Identity crisis

Los Angeles student debate

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being iranian

by gol pessar (not verified) on

I am sick and tired of the comment one of the earlier girls made "we have had 3000 years of history vs 300 in the US" look were the US is and were we are..we are back in the dark ages


Who am I, Where am I, Where am I going?

by naderk (not verified) on

This is a great topic, this type of discussion can help young Iranian whom born or just moved to USA Specially with today’s political charged atmosphere against Iranian, which has no base. This is kind of self identity always been a problem with new generation of immigrant in this country but nothing like this when there is talk of war in horizon with the country you trying to identify with. Subtitles in English can be help but not necessary it is good talk in Farsi and English. Keep up the good work.



by Isaac (not verified) on

Persian chicks are so damn hot !
Just amazing.


Interesting -> lost track -> pointless

by Anonymous-Hastam (not verified) on

hi everyone, I don't want to go through detailed analysis of every single person in the room, everyone within there own discussion had lack of information.
Just like any other discussion, Iranians (Persians) lose track, and come to no conclusion. Therefore once more you clearly see the “information” crisis that have occurred. Once again I would like to ask why wouldn’t they have a host the knows a bit more Farsi and a bit more inelegant, no offense to the host, but I have realized that the host lost track of the conversation. Obviously this show was edited, and short for an in-depth discussion regarding cultural depletion. I hope for future programs, they will employ someone who can speak Farsi better, and would not lose the point to the discussion.

Darius Kadivar

Great Discussion BEBIN !

by Darius Kadivar on

Great diologue. I would only suggest subtitles for the parts in Persian for non speaking Persians and Persian for the parts in English .




Identity Crisis or Process?

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

I wouldn't title this an identity crisis--I think it is just a process of creating and understanding who you are as someone who has two or more cultures. There is no handbook on being Iranian--it is a process of self discovery. Iranians are no different from other ethnic groups in the US trying to establish themselves as 'Americans' while retaining the characteristics of their motherland. What is labelled as "Iranian" is going to vary from person to person, family to family. For some it is speaking Farsi, for some it is hanging out with other Iranians, and for others it is eating the food and liking Iranian history. Point is, there is never going to be a consensus on what IRnaian identity is. I appreciate hearing the views of these students and hope that they might be inspired by their participation to explore their own identities throughout their academic experience.

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

Lovely people, so cute, we are proud of them and they are the future.
Note of caution: Please as an Iranian do not refer to Americans as "the whites", I heard another Iranian girl use this terminology somewhere else. Please note that all Iranians are also of the white race. Not a big deal, but what I mean is to please not use the word "white" as a negative connotation to prove your point. You can't say "whites marry Iranians" as if Iranians are yellow or brown.

Also as one of the guys mentioned in this video you need to check the box "Caucasian" as the "Race" and never check "Middle Eastern". This stupid terminology was a creation of the European referring to the East of Europe and we being in the middle of their east! The same stupidity as United States cutting the map of the world in half so that US stand in the middle of the world and Russia appear as two countries on each side of globe! And that is why Bush becomes President, you see what I mean?


Correct location for Iran is West Asia. You are from West Asia, you are whitle/caucasion. Your language is Persian. And you rock.


Another stupid and intentional mistake by the European is that they refere to so much of Iranian arts in particular of the Safavid era as "Islamic Art" as if there is such a thing as "Christian Art" also. Mixing of all heritage belonging to each of the countries that hold Islam as their religion and call it Islamic Art is wrong. Of course Saudi Arabia loves that because in one of their cultural exhibitions in Washington, DC I saw Persian poetry and miniature exhibited all over as the Saudi Arabian art.

Jeesh Daram


A bunch of GOLD diggers.....

by Mamali (not verified) on