29 executed

... in one day

BBC: Reports from Iran say 29 people have been executed by hanging in Tehran. Among them were convicts found guilty of murder, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking, state television IRIB reported on its website. All the executions took place on Sunday morning in Tehran's Evin prison, the report said. Amnesty International, the human rights group, said that last year Iran carried out 317 executions, a higher total than any other country apart from China>>>


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Agha farollah

by Dariush (not verified) on

I agree with some of the points you made, but you did not read my writing carefully. I said all criminals should be punished whether they are in public or in government!!! Political prisoner, a writer, a judge who hasn't harmed anyone is not a criminal. If they are being punished without committing a crime then they are the victim of a crime. But if you want speak of justice don't have double standards. In Iran or out of Iran all humans are the same and crime is crime. You can not speak up against one government's crimes and be silence about another because of your interests, fears or any other reasons. Specially ones as criminal as America, England and Israel.
As for cleaning in Iran, I think Ahmadinejad is trying to do that, but it is not an easy task. If you think you can do a better job go and become a candidate. I vote for you!


For more than 29 years,

by nnn (not verified) on

For more than 29 years, the
by sickofsezvar (not verified) on Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:21 PM CDT

For more than 29 years, the henchmen and death squads of Khomeini have inflicted a cruel barbarism and mass ignorance on every part of the society in Iran. Law has been replaced by "Divine Velayte-Faghih's Sharia", philosophers, scholars, writers, journalists, students, former allies, and even clerics have all been criminalized, jailed, censored, kidnapped, killed, tortured and maimed in body and soul for life.

Women, fortunate enough to be considered as half a human being might find themselves stoned to death, resort to prostitution or temporary marriages to feed their children and family, or sold as sex slaves to Persian Gulf Arab states. Hanging "heretics" in the streets as "enemies of God" and national threat to the "Holy Islamic Republic" have become popular entertainment and a religious duty (savab?).

The Islamic Republic is marked by corruption, bigotry, censorship, racism, intolerance, violence, terror, and brutal suppression of anyone who dares to express the slightest disapproval of the regime. The fanatics of Shi'a Islam are proving useful to export their martyrdom-seeking culture throughout the Islamic world.
The Islamic Republic has essentially expropriated all the resources – both human and material – which might have improved the lives of Iranians in the name of Islam and the Ummah. While an indolent army of clerics live on the state, the impoverished legion degenerate into life of crimes, addiction, and depravity.
Orchestrated by parasitic Islamic clerics, a cancer of superstition, fear and brutality has been imposed across Iran. The clerical "protection racket" requires the criminalizing of the whole of humanity through the doctrine of Sin. Once a particular mullahcracy, it has become wedded to the military Junta funding and training terrorists of all stripes.

The barbarian tribes that are overrunning Iran are for the most part, true believers (so called men of principles); and the forces that oppose them are tired and their spirit broken. A new Islamic Inquisition was set in motion in 1979 and it continues in full swing.


Dialogue among civilization: "Peeshraft va Tarraghi"

by Abol Danesh (not verified) on

The Progress Continues ...

The way man has evolved
In rendering execution death penalty
To another fellow man
From beheading by sword
To that of beheading by heavy sliding ax
From the firing squad
To that of hanging
And then to that of electric chair
With its merciful soaked sponge
Placed on the convict's shaved top head
To administer fast and quick electric flow
For a civilized death
And finally the most recent invention
Of course ...the lethal injection ...
However, one surmise that the way human evolution
Is making his mark on the death penalty easy and easier
One day he will reach a point in his progress that
All the convict has to do is to sit on a chair
To say "Cheese" only to let the flash light go off
To take his picture

Hassan Danesh
Copyright ©2006 Hassan Danesh


Good Job

by Songstress (not verified) on

Thank you for killing convicts found guilty of murder, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking. Good job.


