Sing along with Danial and Nazanin

Danial Javid, Youngest iranian persian artist perform this video together with Nazanin! Created by Mehrdad Javid and Mehrzad Javid.


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Thanks to all,if you want

by fereshte (not verified) on

Thanks to all,if you want direktly asking anything from daniel Javid or Mehrdad Javid please send emeil to this meil.
Mehrdad or Danie answer you or another adress
onfo @javidmusik.com


The best video I had seen for a while

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Good job my Iranian artists. I hope you guys make millions of dollars and promote Iranian culture.

Great work and great music


Why are these kids in a

by kbt (not verified) on

Why are these kids in a hurry to grow up? Why are we allowing them to be so materialistic? Why not promote group activities at a young age and not focus on boy-girl relationships? I definitely blame it on the adults.


This girl in the islami

by Anonymous½ (not verified) on

This girl in the islami republic of oppression is considered to be of marriage age and perfectly acceptable to be a sexual object. Pedophilia is legal in Iran. Age of marriage for girls is 9 years old.


Who is Jamshid Javid??? In

by divar (not verified) on

Who is Jamshid Javid???
In che bimaree keh ma iraniha darim?

Tohmat bezanim, begim ma behtar midoonim, ma mochet ra gereftim!
Vel konid baba, Inghdar badbkht shodan taa een zaman kaafi nist??????
Dast bardaar nistim!



by Anonymous 9 (not verified) on

I am sure Danial is related to Jamshid Javid.I am not going to say anything bad about this kid he is inocent,and it is great that he is not shy.But for a hezbolahi Grand father or may be father he turned out to be fine!


Both cute and grotesque.

by Ebrahim (not verified) on

Both cute and grotesque. Strangely enjoyable.


yes, they should become

by Anonymous½ (not verified) on

yes, they should become soldiers of mahdi and wear a suicide belt and blow themseleves up for seyad ali geda...


Jahanshah, the kid looks like your kid pictures

by farrad02 on


I can tell the boy is related to you; he looks just like your kid pictures!




What's the point of

by Anonymous3434344 (not verified) on

What's the point of sexualizing children so young? Of course, it's cute to see mini adults but what the heck! Keep both of them away from MY kids.


As much as I dislike to do it..

by Jesus (not verified) on

I am gone have to agree with Xerxes on this one. This is so bad, it could almost be considered child abuse. The fake guitar play is very similar to most of the Iranian music videos produced in LA, basically fake music.


How sad

by XerXes (not verified) on

really sad to have the kids copy the junk that the adults do. How sad...These kids could do something to make Iranians proud other that make another LA junk...Kids, don't copy these LA junk, there is no future in it...oh God what's wrong with Tehrangeles?


Moosh bokhoreh!

by MI 6 (not verified) on

What a beautiful, innocent performance. God bless our kids!