S assaults black people on a daily basis, what have you done to stop them?!!!!

Injustice, abuse of power, domestic violence..etc exist in every country in the world, that doesn't give a singer the right to call the entire male population of those countries a bunch of cowards and wife beaters and portray the women as weak helpless victims!!


to Ali1234

by Anonymous99999999999 (not verified) on

Hey, Ali, you are absolutely right...iranians are so emotional...20 years ago, eventhough they were emotional, but they atleast had they don't even have that...i'm not afraid of saying what i feel...iranian men (most of us) have the outmost respect for women...i've even seen educated americans use bad language in front of iranians even if we do something right, people are not going to acknowldege us, the world just likes to beat us down...and our own people are helping our people are really might think that you love iran, but you don't, that all is just anger/hate in your hearts against your own culture and religion.



by annoying (not verified) on

this guy sounds like he has pre-tareyak syndrome in his voice. its really annoying voice. cant tell if its a kid or adult haha.


"nothing but sensationalism" REALLY!

by Gayrat (not verified) on

Watch this see how true this song is




by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

You have to not pay too much attention to the lyrics,its a piece of art,well written and performed.


song with powerful emotions, make more wake us up

by Shame ali (not verified) on

What part is sensationalism ha?
The part that committe beats the hell out of the women and you stand and whatch, or when they rape before hanging?
You Ali1234 are a shameless shaykh!


It's a song!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

This is an interesting song. But I don't see why people in this blog should judge it so much, good or bad. We never used to do that. All these singers sang songs and we simply listened to them, either enjoyng them, or not liking them. To have these strong emotions as displayed here, is not warranted. Lighten up! It's just a song. Another one will be coming in half an hour any way!


Zood javgir nashin

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

The lyrics is filled with nothing but sensationalism, pathetic self-victimization and insults towards Iranian men and women alike.

Not only this clip is implying that Iranian men are either cowards or wife-beaters, it is also putting down the great activists and artists such as Ganji, Kiarostami, Modiri who are working hard to make Iran a better place.

It is also implying that Iranian women are bunch of poor helpless "kolfats" at the service of evil tyrannic Iranian men!! and that violence is the only way out!!

I can't believe how easy it is to manipulate Iranians by putting together a few emotional words and images !!


He is correct

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

I can not criticise my own compatriotes because I am a coward as well. I have done nothing to stop the Akhunds and I continue to do nothing about it.

But I can say this the more we act as cowards and (bozdels) the more our country is destroyed by these corrupt elite of murderes and thiefs.

I will shut my mouth since I am a coward.


what do you know...

by IRANdokht on

I never thought I'd like rap!!! nicely done!

the worst thing is the apologist who tries to justify the mistreatment of his own mother and sisters by the hands of other men and the government.

Thank you Baloot