UK paper says it has Syrian leader’s emails showing he took advice from Iran, used iTunes
Washington Post
14-Mar-2012 (5 comments)

Thousands of emails purported to be from the private accounts of Bashar Assad and his wife show the Syrian president took advice from Iran on how to handle the uprising against his rule, joked about his promises of reform and bypassed U.S. sanctions to shop on iTunes, the Guardian newspaper reported Wednesday....

 The memo advised Assad to use “powerful and violent” language and encouraged the regime to “leak more information related to our military capability” to convince the public that it could withstand a military challenge.

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so what?

by مآمور on

US,UK,France, EU, arab leauge, Turkey, the terrorists in syria!!

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Re: invasion of privacy

by FG on

I'd agree with you ordinarily.

 However, note who supplied the e-mails: the Syrian opposition who Assad has been slaughtering--courtesy of an insider close to Assad who aided them, probably out of revulsion.

For the Syrian opposition, this is equivalent to stealing Hitler's orders to the SS regarding his plans. You are not  exactly talking paparazzi here. I'm not sure dicators slaughtering their own people are akin to stealing e-mails from a democratically elected Prime Minister or Presient not engaged in such schemes. 

As for the press, to accept  such revelations regarding genocidal actions by a Hitler, Milosevic, Assad or Khamenei is not the same as accepting information about who a president or movie star is "tupping" (to use an Elizabethan term.)


Of politics of tabloids.......

by پندارنیک on

Regardless of one's feelings for or against Asad, or any other public figure for that matter, the media's obvious invasion of privacy should not and can not be condoned by civilized cannot advocate democracy by violating its basic tenets.


Is head of Al Quds Khameini's choice for Ahmadinejad successor

by FG on

Many people say he is already running Iran.

As Khamenei's choice--and given elections doubly rigged via elections that preclude people's real choices while stuffing ballot boxes--he looks like an "automatic winner" UNLESS Khoumeini's anti-regime grandson runs.    Will the regime dare vet out the latter or will Khamenei have him killed.  His death squas are widely believed to have killed Khoumeini's son previously because the latter posed a similar threat.


Souleimani is widely hated by most Iranians for his role in beating and murdering demonstrators.

Suleimani is equally hated by most of the outside world for his role in attacks on the west and covert destabilizing schemes.

In Syria, the exposure of Iran's role in the crackdown (via Assad's e-mail) plus Suleimani's presence there will assure a deeply hostile future regime in Syria where Assad's fall seems certain and unavoidable. 





Russia says Assad is too slow on reforms, spreading conflict

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Russia’s foreign minister on Wednesday showed irritation with Moscow’s longtime ally Syria, saying Syrian President Bashar Assad has been slow to implement long-needed reforms and warning that the conflict in the Arab state could spiral out of control.

 Sergey Lavrov’s comments to the Russian parliament did not appear to hint at a change in Russia’s policy toward Syria, which has come under wide criticism....But the statement was notable for its public frustration with Assad’s government, which depends on Russia for weapons.