In death, a martyr's smile

by sickoflies (not verified) on

In death, a martyr's smile foretells victory


Judge Moghadassi was a butcher and responsible for the death of hundreds of dissidents...too bad he was killed without being tortured.


Who do you think the mullahs

by shameondaruish (not verified) on

Who do you think the mullahs came from? They were Arazel va Obash too...

The laws should be equally applied to the mullahs and basijis who routinely get away with murder,stealing, rape and corruption.

All of these corrupt mullahs and their subsidized Basiji tribes are just as criminal as these arazel va obash.

In fact, unless you have your hands bloodied in some ways, you won't be able to move up the ladder in the Islamic Republic's hierarchical klepotacracy.

The Islamic Republic in no fashion represents, enforces, or reinforces the true will of the people, who are the true source of all sovereignty, and the only rightful and legitimating base for any state or government.

A public display of hatred has only one purpose, to signal to the citizens of the state that their government is willing to kill anyone to stay in power. End this practice and you take away that power.


شکستن پا و

sosick (not verified)

شکستن پا و دندان زندانی زیر شکنجه های وحشیانه
گزارش دریافتی: بر اساس اخبار بدست آمده از زندان تبریز به نقل از افرادی که امروز موفق به دیدن حمید والایی، وکیل، مدافع حقوق بشر و نویسنده آذربایجانی شده اند، بر اثر شکنجه های که طی دوازده روز گذشته بر وی وارد شده، دو دندان جلو و دو دندان عقب فک بالای وی شکسته است. همچنین این زندانی بر اثر صدمات وارده به پای راستش که منجر به شکستن آن شده، قادر به حرکت نیست. علاوه بر این بر اثر صدمات وارده به سر وی چندین بار بیهوش شده و در حال حاضر دچار سرگیجه شدید می باشد.

Quick Translation:

The Iranian regime continues to torture dissidents in the most barbaric fashion.

Hamid ValAAie, a human rights lawyer in Tabriz's Prison has been tortured savagely over a a period of 12 days. His interrogators broke four of his teeth (2 in the front and two in back). They broke his right leg and he cannot move. He had also passed out repeatedly during these torture session, and he suffers from severe dizziness.


agha Dariush

by Fatollah (not verified) on

By following the link provided by Mr. "People Wanted This" earlier, I watched all of the related clips on youtube! What are your points agha Dariush? Ghatl-e judge Moghaddas being mentioned in one of those clips, the clip failed to explain the reason why judge Moghaddas was assassinated!? Why would someone kill a judge? Why would the guys who are cold blooded criminals kill a judge? What was their motives? Money? Revenge? Why would someone pay them?

These are the questions you should be asking!?

Iran is run by the Ayatollahs using Islamic code of conduct - Sharia laws as their main tool to control/-oppress the people of Iran - they can justify their actions in the name of divinity! All this BS! in order to cling to power! Why would corruption be so transparent all over the place in the land of divinity? Don't you for a minute think that corruption by itself would breed injustice, intolerance, crime, drug addiction, prostitution? Edal'lat-e Adl-e Elahi was promised! Why are corrupt Aghazade-ha at large? How did "Dr." Mohsen Rezaee-ha afford to live in luxury while others in poverty? Shouldn't the same Islamic sharia laws apply to them?

Have anyone of you been in an IRI court of law? Only to find out that money talks and whom you know determines the outcome of a verdict!

Have anyone of you been to a hospital in IR with head injuries where they recieve you with open arms, but first tell you to go to the nearest drugstore to purchase necessary drugs, bandages, syringe etc. before the treatment can start?

Do not bring the hanging of Saddam Hossein into this discussion.

Avval Jolo-ye dar'e khon'e khodet-o jaro bezan bad hamsaye-ro!



You all have missed the point...

by A.H. Danesh (not verified) on

...this is the first page of first grader book--

This is page one trying to teach the kids two numbers: 1 and 2.

In the next page you will see from a crane three bodies are hung to teach the kids the number 3 all in graphic way for quick learning and remembering--

Yes my friends this is the newest and most modern version of teaching first graders numbers ...

