Castle Kashan

"Princess Lilly"s fairy-tale home destroyed in Malibu fire

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Two of Malibu's most prominent and beloved landmarks -- one a palace of secular dreams and the other a center of religious devotion -- were destroyed Sunday. Lost to the flames was the Castle Kashan, the fairy-tale-like structure that stood for 30 years atop a Malibu hill, recognizable from below by its turrets and round towers. Also ravaged was Malibu Presbyterian Church, a high-steepled place of prayer and community action that had barely escaped destruction in the November 1993 infernos, which burned more than 300 homes in Malibu, Topanga and Calabasas. The castle, filled with paintings and Elvis Presley memorabilia, was one of several homes of socialite-philanthropist Lilly Lawrence, known as "Princess Lilly." Castle Kashan was named after the village of her father, Reza Fallah, a former Iranian oil minister under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi>>>


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Kaveh Nouraee

It's replaceable

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I don't know the woman, nor does it matter. People are being displaced by these fires. Families are losing everything they have regardless of anyone's negative opinion concerning the manner in which they were acquired, which is based solely on ignorance, bitterness and misinformation.



I'm not far from one of these fires and right now isn't the time to get into politics when people are being evacuated not knowing if they will still have a home to come back to. Have some class, will you?






by Anonymous1231 (not verified) on

You mean to tell me "Princess Lili's" Daddy bank roled this palace? Even if partially bank rolled by him, it only proves what a Fucking thieve he was. An oil minister, during the Shah's time, was supposed to earn a government salary.


Baad avardeh ra baad o atish mibarad.

by Irooni (not verified) on

vali moteasefam baraye aan bichareha ke hasti nachiz khod ra az dast dadand.