Brzezinski: Dangerous policies

Charlie Rose interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski who served as National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter. He discusses President Bush's national security strategy in particular his policy of preemption.(Forward to 3:50 minutes)


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There's No Fool Like An Old Fool

by Richard Hannay (not verified) on

Brzezinski is a discredited, Stangelovian relic of Cold War "realism". The idea that anyone would regard him as an expert on Iran or the Middle East, particularly in light of his own role in the Carter Administration's disastrous policies in the region, is frankly astonishing.



by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on



Mr. Berzezinski does not

by Toofaan (not verified) on

Mr. Berzezinski does not offer anything new in this interview which is repeat of what Islamic regime's lobby in United States is propagating for more than 10 years. It is well known by most Iranians and possibly by others that Berzezinski has been behind fomenting Islamic movement during his years as security advisor of United States.

He leactured Taleban of Afghanistan before they moved into Afghanistan to take over the country from Mujahedin forces which shows this sick man lies through his teeth about helping with democracy and prefers the most radical form of Islamic rule for the people in that region! He has all the indications of a racist pig with feeling of superiority in intellect to advise the worst format of ruling system for Iranians while mentioning that Europeans got "democracy" because they went for it hinting that non-europeans do not deserve it!

with all these stupid remarks wrapped in intellectual phrases, this "professor" makes most obvious error in hiding his evil intentions by considering Islamic republic's election "relatively free" and at the same time seperating Iranian people from the Islamic government and mullahs! If Iranian people "freely" chose a moron as their president of "Islamic republic" then how they can be seperated from that regime?!

This interview shows that the huge wealth of Iranian people in the hands of mullahs will never work for their interest as long as mullahs are using them in a market in which everything is for sale!

Darius Kadivar

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Trita Parsi, Reza Pahlavi

by Darius Kadivar on

Zbigniew Brzezinski ( Teacher of NIAC founder Trita Parsi ) was to some degree opposed to Jimmy Carter and Cyrus Vance in regard to the way the US abandoned the Shah of Iran by undermining the military.

Check Out this photo of


Wonder Why Trita doesn't want to work with RP ? It could benefit both ... ;0)

Darius Kadivar

Begining of an Asian Century (Charlie Rose)

by Darius Kadivar on

The interesting comment by Rose hits the nail: America Administration is noticing that there is a new reality that we are entering an Asian Century. China, India forming two huge giants with their share of economic and demographic importance.


JJ, I listened. What did you hear?

by Improve (not verified) on

JJ, I listened. What did you hear? It is a challenging question between grown ups? Also, it is Friday night and I am drunk and mad as hell with all f%^&ing Muslims.


comedy act

by rat's ass (not verified) on

At first it looked like a replay from Comedy Central
or Saturday Night Live. After laughing a while I
realized that this was no satirical parody and that these two Bubos Americanus clowns were actually trying to hide their ignorance, incompetence, lies, laziness, ineptitude and mediocrity behind the usual
doubletalk gibberish of American TV.

There was ass-kissing southern redneck Rose with his
preapproved soft questions deferring to the senile
has-been polack opportunist political hack as though
this jerk was some kind of "authority" on the Middle
East and an "insider" in America's power elite, the
corporate bosses who make all the big decisions in
this country.

"Bullshit" Brzezinski is neither of these and he has
been out of America's political power elite since Carter's disgrace and loss to Reagan in 1980. He is
afflicted with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases,
and his thick polack accent is less intelligible
than ever. He is an oldfart has-been outsider piece
of historical junk who still thinks he is somebody.
He has no influence in today's America, and his
opinions are obsolete and worthless, since he is
neither respected nor consulted by the present American ruling class.


He is a racist

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

Brezinski is a racist...he thinks for brown skinned people, IR is as good it should get and that is precisely why he calls the election democratic. It's democratic enough for savage brown skinned muslims...that is what he means.


this guy is a....

by ali (not verified) on

this guy is responsible for the mullahs taken over our beautiful country...
this idiot calls the mullahs' election free!!!
what a bunch of b.s.! the mullahs' are oppressing and killing our people...and this moron says let's negotiate with them...he doesn't care what the poor people are going through under the brutal regime of these british dogs- aka akhoonds
all the reasons that the mullahs used as an excuse to revolt against the shah have been turned right back in their face- the gap between the rich and poor is 100 times greater, there are a 1000 times more political prisoners rotting in prisons, tens of thousands have been executed. and on and on...
the shah , with all his faults, is an angel compared to these uneducated hypocrites...
the last thing we need is to listen to a old hag like this moron who helped put these butchers in power in the first place.


Thank you JJ the Reformist robot and other islamist robots

by Jesus (not verified) on

I know JJ the reformist supporter, and a peace- activist-wanna be is eager to show us that he is really against this illusive, imaginative war that is about to be unleashed on Iran. So he puts us all on notice: "listen carefully". We must all park our brains outside of this sacred-less place, and follow his command. The rest of the commentators here also show their true nature and color(either really really dumb, or Islamo-fascist supporters, either way bad, really bad for any society). But before you buffoons jump up and down, and clap your hands in that excitingly infinite orgasmic feeling of consensus which you seem to enjoy, as if another tribe member in the monkeyland has finally said what we "all" have been thinking about, let me share something with you.
Yes indeed, "LISTEN CAREFULLY!", Brezenzisky has his own misguided agenda on Iran as the hated neo-cons do. Here is a supposed genius, calling the last Iranian election as free. Come on now! we are not all living in monkeyland like some reform movement supporters or commentators here. By no stretch of imagination in this world, perhaps in Alice's wonderland, can you label the last Iranian election as free. He loses me right after he makes such a mockery of "free elections". Everything else he says has no credibility at all, because the premise of his argument is completely flawed. He is the same guy by the way who was very eager to criticize, and interfere in Iranian affair in the years of 1978 and 79, suddenly, he is very reserved about any interference in Iran.
It is one thing to prevent a war with Iran, it is one thing to even support the Islamic republic, or support an agenda that limits the U.S policies on Iran. Everyone can argue those points on the merit on those very arguments. It is completely absurd to justify and support those arguments by claiming that Iranian elections were free, and democratic.


listen to this guy

by mrclass on

one should always listen to thisb guy. after all he is the architect of the so called Iranian revolution.


Excellent. Every word of it!

by Nader on

I miss good old politicians. It seems like we have none in the current administration.The more I hear different views, the more convinced I get that Neocons are nothing but bunch of warmongers and bullies.Eventually, people of Iran will win this struggle on their own. Some of his comments in this clip were right on the money.

Thanks JJ for the interview! 


US has lost its effectivness

by yaali (not verified) on

Michael Bolton, former US ambassador to UN said it, US has lost its effectiveness to alter or overthrow regimes.

What he failed to mention, is that failure is due to the fact that US is now a nation led by neocons, religious fanatics, corporates interest, and special group interests.

Now Brezezinski brings up some good points and its a shame people like him don't rule this country any more!


Bravo Brzezinski

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

US civil servants with values and intelligence like his are rare but necessary in the current administration. Thank goodness he's a professor so students can learn from him.