Yak i
Dow ii
Seh iii
Chahar iiii
Panj iiiii



by Dariush (not verified) on




Do you think hanging is barbaric? Why saddam was hanged with human right's and west's approvals? As you all know Europeans and American frontiers used this method of execution not too long ago until they change that to tortures and mass executions toward innocent and guilty all together later. As you all know there has been millions of such executions overseas by west and in states. Many innocents were executed in states and later found innocent from their DNA. It just happened that they were all black Americans. Not that it had anything to do with race, it just happened.
I am willing to bet if you were the victims of these criminals you would hang them yourself, but since you are not, you defend them to get back at Iran and Iranians.
Criminals, whether in public or government must pay for their crimes.


I don't feel sorry for them that much

by very shocked (not verified) on

My own relatives got beat up by these arazel obash and one of them has been damaged so bad that has ended up under surgery knife 3 times now. I am a liberal but when it comes to these criminals I do not feel sorry for them that much. I watched the video of commenter people wanted this and I saw another one which was absolutely horrifying. So I thought you guys should see it too.
I totally understand if this message is deleted.



by Anonymouss (not verified) on

Coming soon we will see freakin Mullahs hanging from cranes instead of hanging around our country.


Hokomate Mehdi

by NIKKHAH (not verified) on

Hokomate Mehdi,IRI Version.
Shame of IRI and also on those people who are witnessing.............


كانون مدافعان

sickofiri (not verified)

كانون مدافعان حقوق بشر با صدور اطلاعیه‌ای به اعدام 29 نفر در زندان اوین واكنش نشان داد. متن اطلاعیه به شرح زیر است:

هموطنان عزیز
بنا بر اخبار نشر شده در تاریخ 6/5/1387 ، 29 نفر در زندان اوین به دار آویخته شدند . برابر اظهارات مسئولین قوه قضائیه ، قتل عمد ، تجاوز ، سرقت مسلحانه و... تحت عنوان اراذل و اوباش از اتهامات مطروحه بوده است . کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر
اولا" : از جعل عناوینی مانند اراذل و اوباش نظر به اصل قانونی بودن جرم و مجازات و فقدان عنوان فوق در مسائل کیفری اعلام نگرانی عمیق می نماید . متأسفانه در سالهای اخیر در ایران تعدادی بطور دسته جمعی اعدام گردیدنــد ، این امر تا آنـــجا پیش رفته که مع الاصف ، ایران از لحاظ تعداد اعدام شدگان در جهان رتبه دوم را دارا می باشد .
ثانیا" : صرفنظر از ماهیت اعمال ارتکابی ، نحوه دستگیری و محاکمه ، مرجع صالح و مراحل دادرسی و حق داشتن وکیل ، از جمله حقوق مسلم متهمین بوده که هیچ مقامی حق سلب آن از متهمین را نداشته و در صورت وقوع ، متخلف قابل تعقیب خواهد بود . به نظر می رسد اعدام شدگان از سیستم دادرسی منصفانه بی بهره بوده اند .
کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر بنا بر اهداف خود در دفاع از حقوق بنیادین انسانی با نوع مجازات اعدام مخالف بوده و معتقد است به تبعیت از سازمان ملل متحد ، اعدام باید از فهرست مجازات تمامی کشورها حذف گردد، زیرا اعمال مجازات اعدام هیچ تأثیری در کاهش جرم نداشته ، بلکه در دراز مدت موجب تشدید مجازات خواهد گردید .

کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر

نخست اينكه اسامي اعدام شدگان بجز چند نفر اعلام نشده كه خود گوياي اين حقيقت است كه اين رژيم جنايتكار مبارزين سياسي را همراه (اراذل) بقتل رسانده٠دوم٠جمعيت چين اقلا ١۵ برابر ايران است٠ بااين حساب آخوند ها چندين برابر از دولت چين خونخوار ترند٠ماهمه يگوييم٠ اينها به آخر خط دزدي و جنايت رسيده اند٠ولي اينها بدون مبارزه ما ازين قطار بي ترمز جهنمي پياده نخواهند شد٠ آزادي گرفتني است نه دادني٠ از مللي كه پاپرداخت هزينه سنگين آزاد شده اند بپرسيد٠


How Islamic!

by aaminian on

Despite what most of us Iranians think of the IRI as being a bunch of thugs and barbaric bastards, I believe they truly consider themselves as being God's designated soldiers on Earth and therefore fully justified for doing what they are!

What is even more pathetic (and cruel) is the crowds gathering in the streets witnessing these ruthless/inhumane practices. This is truly a shameful time in the Iranian history.



by Abarmard on




by shameoniri (not verified) on

The Islamic Republic's idea of fighting poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, homelessness, drug, social and economic inequality, addiction, prostitution, Aids, petty theft, is mass murdering those who are victims of ayatollah's insaitiable greed and corruption. The benevolent Islamic Republic invests its money in Canada and buy propagandists across the globe.

The islamic Republic can't create jobs so they kill the youth of Iran...Instead of providing economic security for its citizens, "pious muslims" choose to buy more cranes not to build the infrastucture but to torture and hang people in public.

Two brothers, named Alai, both doctors in Islamic Iran, specializing for over the past decade in AIDS and HIV treatment and control, have both been arrested and are being held incommunicado.

... the arrests stem initially from a disclosure by the two doctors of the huge, disproportionae rate of AIDS in the holy city of Ghom, south of Tehran, specially among the students at schools for those aspiring to join the ranks of the clergy.

... ayatollahs and other senior Mullahs and regime officials apparently number among those who have contracted AIDS from the pool of infected students in Ghom and elsewhere throughout the Islamic nation.

Societal structure and conditions lead to incredibly greater infection by AIDS in the Islamic Iran population (similar to some African nations) because one third of Islamic Iran's population is drug addicted and shares needles.
Remember, that for the most part these are unsophisticated, mentally restricted by religion and medically ignorant citizens, whose education has been curtailed or stunted since the fall of the Shah by religious definition of what is permitted as curriculum.

Remember, that in Islamic Iran, education for women has been restricted and edicts have been passed to prevent more than 10% admittance of females to universities.

Remember, that discussing health and personal hygiene facts offend and embarrass the sensitivities of almost every member of the population except a very narrow minority layer of the populace, including among those who live in major cities, have traveled or studied abroad and have a questing mind.

The kind of information available from Mass Media sources, as a given to us in the West, is beyond their reach.

The Islamic regime tries to eradicate poverty by stamping them out, inflicting penalty of death by execution instead of education as their tool.

The education needed would conflict with the Dark Age mores and customs they insist must be followed by Iranians trapped in a time warp, which excludes them from the modern world in which we all live and is forbidden to them.

Remember, there are over 500,000 street children and a further 100,000 homeless women in Tehran streets, who are vulerable to being forced into having sex for pay or by force, widening the epidemic potential of all this unprotected sex."


Is this Trita's Quasi-Democracy?

by Free Thinker (not verified) on

I am interested to know Mr Parsi's ranking of various countrys governing bodies in accordance with their regard or disregard for human rights as applied to their own citizens? Any references?


A question for Omid Hast!!!

by Mini (not verified) on

it was interesting to see that you dont find rape and drug trafficking as actions against humanity...

Can you define Humanity or more specifically "crimes against humanity"???


how is it

by MRX1 (not verified) on

how is it that "dar hookomat adl ali" va "islam nab mohammadi" where every one is suppose to be equal and profit from oil sale delivered to every house hold, the country has so much poverty and it's by product, a criminal culture! you don't suppose zionist and neo cons created this stuff?
utterly sad if not trajic what is going on in Iran.


