Javan R1

Hand-built speedster

The New Javan R1 - A Hand Built, Track Based SpeedsterLocated near Helston, on the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall, Javan Sports Cars Limited was formed by its founder, Javan Smith, in 2003 in order to build the Javan R1 Speedster.

The Company moved to its present premises, a new purpose built facility, in 2006 when the prototype Javan R1 was nearing completion. Javan has had a passion for race cars and motor sport in general since childhood and was involved in the motorsport industry until moving to Cornwall some 16 years ago.

The new R1 hand built speedster is aerospace designed and manufactured epoxy bonded aluminium honeycomb monocoque for extreme lightness and strength. Fitted with computer designed race car inspired suspension>>>


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It looks a little...

by Majid on

It looks a little like Pekaan-e Javaanaan, doesn't it?

And Farrad02 , That was very funny!


حالا که ما پیر شدیم؟


حالا که ما پیر شدیم ماشین اسپرت جوان در اومد؟! تایمینگ این زندگی ما هم واقعا ساکز!!!


New Trend

by Hesam (not verified) on

Good looking car, but car designs are changing fast to replace today's gas-engines with fast-charge, high performance electric engines.
They're entering mass production around 2010. At $90/barrel oil with global warming soon there won't be any need for gas engines anymore.


ba salam

by no bean man (not verified) on

you need to have right bran and hard working and talent and love what you do ...which in are culture is all about money and are dreams are money and are wife are money and are child is money


a bit more

by salim on

a bit more info...


"At an age when most folk are thinking about retirement, 63-year-old
[Javan] Smith has risked his life savings to follow his dream of
designing and building his own sports car. What makes this even more
remarkable is that he has no previous experience and he's doing it in
Cornwall, a fishing, farming and tourism area in the extreme southwest
of England; it's just about as far away from specialist engineering and
car-related businesses as is possible to get in this country"


Salim Madjd

Founder/CEO //


I want one of these!

by Mehdi on

I hope I can afford it! :)