Iranian Americans, Take a Lesson
OPEN ZION / Trita Parsi
24-Jul-2012 (93 comments)

Iranian Americans have many lessons to learn from Jewish Americans—most of them are about commitment and priorities.

In some aspects, the two communities could not be any more different. Jews have more than 2,000 years of experience living as minorities while retaining their distinct identity and culture, but have had only had episodic control of their homeland since the time of the Babylonian conquest.

Iranians, on the other hand, never truly lost their territory since the time of Cyrus the Great. And in spite of the Arab Muslim conquest of Iran, Iranians converted but did not adopt the Arab language or identity —a feat achieved by no other converts to Islam at the time.

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Open Zion is a blog that is being published

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in " The Daily Beast ". The editor is Peter Benart. An associate professor of journalism and political science at City University of New York. His is the author of  The Crisis of Zionism, 

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