Islamic Iran is making

by Fariborz Shamshiri (not verified) on

Islamic Iran is making excessive use of the death penalty to spread fear among people mostly dissidents and activists. Although Iranian officials insist death penalty is an effective deterrent but in fact experience in past 29 years proved that death penalty is not an effective way to prevent crimes.

Also Iran officials claim that death penalty is carried out only after an exhaustive judicial process which doesn't have any meaning while suspect doesn't go through a fair trial. Police force in Iran torture suspects to confess to crime whether they have done it or not and their confession under torture is a main argument that judges take into consideration to sentence suspects to death. Sadly most of judges are illiterate and they don't have any knowledge about law but sharia. They do careless about suspect rights from the beginning of trial to the end.

Under above circumstances all of these sentences are against international laws and Iran is in violation of them. (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights)

We urge Islamic Republic of Iran's officials bring an immediate end to these executions.

Please support above cause to Stop Execution in Iran and spread the message in your network. Thanks.



Iran is going to execute

by pool (not verified) on

Iran is going to execute dissident bloggers in a proposed legislation




by Majid on

"in most parts of the world, they use cranes to "build" things! In IRI, they hang people from them!!"

 How sadly true !


Ironic ....

by mirzakhan (not verified) on

What I find very ironic and fascinating is that in most parts of the world, they use cranes to "build" things! In IRI, they hang people from them!!

Somewhere along the way, (these?) moslems have lost their humanity. What a shame for the human race..



by Ayatoilet (not verified) on

What is the true number of executions and extrajudicial killings conducted by the Islamic regime?


According to Reuters:

by KavehV (not verified) on

According to Reuters: "Murder, adultery, rape, armed robbery, APOSTAY and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Iran's sharia law …".

The question is how many of these people strung up so often are accused of apostasy, or what portion of the total executions are they ?

Second, how much confidence do we have in IR justice system (given the barbaric Islamic bill of retribution) that those accused of murder, drug trafficking etc. are really the guilty party ?

They have conveniently included the fate of the political prisoners along with the common criminals by stretching the death penalty for APOSTASY, which really means 'Crimes Against Humanity'. Keeping the path open for low level Islamic genocide.

Don’t even have time to get to the equivalence of adultery and rape punishment.


Reply: People wanted this

by Fatollah (not verified) on

People wanted this! "We in the IR are against these executions, but the families want retribution". This statement is from one of IRI's representatives!

The Families want retrubution! Is that so? Says who? The Families! Really!

Who engineered the Sharia laws in Iran back in 1979? Who inforces them today?

In America, you have to be financially strong in order to get a fair trial (= good lawyer!). In the Islamic Republic you have to have connections + lots of money in order to recieve a fair trial!

I watched the link you posted, one of the guys born in 1364, that means he is 22-23 years of age. The poor guy never had a chance in life to begin with, if he was 22-23 years old back in 1980s, he would probably have become a martyr for defending Irans honor and a steert would bear his name today! How ironic!

People like you sit in their cozy homes in some foregin land surfing Iranian.com and spew your nonsense "people wanted this"! No, that is called "Nos-khe pichi"!

So take your youtube link and save the rest of us for the miseries which you and the likes of you solely are responsible for!

As far as Arazel o Obash, they always existed! That is it!

-- Kurdish Warrior
You said it brother, it is a Zoo and they can frame anyone and anytime they please. But, you were too kind! The judiciary in in the IR can be compared to a sewer system!

cheers Fatollah


Mass Iranian execution:

by anonym9 (not verified) on



by maziar 58 (not verified) on

IRI has to hang its citizens for whatever the reason they are masters of fabrication,
Before the citizen of Iran can get hold of them in the not far future.


If rape, murder, stealing,

by asdf (not verified) on

If rape, murder, stealing, torturing,drug dealing, etc. gets you hanged then The entire criminal clerical establishment and their subsidized Basiji/IRGC junta should be hoisted up on a crane every day of the week.